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Videos: Alexander Rybak – radio interviews in Klaipeda, Lithuania, 14.03.2013.

Alexander Rybak on the radio “Raduga”, Klaipeda, Lithuania 14.03.2013.

Recording and subs by Sonya Luzina, English translation by Zhanna Sergueeva, English revision by Anni Jowett and Katie Anderson

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Video: Alexander answers questions for Radio P5s “School diary”. Nov.24th 2012

Broadcasted on “P5” , a radio-channel belonging to Norwegian P4, 24.11.2012.

Recording, Russian translation and subtitles by Sonya Luzina. English translation by Mary-Ann Hansson. English revision by Anni Jowett. Vietnamese translation by by Bội Dung Trần. Chinese translation by Annie Alpaca. Romanian translation by Laura Ser.

Radio: Interview at “Mikkes Superfrokost”. P4 Norway. June 23rd 2012

This interview was broadcasted at norwegian P4-radio 23.6.2012.

Found by Ida Brøske Klevens. Recording and English translation by Tessa La. Slovak translation by Danka Collaková. Subtitles and Russian translation by Sonya Luzina

Tessa Lande: The start of the interview is missing. It was about that he was proud he manage to get up already at 08.00 in the middle of the night to be in time for the interview.:) And when this video starts he is talking about signing and going home after concerts.

Video: Interview on live-radio with livestream. Radijo Stotis M-1. Lithuania April 9th 2012

On the day after his performance at Lietuvos balsas, Lithuania, Alexander was guest in the studio of Radijo Stotis M-1 from 11.00 am. The interview was made in russian language

 Uploaded by Tessa La. English translation by Julia B., Sonya L & Zhanna S.

Alexander Rybak in the radio- show “Kammertjenerne” on NRK P2, 20.4.2010 (Eng. and Rus. subs)

The girl charmers – Ole Bull and Alexander Rybak

In 2010 Norway celebrated the 200 anniversary for Ole Bull. In the radio show “Kammertjenerne” on NRK P2, they draw some parallels between Alexander and the famous Norwegian violinist Ole Bull.

English translation by Sara Anja Ruske, Russian translation & subs by Olina Novikova