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Alexander Rybak in Se & Hør’s anniversary show and after party – 23.9.2018

Alexander Rybak with a brilliant performance at Se&Hør’s 40 years anniversary show in Oslo Spektrum, Norway. 

Alexander performed “Fairytale”. He accompanied on violin when Elisabeth Andreassen sang the beautiful song “Danse mot vår” and he did a brilliant violin performance of the super hits “The Final Count Down” by Europe and AC/DC’s  “You Shook Me All Night Long” together with Elisabeth Andreassen and Atle Pettersen. 

Photo by Tore Skaar


After the show there was a closed party for more than 300 invited guests. Pictures and a short interview with Alexander you’ll find below the videos. Continue reading Alexander Rybak in Se & Hør’s anniversary show and after party — 23.9.2018

EVENT: Alexander Rybak in the Show “50 years with summer show at Klubben”

Alexander Rybak is one of the artists is the show “50 years with summer shows at Quality Hotel Klubben” in Tønsberg, Norway.

ANNIVERSARY SHOW 29th. June 2018

Taran and StarWorks present a star-filled anniversary show at the Quality Club in Tønsberg in Norway this summer. We celebrate the 50th anniversary by bringing together some of Norway’s most popular artists, who also have in common that they have earlier entertained in the summer shows at the Club.

There is only one show the 29th June at 20.00 CET

Tickets on TICKETMASTER.no

You can book also book an “anniversay package” including hotel and ticket and dinner by callin,g  (0047) 33 35 97 00 or send an email to: q.klubben@choice.no

​On stage you will see among others: Toralv Maurstad, Wenche Myhre, Øivind Blunck, Elisabeth Andreassen, Alexander Rybak, Sturla Berg-Johansen, Tor Erik Gunstrøm, Hilde Lyrån, Didrik Solli-Tangen, Jon Eikemo, Christine Koht, Reidun Sæther, Alexx Alexxander, the crew from Summernights and more. Director is Tom Sterri.

Alexander Rybak performs in Eurovision Gala Night Ogae 2014 Luxembourg

Alexander Rybak, Conchita Wurst and Linda Martin will perform at the Eurovision Gala Night at Casino 2000, Luxembourg.

Eurovision Galanight Ogae 2014 Luxembourg

 Info from the organiser:

Join the 7th edition of the Eurovision Gala Night Luxembourg at the prestigious Chapito venue at Casino 2000 in Luxembourg on 25th October 2014. The event will welcome three legendary Eurovision winners: Alexander Rybak (Norway 2009), Conchita Wurst (Austria 2014) and Linda Martin (Ireland 1992).

All of them will grace the Eurovision Gala Night stage in Luxembourg and perform along the 16 finalists selected in a casting in May. These 16 finalists will compete in order to carry off the trophy at the end of the night. They will be judged by a panel of 16 international jury members and by the audience. The night will be a charity event and all proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.

Tickets cost 30 euros and can be purchased by sending a mail to contact@galanight.net or by visiting the official website of the event: www.galanight.net.
Eurovision Galanight Ogae 2014 Luxembourg – Le concours de chant Eurovision Luxembourg

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Alexander Rybak in Swedish show “Så ska det låta” 09.02.2014.

Alexander Rybak captured our hearts again with a wonderful appearance in the Swedish music game show “Så ska det låta”, 09.02.2014. This time together with Pernilla Wahlgren.

Video with full show

Playlist of the songs Alexander took part in 

SIngle videos of the songs he performed:

Recordings by Tessa L., Julia B., Ulli C. and May E. N.


Continue reading Alexander Rybak in Swedish show “Så ska det låta” 09.02.2014.

Alexander Rybak at the Final of “Singing cities” TV-show (Belarus)

Alexander participated in the Belarusian talent show “Singing cities”, where he was working as a mentor of the Minsk team. His team made it to the final and performed his song “Nebesa Evropy” (Russian version of Europe skies). The program was recorded on November 19, 2013 and broadcasted on December 1st, 2013.

Team Minsk “Nebesa Evropy” (by Alexander Rybak)

Recording by May Elisabeth. English translation and subs by Julia B. English revising by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak and dance group “Khvylynka” – “Fairytale”

recording by Ulli C.

Article about the premiere concert of Alexander Rybak in Alfaz del Pi, Spain. 14.11.2013

Published at www.spaniaavisen.no on 15.11.2013

Author: Marianne Kirkebø Myren

Found and translated by Jorunn Ekre. English revising by Katie Anderson.

Alexander Rybak delivered the goods during opening night on Thursday

 Sold out opening for Rybak`s family show

The two 10 year old girls, Malin Kvinge Aalen from Sogndal and Vilde Wendel Nyberg from Alfaz del Pi, participated in the dance during a furious stage show last night. They’ll remember this for a long time.

– We’ve been practicing the folk dance we performed for three weeks,- Vilde Wendel Nyberg proudly says to Spaniaavisen after the concert. Along with her friend Malin Kvinge Aalen, she’s a member of the dance group “Dans Favor” which focuses on Norwegian folk dance. Both children and adults are in the group, which has regular rehearsals at “Alfaz del Sol” in Alfaz del Pi. The girls closed the Rybak concert with acrobatics while wearing national costumes on stage. So it was probably helpful that they both taken gymnastics before.

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What’s up in “Hver gang vi møtes” – first report on TV2!


Teary eyed gang. Here’s this year`s participants in “Hver gang vi møtes”.

 I start cryin just by talking about it

Article published at tv2.no on 31.08.2013
Author: Astrid Dyson. Photographer: Tore Waskaas.
Found and translated by Jorunn E. English revision by Anni Jowett.

The artists from “Hver gang vi møtes” can`t hold back their tears  this time either.The recording of the third season of “Hver gang vi møtes” is underway at Vestre Kjærnes farm outside Moss. On Saturday the press got to meet the artists Alexander Rybak (27), Simone Eriksrud (43), Sigvart Dagsland (49), Anneli Drecker (44), Lars Lillo-Stenberg (51), Samsaya (33) and Øyvind Elgenes (55). 

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Article about new B.A.D. summer show and a Childrens Musical with Alexander Rybak in Tønsberg

Article in Tønsbergs Blad. Published on Feb. 23, 2013

Author of text: Kristin Svensen

Link to the source

COMING BACK: Elisabeth Andreassen, Didrik Solli-Tangen and Alexander Rybak are coming back to Klubben this year. This is from the show last year.

Found by Ulli C. Translation (of the part concerning Alexander) by Tessa Lande.

Sandefjord has no chance

Christne Koth takes care of the humour, while Rybak, Bettan and Didrik take care of the rest. Oseberg promises the best summer show ever, and the Lattergal is hiding in the wings.

– Hotel Klubben already has the summer show menu prepared. We welcome back the BAD gang, meaning Bettan (Elisabeth Andreassen), Alexander Rybak and Didrik Solli-Tangen. And last but not least, we present a newly written musical performance for children. Alexander Rybak is the main character on the stage, and he is also involved in writing the screenplay and music. We are really looking forward to this. The kids love Alexander, and we think it is important to offer quality also in a children’s show,- the hotel manager says.


Review of the concert of Alexander Rybak with Elisabeth Andreassen and Didrik Solli-Tangen in Tønsberg

Article published on tb.no 06.07.2012.

Written by Fredrik Rütter. Photo by Eric Johannessen. Link to original article here

Translation by Vigdis Nor

Glittering SHOW: The former Eurovision winners Alexander Rybak, Elisabeth “Bettan” Andreassen and Didrik Solli-Tangen delivered strongly at the Quality Hotel Klubben yesterday. 

Winning Trio

  (Five on the dice)

Bettan, Alexander and Didrik
Taran Productions Club Quality Hotel, Tonsberg

With three Eurovision winners on a stage they have a lot of ballast in common. It is in the age that the range is large. Elisabeth Andreassen sends messages to the two boys, Alexander Rybak and Didrik Solli-Tangen, that they are some sweet young puppies, and that it is very nice to have them included in the stage show, but she gets answer to the indictment. They are not totally subservient the two, they can catch up.

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“Gold, glitter and warm fishcakes.” Article about comming summer concerts in Tønsberg.

Article published in Tønsberg Blad paper issue on May 11th 2012

Written by Kristin Svensen. Photo: K. Håberg Allum.

Found by Sara Anja. Translated by Tessa Lande. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn.

Photo: Bettan, Alexander adn Didrik: The threesome Didrik Solli-Tangen (from left), Elisabeth (Bettan) Andreassen) and Alexander Rybak know each others from different events, but have never been on the same stage together. This summer they will do that in KLubben.

Tønsberg: Bettan and Rybak have had shows here earlier. Now they have been joined by Didrik Solli-Tangen, and promise tremendous summer shows at Klubben in July.

– Yes, this is a real show concert with three major artists representing a frenzied span. There will be pop, rock, great ballads, classical, opera, folksongs and typical summer songs – the whole spectrum, – Tom Sterri said.

He is the director of the show which opens the season at the Hotel Klubben this summer. A show that has been given the telling name “Bettan, Alexander & Didrik.”

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Alexander Rybak gives a press conference in Minsk, 05.01.2012.

Written by Tatiana Pastushenko. Photos by Nadezda Degtyareva

www.belta.by www.open.by

Winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, Norwegian singer of the Belarusian origin Alexander Rybak told the finalists of the TV music project Eurofest (national selection of the Eurovision) to take the contest as a holiday. The artist gave a press conference in Minsk on 5 January.

“The most importantthing is to take the contest as a holiday and forget about the victory, you should enjoy the process. It rarely happens that all things go as planned. Therefore, you should thoroughly prepare for both Eurofest and Eurovision and when you come to the big stage you should never forget why you are there. Some people forget,” the artist said. Besides, it is very important that the team of a participant thinks about the country it represents first, not about personal interests as it often happens at Eurovision. The team should work for the common purpose.

Alexander Rybak praised the high level of the Eurofest music show. He regretted that the group Thriller who did a great show did not make it to the final. He gave tips to each finalist of the show. Alexander Rybak noted the catchy melody of the song We are the Heroes of the group Litesound and said that he even sang it in the shower a day before. “A trendy song, good English,” he said. Gunesh has a charming smile and a strong voice, Alexander Rybak said. Alena Lanskaya is definitely vocally gifted. Alexander Rybak recommended her to make the music more quiet to emphasize her voice. Viktoria Aleshko, according to Alexander Rybak, has the strongest voice among all the finalists.

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Alexander Rybak perform the cover of the song “Skin”

Alexander Rybak’s version of the song “Skin”(Sarabeth), a song written by Doug Johnson and Joe Henry and originally performed by American country music group Rascal Flatts.

Alexander performed “Skin” in the summer show “Spellemenn” (Fiddlers) in Tønsberg 2010.  Enjoy this very touching performance, recorded by Julia Bezbakh in July 2010. Lyrics you’ll find below the video.

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