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Portrait of Per Sundnes “Northern Norways Potato” June 8th 2012

A portrait article about Per Sundnes,

published on www.dagbladet.no 8.6.2012 Text: Hallgeir Opedal. Drawing: Finn Graff 
Found and translated by Tessa Lande. English revision by Anni Jowett.

The parts, where Alexander Rybak is mentioned, are highlighted in blue.

Northern Norway’s potato!

It is not “Gay Patrol” that attracts Per Sundnes (46) to TV3. It is a woman.

-” There is national mourning in England now because I quit”.

Per Sundnes shuffles around in the kitchen, wearing pirate pants and shock yellow t-shirt.

– “You know, I stop when I’m on top”.

There is a smell of spices, chocolate and buns. We stepped over a vacuum cleaner. A bulging garbage bag leaning against the fridge, the balcony door to the backyard is open, the radio is tuned in on “Nitimen.”

– “National mourning”?!

– “In Birmingham, there are some who call themselves Schlagerboys, funny boys with a lot humour, and those boys find it very sad that I quit. The first thing I did when I started in this job was to take care of the fans. You know, Grand Prix fans are like soccer fans: The hard core are there in good times and bad. I listened to them and asked how they wanted it. And the last three years I have organized it so that fans get to meet the artists. And why do I do that? Because I can!”

He tilts his head to one side, smiling coquettishly.

– “They are eternally grateful”.

There is a lot of confidence in the dense body of Per Sundnes. During the next hour, he manoeuvres between bragging and humility, and tries to find a balance. Now he stops, looking around to take stock.

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