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Alexander Rybak – Covers in “Hver Gang Vi Møtes”

Covers by Alexander Rybak in “Hver gang vi møtes”

The concept of the show is that 7 artists live together for 10 days and everyone have their special day where they are celebrated with covers of their songs by the 6 other artists. Watch and listen to all the covers with lyrics in the YouTube playlist below. 

Watch all the episodes of the show HERE

Covers by Alexander: 

“Lucky One” by Øivind Elg Elgenes
“Strange Little Bird” by Anneli Drecker
“Smooth Escape” by Simone Eriksrud
“Kan Eg Gjørr Någe Med Det” (Can I do something about it) by Sigvart Dagsland.
“Money” / “Penger er ikke alt” by Samsaya
“Ut” (Out) by Lars Lillo-Stenberg
“All I wanna do” by Simone Eriksrud
“Ka E Du Redd For” (What are you afraid of?) by Sigvart Dagsland
“Neste Sommer” (Next summer) by Lars Lillo-Stenberg

All the songs are available to buy on iTunes and on CD. Click HERE to find out more about it!

Watch and listen to all the covers in this YT-playlist


Alexander Rybak in the 2nd episode of HGVM – Anneli Drecker’s Day

Here is a shortened version of the second episode of TV-show “Hver gang vi møtes”, which was broadcasted on TV2 channel on 08.03.2014. Also there is a  separate video of Alexander asking Anneli about her tour with A-HA , which weren’t included to the 2nd episode, and the separate video of Alexander’s performance of Anneli’s song “Strange Little Bird” with lyrics. Enjoy! 🙂

Recording, video edition, English translation and subs by Tessa Lande. English revision by Anni Jowett.

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