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Alexander Rybak will perform at Christopher Summer Festival in Lithuania!

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Found and translated by Erika Jasiūnienė. English revision by Katie Anderson.


Alexander Rybak, a violin Fairytale

August 31, Saturday, 20:00
At the Vilnius picture gallery courtyard
(Address: Didžioji g. 4, Vilnius)

The powerful musical intrigue


The Concert is organized with the Norwegian Embassy.

The soloist, Alexander Rybak (violin, Norway) with the Vilnius City municipality St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra, and conductor Donatas Katkus.

At the Christopher summer festival – powerful musical intrigue!
The charismatic Alexander Rybak will appear with the St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Donatas Katkus.

The popular singer, who became famous after an impressive Eurovision contest, will make his first appearance in Lithuania as a serious musical performer. This side of his activity is not as well known, but in Alexander Rybak’s life the violin takes an extremely important role – the musician has played the violin from the age of five. He started to sing, he admits, to attract the attention of girls…

And how much he compels your attention solely with the violin, you will only find out  in this concert!

Ticket prices: 32-102 Lt
Tickets can be purchase at