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Article about Alexander Rybak’s performance in Karlshamn, Sweden, 24.07.2012.

Article published on www.bltsydostran.se 25.07.2012.

Written by Jens Olander. Pictures by Lena Ehring

Link to the original article here 

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Ingegerd Claesson and Tessa Lande

Attendance record at Rosegården

Rybak was back.

And the violin virtuoso made a new success for the attendance record at Rosegården.

The Eurovision Song Contest winner Alexander Rybak took the city theater by storm earlier this spring. Roughly half a year later he was back with a new triumphal in Karlshamn.

About 2-3 thousand spectators were present at the sing-along at Rosegårdenn – far more than “Lill-Babs” [famous Swedish singer] attendance record last year.

– Wow! Hey! Rybak said at first sight of the crowed.

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Alexander Rybak’s interview during Sommerfesten in Giske, 30.07.2011.

Found by Catalina Balan. English translation by Tessa La. Recording, Russian translation and subs by Sonya Luzina.

Found by Olina Novikova. English translation by Vigdis Ar. Recording, Russian translation and subs by Sonya Luzina

French article about Alexander Rybak by “Charts in France” – 13.7.2011

Found by Zhanna Segueeva. Translation by Yannis Papadopoulos.


Alexander Rybak returns with a new single in Norwegian*

[The song is in Swedish, but it’s mistakenly referred as Norwegian in the article]

The winner of the Eurovision song contest 2009, Alexander Rybak, is back with a new single, “Resan till dig”, which is performed in Norwegian, the first piece from his third new album «Visa vid vindens ängar», which is available since the last June.

The Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak hasn’t met the anticipated success in France, after his victory at the 54th Eurovision song contest with «Fairytale» in 2009, however he remains a star in his country, where he recently released his 3rd and latest album «Visa vid vindes ängar», introduced with a single sung in Norwegian, «Resan til dig» – thus probably resigning from the effort to export himself after two years and focusing on the market of his homeland.

[However, Alexander has denied himself that the new Scandinavian release means that he’s abandoning his international career]

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Concert of families Rybak and Stanghelle in Farsund. July 8th, 2011


Nice review from Farsund-avis.no:  http://www.farsunds-avis.no/artikkel.asp?Artid=80013

Article found by Catalina Balan. Translated by Tessa La.


Rybak ruled the town square!


Rybak and Co. played music for all ages when they were on stage at the town square last night.

By Ådne Husby Sandnes



Emily Reinertsen was in love with Rybak, but that was earlier.

-It must be at least 3,000 here, that is fantastic, Knut Egil Andreassen said from the stage when he stood and peered over the crowd.

The town square in Farsund was filled with both young and old when the family Rybak and family Stanghelle presented everything from pop, folk songs, opera and classical music from stage at the town square in Farsund last night. The concert was weather dependent, and if it would rain, the concert would be moved to the church. It looked gloomy for a long time, but throughout the day it cleared up and everything was ready for Rybak to explode on stage.

Traditional concert
Family Rybak and family Stanghelle the guests, have a 15 year long tradition with summer concerts at the South coast of Norway, but this is the first time they joining the “Kaper” program. They asked themselves if they could come to Farsund, and as previously reported in the newspaper, Torrey Skeibrok believed it was a joke, but it was not. But not only the actual concert is traditional, the music has both elements of the old hymns and songs, but of course songs from Alexander Rybak pop career. June Carson and Britt Seland both live in America, but visiting Farsund in the summer. They have followed the career of Rybak.
He’s very talented, and from what I understand he is also very friendly and kind, said June Carson, also pleased with the nice weather.
The town was packed with people, but the biggest fans was in front of the stage. In front of the stage,among others, stood little Emily Reinertsen. She had made a great poster that said: “We love Rybak.” She was a little in love with Rybak, but that was earlier.
-Rybak’s really good, I had a little crush on him earlier, but not anymore, she says, blushing slightly, while the grandmother says she is a little embarrassed and that she was really looking forward the concert.

At least 3,000
When Rybak and co. entered the stage, cheering breaks loose in the town square. He starts with a song he presents as “a song you may have heard before.” It’s “Fairytale”. The audience is delighted with the opening number, and the familiar stanzas were sung at full volume from the audience. The explosion that Rybak had promised was a fact.
-It is nice to come home to my roots, I have so many good memories from Farsund.We will play all kinds of music, and I hope that when you get home, you are more culturally enriched, Rybak said and laughs from the stage in the town square, and start with a night song that his mother used to sing for him.
The weather threatened the concert earlier in the day, but the sun peeked out, and the organizers were delighted with the number of audience.
-There must be at least 3,000 here, a sea of people! It is fantastic, says Knut Egil Andreassen.

PS: Today Rybak performing as street musician in Lyngdal.

Concert videos

by Venche Mellemstrand

Alexander Rybak, Thomas Stanghelle, “Dream”

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Alexander Rybak at the “Sommertid” show, TV2 Norway, 6 July 2011

Alexander was one of the guests at the show “Sommertid” on TV2, where he performed a part of a Keep of Kalessin’s song and “Resan til dig”. The show had been recorded on June 27th.

Multilingual subtitles at the CC key. List of languages and contributors’ names appear at the beginning of the video.

Alexander Rybak at «Allsang på Grensen», TV2 Norway, 29 June 2011

Alexander was the co-host of the show «Allsang på Grensen». Recordings occurred on Wednesday, 29 June. It was aired on the next day. He also performed solo and in duet with Mats Paulson and Didrik Solli Tangen. All the parts can be seen here.

Recorded by May Elisabeth. English translation by Tessa Lande. English revision by Katie Anderson. Subs by Julia B. 

Alexander Rybak & Mats Paulson in show “Lotta på Liseberg”, 20.6.2011

Alexander and Mats made official premiere of their new album in Swedish open-air TV-show “Lotta på Liseberg”. They performed 2 songs from new album: “Resan till dig” and “Visa vid vindens ängar. Also Alexander accompanied with his violin to Mats’ popular song “Barfotavisan”. And they both played in quartet of musicians during the “Granada” song, performed by famous Swedish opera singer Loa Falkman. And in the end of the show Alexander performed “Fairytale”.

Recording: Venche Mellemstrand

Interview with Alexander Rybak and Mats Paulson on P4 Radiofrokost, 23.06.2011

Recording  by Sonya Luzina. English translation by Tessa La. Russian translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. German translation by Sabine Fundel. Subs by  Julia Bezbakh and Sonya Luzina

Alexander Rybak and Mats Paulson at Swedish radio program “Sommarmorgon”, 20.06.2011.

Found by Ronja Laupitaja. English translation by Tessa La and Laila Solum Hansen.  German translation by Sabine Fundel. Recording and subs by Sonya Luzina. Russian translation by Sonya Luzina and Zhanna Sergueeva

Alexander Rybak in “God Morgen Norge”, 10.06.2011


Alexander has been speaking about his new album “Visa vid vindens ängar”, his collaborations with Mats Paulson and performed his new Swedish song “Resan til dig” in the morning TV-show on TV2.

Recording/montage by Yannis Pap. English translation of the interview by Tessa La. English translation of the song by Ingegerd Claesson. Subs by Julia Bezbakh. Russian translation of the interview by Sonya Luzina. Russian translation of the song by Zhanna Sergueeva. Czech translation by Jitka Holanová.


“Friday board” with Alexander and other guests discussing. Parts without Alexander are not included.

Recording/montage by Yannis Pap.
English translation by Hilde M. Russian translation and subs by Sonya Luzina.