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Per Sundnes about MGP 2018 and Alexander’s return 16.01.2018

“Musikkfrokost” on Alexander Rybak in MGP 2018 – 16.01.18

Per Sundes about MGP 2018, Alexander’s return and the musical family Rybak in the radio programme “Musikkfrokost” (Music breakfast) on radio NRK Klassisk.

They also played the musical piece “Spurven” (The Sparrow) by the Norwegian composer Johan Halvorsen, performed by Alexander, in the age of 12, and his mother Natasha Rybak. A reording from the CD “En Julefortelling” (A Christmas Tale). 

The interview with Per Sundnes with English subs.

Alexander and Natasha Rybak performing “Spurven” (The Sparrow)



Portrait of Per Sundnes “Northern Norways Potato” June 8th 2012

A portrait article about Per Sundnes,

published on www.dagbladet.no 8.6.2012 Text: Hallgeir Opedal. Drawing: Finn Graff 
Found and translated by Tessa Lande. English revision by Anni Jowett.

The parts, where Alexander Rybak is mentioned, are highlighted in blue.

Northern Norway’s potato!

It is not “Gay Patrol” that attracts Per Sundnes (46) to TV3. It is a woman.

-” There is national mourning in England now because I quit”.

Per Sundnes shuffles around in the kitchen, wearing pirate pants and shock yellow t-shirt.

– “You know, I stop when I’m on top”.

There is a smell of spices, chocolate and buns. We stepped over a vacuum cleaner. A bulging garbage bag leaning against the fridge, the balcony door to the backyard is open, the radio is tuned in on “Nitimen.”

– “National mourning”?!

– “In Birmingham, there are some who call themselves Schlagerboys, funny boys with a lot humour, and those boys find it very sad that I quit. The first thing I did when I started in this job was to take care of the fans. You know, Grand Prix fans are like soccer fans: The hard core are there in good times and bad. I listened to them and asked how they wanted it. And the last three years I have organized it so that fans get to meet the artists. And why do I do that? Because I can!”

He tilts his head to one side, smiling coquettishly.

– “They are eternally grateful”.

There is a lot of confidence in the dense body of Per Sundnes. During the next hour, he manoeuvres between bragging and humility, and tries to find a balance. Now he stops, looking around to take stock.

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Alexander Rybak got A at violin exam June 7th 2012

Photo: Two percent exam-nerves. Alexander Rybak has studied for three years at Barratt Due Musikkinstitutt. Today, he was examined and had to give exam-concert.

Alexander Rybak got A at violin-exam

” That is actually reserved for those who practice every single day. I don`t do that”.

Article published on www.dagbladet.no 7.6.2012. Text: Jonas Pettersen. Photos: Steinar Buholm. Link to original article here

Translation by Marianne Saietz

(Dagbladet): 3 years ago, he got the all time high score at the International Final of Eurovision. Today, Alexander Rybak struggled determined, to get an A at his violin  exam at Barratt Due Music Institute.

“I will get a little bit disappointed, if I don’t get a top grade but then, the top grades are really reserved for those who practice every single day. I don´t do that. I travel around Europe every other week, play pop concerts and flirt with girls”, Rybak says to Dagbladet.

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2 articles:Norwegian press about Alexander in Baku. May 22nd-23rd 2012

 Article published on www.aftenposten.no 22.05.2012

Text and photo by Arve Henriksen.

Link to original article here

Translation by Marianne Saietz

Photo: “It will be like a little vacation to return to this circus, especially now when I have travelled so much in Europe”, says Alexander Rybak 

Rybak took a break from exams in Baku

BAKU (Aftenposten.no): Alexander Rybak is in the middle of the final heat of exams at Barrat Due, but never the less, he took himself time for a not so little comeback in the Eurovision-circus.

Thursday, Alexander Rybak performs in the interval act at the second semifinal during Eurovision Song Contest, where also Tooji will be in action for Norway. For the Eurovisionwinner from 2009, the trip to Baku is a nice break from the exams-preparations.
– ” It will be like a small vacation to return to this circus, especially now, when I have travelled so much around Europe. At the same time, I have practiced a lot, both on preparations for the summer-show with Bettan and Didrik Solli-Tangen and then I also have this violin-exam. Because of that, I practice several hours every day towards that, so I can finally get a paper, saying I am a violinist,” he says.

Article: “Per Sundnes pulled Rybak off the stage”. Baku – May 22nd 2012

 Article published on www.kjendis.no 22.05.2012.

Written by Merethe Skogrand and Jan Thomas Holmlund. Photos by Håkon Eikesdal and Stella Pictures.

Link to original article here

Translation by Venche M. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn

Bad sound: Per Sundnes tells, that it was he, who rejected Rybak to continue playing at the concert Friday. Photo: Stella Pictures 

Per Sundnes pulled Rybak off the stage

BAKU (Dagbladet): On Friday Alexander Rybak was going to perform at the Norwegian Embassy in Baku, in connection with his visit to the Azerbaijani capital.
Swedish newspapers that were present at the event, wrote that Rybak stormed off the stage and that he was badly prepared.
But Eurovision General Per Sundnes has a different version of the story.

Alexander med fela ( Alexander with the fiddle.) Documentary from NRK, April 2009

Uploading to Youtube and english subtitles by bardo0007

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

You can read the interview with Per Sundnes, NRK, about the making of the documentary here.

Per Sundnes about Alexander Rybak to side2.no 13.04.2009

Alexander Rybak won the Norwegian MGP 2009 and quickly he became one of the favourites for the international final in Moscow in May. Photo: Johannessen, Sara ( SCANPIX )


He is a musical missionary

MGP-general, Per Sundnes, is impressed by Alexander Rybak

Per Sundnes. Photo: Linn de Lange

Author: Elisabeth Norheim. Photo: Linn de Lange. Published on www.side2.no 13.04.09

Translation by Marianne Saietz  Article revised by Anni Jowett

– “Alexander is very smart. At many of the concerts he starts by playing a Norwegian folk-tune, before he sets in with the monster-hit “Fairytale”. He is very cunning in that way. He challenges people with new stuff, instead of making them feel, he forces stuff upon them”,-  NRK programme leader Per Sundnes, explains. He has made the portrait of the MGP-winner.

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Per Sundnes about Alexander and his victory in ESC 2009

Per Sundnes, the one who was in charge of MGP/ESC Norway the year Alexander Rybak won Eurovision, talks about Alexander and his victory in Moscow on NRK “Førkveld” 7.1.2011.
Interesting to hear Per telling about how all the coincidences which happened that year led to the big victory.


Recording, English translation and subs by Tessa La. Russian by Zhanna Sergueeva. Chinese by Annie Alpaca. German  by Sonia Fișerean. Spanish  by Lulú Bm.