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Alexander as Michael Bublé in “One to One” show – Final



Today it was the big final, and Alexander impersonated Michael Bublé and performed the jazzy song “Feeling Good”, which he did very well. That guy can sing jazz!
The winner of the show was decided by televoting, and the people voted Alexander to a second place. So well deserved after all his fantastic impersonations. You can watch them all here

Watch his great performance of “Feeling Good” here.

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Alexander as Andrea Bocelli. “One to One” show, episode 8


Video of the full episode (the parts with Alexander only)

Translation by Rozalia M. Recording & subs by Sonya L.
Revision by Marina R.


Alexander as Shura. “One to One” show, Episode 6

Alexander’s preparation, the performance, the judges reviews and the voting in episode 6.

Video by Sonya L, English translation by Rozaliya Muzhayeva. R revision by Anni Jowett

“Kholodnaya luna” / “Cold moon”