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How we discovered Alexander Rybak – Songs and stories

A while back we asked if you had any questions for Alexander, and we also wanted to hear your stories of How you discovered him. So here we present some of your stories and the songs connected to them.

Europe’s skies

  • Hello Alexander! Maybe you do not know anything about this little country in South America, anyway I want to thank you because while everything is a chaos here, I can dream and be happy just listening to your music. I dream with finding a place where I can feel comfortable, a place that I can call home. For that reason, “Europe’s Skies” is a very special song for me, because somehow it says what I feel. Yazly, Venezuela 
  • The way I got to know your songs. Last year I heard Europe’s skies in a forum in someone’s profile and then fell in love with it…then Fairytale and the Eurovision stage it was so exciting. Now I think there isn’t any video of u on YouTube that I haven’t seen and 24/7 is your songs…for getting rid of confusion of my lessons and calming down a bit… Mahdiyeh, Iran
  • Hi Alex! When I heard your music first, I was searching on the net. It happened 2 years ago. My favorites are the Fairytale, Europe’s skies, Roll with the wind… but the best is Europe’s skies. Virág, Hungary 

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