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The Farm-Fairytale. A Facebookies report. July 29th 2011

Report written by Marianne Mata Hari Saietz and The Facebookies. Photos: The Facebookies.

A video-clip from “Skogheim flytter inn” where Alexander talks about the Facebookies and the Farm-meeting. Broadcasted on Tv2  Norway- 28.02.12

 The Farm-Fairytale

This is a report about a fairytale, that happened long ago in July 2011. No reports have been published about the Farm-meeting until now but in the TV-program “Skogheim moves in” (28.2.2012), Alexander told about his meeting with 80 Facebookies from 30 countries at a private farm after the Giske-concert. Since this piece of information could make people curious or confused, we decided to write a short report and tell some more facts about it.

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Alexander Rybak in “Skogheim flytter inn” TV-show. 28.02.2012

The show “Skogheim flytter inn” (Skogheim moves in) is a popular Norwegian TV-show, where the journalist Kristin Skogheim packs her bags and simply moves into some of Norway’s most famous celebrities. Alexander Rybak became the first celebrity in 2012 who was visited in his appartment at Aker Brygge.  The program was recorded in September 2011 and broadcast on TV2, February 28, 2012. Enjoy 45 minutes video about some days in Alex’s life home at Aker Brygge! 🙂

Upload by Venche M. English translation by Hildebjorg H., Laila S.H., Tessa La, Sara Anja. Subs by Julia B. and Zhanna Sergueeva.

Did you know that Alexander is a personal trainer?

 Article about the TV2-show  “Skogheim moves in”

Published on www.tv2.no 23.2.2012.

 Translation by Vero Nica. Revised by Anni Jowett

Season premiere of  “Skogheim flytter inn” / “Skogheim moves in”,  Tuesday, Feb.28th at 20.00 CET

Kristin Skogheim will again move in with 12 different Norwegian celebrities, and the first one out is Alexander Rybak.

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