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Jury member at New Wave Junior Artek2015 11-13th of August 2015

Alexander Rybak was a jury member in the talented children competition “New Wave Junior Artek2015” in Crimea the 11-13th if August 2015. In addition to be a jury member, he also performed Europe’s Skies in a duet with Nika Smolyanova.


Photos by Kidsmusic.info:


Pictures from Soot-Spelet with Alexander Rybak as the Norwegian violinist Ole Bull

Picture of Alexander Rybak in the  Soot-Spelet 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018

Pictures by Niels Peeters, Lars Brander and Ulli Cologne, TessaLa and some media

Read more about the play here

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