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Alexander Rybak pranked by Jan Thomas in Tusvik & Tønne

Alexander was one of the many celebrities who were pranked in the Norwegian talk show “Tusvik & Tønne” on TV2 tonight.

“Tussvik & Tønne” is a talk show with two crazy ladies who demand the guest be the host while they come up with some crazy ideas. Jan Thomas, the Norwegian stylist who did a makeover on Alexander  in 2011, was the guest tonight. And those crazy ladies took his phone and sent a text to all the people in his contact list. Alexander was one of them, and he was the second one to reply 🙂

Alexander Rybak Jan Thomas prankes Tussvik & Tønne

The text message:

Hi dear friend! You know, I can’t keep quiet any longer! what on earth are you wearing these days? Hope you see that yourself. You need a makeover, I’ll book you for a consultation next week, what time is best for you?

Alexander’s reply:

He,he, brave:) I like my style, but notice I have worn the same for quite some time now. I am mostly behind the camera now, so there is no hurry. How much do you charge for your time?