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Concert with the youth-orchestras in Ski, Norway, 03.11.2013.

The article was published in  paper issue of Østlandets Blad 5.11.13

Author & Photographer: Odd Inge Rand 

Provided by Venche M. Translation by Jorunn Ekre. Revision by Anni Jowett 

 Got to join the band: Alexander Rybak called his performance at Rådhusteatret on Sunday his audition to “join the band”, in other words the marching bands from Nordby, Ski and Drøbak/Frogn. He passed it with flying colours.

Alexander Rybak bestowed glory to the marching band society in Follo.

Well done from Nordby, Ski and Drøbak/Frogn. The celebrity concert has been a tradition for a long time and the 2013 edition will go down in history as one of the very best. The members of the school marching bands from Nordby, Ski and Drøbak/Frogn can pat themselves on the back after a well-executed  event at Rådhusteatret during the weekend. They entertained a sold out venue for two hours with marching band music at the highest level. The celebrity concert 2013 is the result of persistent work by the marching bands.

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The concert in Riga 18.10.2013.

Alexander  performed a concert at the anniversary party of  “Friends Club” in Riga on 18.10.2013

Video by YouTube-user dancheskus

Pictures by Ketija Grūbe and Boris Kuvshinnikov

Recording of “Hver gang vi møtes”

Pictures from the photo-shoot, which took place at the farm in Våler (Moss, Norway) on 31.08.2013, where Alexander Rybak, Øyvind Elgenes, Anneli Drecker, Lars Lillo Stenberg, Simone Eriksrud, Samsaya and Sigvart Dagsland  had been living for 2 weeks while filming the 3rd season of the popular Norwegian TV-show “Hver gang vi møtes” (Every time we meet).

Photographer: Robert S. Eik for VG




Alexander in Istanbul. 17.09.2013

Alexander finally visited beautiful Istanbul to play a full concert there!  On September 17th he and the dancers from Lithuanian dance group “Time to show” performed  at the night club “Jolly Joker”. Earlier that day Alexander met his fans at the open “Meet and Greet”.

Here are pictures from these events gathered in the photo-gallery.

Pictures by  Fatih Özdemir and from the page of dance group “Time to show” 



Article about Alexander’s concert in Tallin, 19.01.2013.

The article published on http://www.elu24.ee  23.01.2013

Link to the source here

Translated by Anglesina Est. English revision by Katie Anderson

Last Saturday, on January 19th, the always exciting  and passion filled ”Vegas” increased the anticipation by bringing in the world famous Eurovision winner, Alexander Rybak!

It has become a tradition for ”Vegas“, to turn the club ”Teater“ into a real gambling house for one  night, filled with typical Vegas excitement, mystery, and animation.

Only on that night was it possible in the club ”Teater“ to try out one’s luck at the roulette table or in blackjack, or to try your luck with some other gambling game offered by Olympic Casino.

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