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Alexander Rybak as Ole Bull in “Soot-Spelet” 2019

It’s the 5th anniversary of “Soot-Spelet” this summer, and Alexander Rybak is still playing the role of Ole Bull.

Photo in the collage by Glenn Thomas Nilsen/Indre24

Luckily this year we also have some Rybak fans who attended the play and have provided us with some lovely videos. A big thank you to Jorunn Ekre and May Elisabeth Nipen. Playlists are posted below.

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Alexander Rybak has a special relationship with Indre Østfold (Norway)

It is no coincidence that Askim became one of the first stopovers for Alexander Rybak on his anniversary tour.

Source: smaalenene.no, published 10.04.2019 Text: Karina Torberntsson
Found and provided by May E. Nipen. Translated by TessaLa, revcision by Anni Jowett. Featured picture: Alexander’s official anniversary tour photo (not used in the original article). 

More info about the anniversary tour HERE

The popular violinist has a special relationship with Indre Østfold.

– I have only had one concert before the “10 years of fairytales” concert at Askim culture house this Thursday. One of the reasons I come to Indre Østfold so early on the tour is that I feel confident about the audience. Both during the Soot-Play and seminars, I always get an incredibly good response. The people here are very calm, which is no wonder since they live in such beautiful surroundings. It’s a completely different pace here than in Oslo. The audience is more focused and alert, which I, as a classical musician, greatly appreciate. It seems that they are extra receptive when I fire up an energy-rich song on stage, says Alexander Rybak. Continue reading Alexander Rybak has a special relationship with Indre Østfold (Norway)

Event: The play “Soot-Spelet 2018” – Alexander Rybak plays the role of Ole Bull

Alexander Rybak plays the role of Ole Bull in the  play “Soot-Spelet 2018”.

Premier 22nd. of June 2018 at 19.00

  • 10 shows between 22nd of June and till 1st of July (no show the  25.6.)
  • Place: Ørje Sluser i Ørje, Norway. Some hours drive south-east of Oslo, close to the Swedish border.
  • Tickets: Ticketmaster.no
  • Website Soot-Spelet and  Facebook

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Alexander Rybak in the theatre play “Soot-Spelet” 2015

Engebret Soot was a big admirer of the famous Norwegian violinist Ole Bull. In the theatre play “Soot-Spelet” there is a scene where Engebret Soot travels to Oslo for one of his concerts. He was delayed and the concert was over when he arrived.  Engebret Soot was not a man who gave in easily, so he went to the hotel where Ole Bull stayed, woke him up  and demanded him to play for him.

Dennis Storhøi as Engebret Soot and Alexander Rybak as Ole Bull. The video has subtitles in English, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Hungarian and  German 🙂

The video is recorded by Ulli C, translated to English by TessaLa and revised by Anni Jowett. Azerbaijani by Azadə İmranzadə, German by Ulli C, Turkish by Behire Nilüfer, Hungarian by Mónika Menyhért and Spanish by Lulu Barcelo

Alexander Rybak – The stars attract people to the canals

Travelling from Belarus for a small dose of Rybak

KIlde: NRK.no, published 29.06.15  Authors: Rune Fredriksen/Remi Drageset

Text to header photo: Alexander Rybak`s part as Ole Bull in the Soot-Play was supposed to have been five minutes long, but it got extended when he accepted the part. More value for the money says Anneli Sollie. Continue reading Alexander Rybak — The stars attract people to the canals

Alexander Rybak on the radio show “Jacobsen” 16.06.2015

Alexander was a guest in the Norwegian radio show “Jacobsen” on NRK P1+, where he talked about his upcoming audiobook “Trolle og den magiske fela” which will be on the market about September this year. In this interview we can hear a little piece from the book, read by the narrator, Dennis Storhøi.

Alexander Rybak in “God Morgen Norge” on TV2 22.06.2015

Alexander Rybak, Dennis Storhøi and Samuel Fröler were guests in the Norwegian morning show “God Morgen Norge” (Good Morning Norway) where they talked about the theatre play “Soot-Spelet” (Soot-play) which will premiere Saturday 27th of  June. The pre-premier is already this Thursday.

You can read more about the Soot-play here.

Recorded and uploaded to YT by May Elisabeth Nipen.

Alexander Rybak – 500 fans have already bought tickets


Two months before the premiere of the Soot play at Ørje canal locks, 500 of the super celebrity Alexander Rybak`s most ardent fans have bought tickets.

Caption to the header picture: Had a “Soot-talk” in Ørje. 
It was a nice meeting between the actor Dennis Storhøi (left), artist Alexander Rybak and the local Johan Østereng during the rehearsal of the great Soot-play at the end of June.
-Many of my fans have already bought tickets, says Rybak.
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