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Kotik – Russian song by Alexander Rybak – Where to buy it…

Alexander Rybak - Kotik - New Russian song

Alexander Rybak has released his first Russian composition, the song “Kotik”, which translated to English means “Kitten”. The song can be downloaded and listened to on world wide streaming services. Here are some links 🙂

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You’ll find the lyrics in several languages HERE

And if you have Spotify, you can listen to the song by clicking below 🙂




Alexander Rybak – music video – “Kotik” (Kitten)!

Alexander Rybak’s first Russian song project “Kotik” (Kitten). The music video was made in the beginning of May 2015 in Moscow.  Below the video you’ll find the lyrics in English, Russian (transliteration), Azerbadijani, Spanish, Turkish, Czech, Slovakian, Polish, Vietnamese  and Hungarian. 🙂

Director: Rustam Romanov
Music: Alexander  Rybak
Lyrics: Alexander Rybak & Yaroslav Rakitin

The song is also available on iTunes and Google Play


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 Translation by Sonya L. Revision by Katie A.

I decided a long time ago that I’ll never fall in love again
But then you appeared, my kitten-kitten-kitten-kitten
I was independent, but now it’s so boring without you
You break my heart, you play with my soul

And I don’t mind, let people laugh at me
But as soon as I fall asleep, my bunny-bunny-bunny
You’re right here, and I grow wings on my back
And flying above  the ground, I’m dreaming only about one thing

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Alexander in the press-centre of “AIF” in Sankt Petersburg 27.02.2014.

Alexander has recently visited Sankt Petersburg, where he performed at the opening of the  Norwegian chemical factory “Joten”. Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway, was also presented at the opening. In addition, Alexander visited few TV-shows and had a huge interesting interview with a very popular Russian newspaper “Argumenty i Fakty”, which we translated for you.

Official website of “Argumenty i Fakty” in Saint Petersburg 

Upload by Hilde M. Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva.  English revision by Anni Jowett. Subs by Katie Anderson 

Pictures by Tatiana Shvetsova


Videos: Alexander Rybak – club concerts in Germany

Alexander performed in 2 clubs in Germany this weekend. He did a concert at the night club “Ray” in Munich on September 6th, and in the club “Infinity” in Hannover on September 7th. Our Facebookies-agents were there and have brought recordings of each song for you 🙂 Enjoy!

Full playlist of the concert in Munich.

Thanks Sabine Fundel and her friend Markus for the recording!

Full playlist of the concert in Hannover.

Thanks Ulli, Ellen and Sonya for their brilliant recordings!

“Europe skies”

by Ellen NL

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Vote for Alexander Rybak on RealMusicBox (Russia)!

Alexander has been nominated as a candidate for the RealBoxMusic award of popular Russian music channel MusicBox. There is online voting where every person can vote once a day. It’s good opportunity for Alexander to come back to Russia to take one more award back home 😉 You all remember how he won MuzTV award in 2010? So, let’s make him win, and he will come  to the awarding ceremony in Kremlin Palace, Moscow on November 19th, 2013! 🙂

It is only possible to vote using the profile of Russian social net Vkontakte, so you need to register in Vkontakte first. This is simple instructions on how to register in Vkontake and how to vote for Alex on RealMusicBox chart:

1. Go to www.vk.com

2. Register your profile 

3. Go to  www.realmusicbox.ru

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Article: “Rybak takes off his clothes in the Russian music video”. June 20th 2012

Article published on http://touch.vg.no/ , 20.6.2012

Written by Marcus Husby. Photos: YOUTUBE/ETTER AVTALE

Link to original article here .

Found and translated by Tessa La. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn.

NEW TONES: Alexander Rybak is not afraid to show skin in his new Russian music video – It is disgusting to wear clothes in the shower. I wanted to make an artistic video, – Rybak says. 

Rybak takes off his clothes in the Russian music video

GP-violinist shows off the summer body

Alexander Rybak (26) has a background as a personal trainer. In his new music video he takes off his shirt – and cries in the shower with angel wings on his back.

The video is meant only for the Russian and East European audience. But it was posted on YouTube yesterday.

Rybak’s manager, Kathryn Synnes Finnskog, does not think they would have made a lightly dressed video in Norway. Continue reading Article: “Rybak takes off his clothes in the Russian music video”. June 20th 2012