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Alexander’s photo on sale for UNICEF charity

News research by Veronica Nord and text by Tessa La

Alexander is one of the celebrities in Norway who support Unicef and is one of the persons who are depicted at the exhibition “Close-up for UNICEF”, which consists of portraits of about 70 famous people in Norway, who had themselves being photographed looking naturally.

The production company “Monster” has taken the initiative for the exhibition, and the income from the sale of photos will go directly to UNICEF’s fund in order to eradicate HIV infection from mother to child.

The photo of Alexander can be yours for NOK 7.500,-. (ca. 947 euros). Size 60×60 cm, signed. The exhibition takes place on Tjuvhomen (Akker Brugge), Oslo, May 6th to 15th.

Webpage of the project
Alexander’s photo