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Jazz concert with Alexander Rybak and Felix Peikli – 1.7.20

A long awaited jazz concert with Alexander Rybak and Felix Peikli.

A short report from the concert by someone who was present. Playlist and videos from the concert you’ll find below 🙂

Ever since I saw videos from the jazz concert these two brilliant musicians had in 2010, I have waited for a chance to see them live together. And suddenly the festival @Karpedammenscene, supported by Aftenposten, announced the concert, which due to the time of the day they called Jazz Brunch 🙂 And this time I couldn’t let the chance pass by, even if I had to drive for 18 hours in 1,5 day. And it was definitely worth it 🙂

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Alexander Rybak – A Fairytale in Moscow – 5 years anniversary


Once upon a time, 5 years ago when we were younger, the Fairytale started. Alexander won the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow with a record high number of points and he won our hearts. Today, 5 years later, his record is still standing and our Fairytale Fiddler is still capturing our hearts. We celebrate by looking back on some golden moments from 2009, which were never published here before 🙂

Article published before the  start of 1st Semi-Final on 12.05.2009

Author: Nina Skyrud Photo: Trond Reidar Teigen Source: rb.no


Translated by Tessa Lande. English revising by Katie Anderson.



Whatever happens, Alexander has already won.
Whether Alexander Rybak wins Eurovision or not, he has already won the hearts of all on behalf of himself, Norway and all those who stand out in the crowd.
He had already jumped through the screen in Kjempesjansen with his own song “Foolin'”. And made viewers gasp for breath, thinking: Wow, what is this?It is incredibly rare to experience a top-trained classical musician with such a natural and heartfelt ability to communicate. He was not an old fellow when he closed his ears to the skeptics’ attempts to get him to limit himself to a career as a classical violinist. He wanted to perform the music as he felt it, both his own and others. Because when Alexander Rybak plays Rolf Løvland’s “Secret Garden”, It’s hard to remember to breathe.
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Pictures: Alexander Rybak at the “National forest day” in Maridalen. 24.08.2013

Alexander and dance band “Time to show” performed at the open-air festival in Maridalen (Oslo area).

A bunch of international fans attended this festival and met Alexander. Here are nice pictures from the venue provided by Camelia Valentina (Romania) and Blanka Michałek  (Poland).

Videos: Alexander Rybak played classical concert at Vigeland’s Museum

Alexander performed at the outdoor concert in the courtyard of the Vigeland Museum in Oslo on August 18th together with pianist Stefan Zlatanos and a young violinist  Inga Våga Gaustad as a guest-artist.

Here is a full playlist of videos, made by the facebookies who attended this concert. Videos are listed in the order the pieces were performed.

 “Liebesleid”  by  Fritz Kreisler

recording by Tessa Lande

“It aint necessarily so” from the opera  “Porgy and Bess “by George Gershwin (arranged for violin by Jascha Heifetz)

recording by Tessa Lande

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Natalia Rybak: “Norwegians want to erase Breivik from their memories”

Article published on www.svaboda.org 23.07.2012

Written by Igor Kornei

Link to the original article here 

Translation by Sonya Luzina.  English revision by Lillian Llewellyn

Alexander Rybak with his parents

July 22 marked one year since the terrorist attack in the capital of Norway, Oslo, and on the coastal island of Utøya by the citizen of this country Anders Breivik. The victims of a double attack are 77 people – mostly young people who participated in the activities of the Norwegian Labour Party. How did this emergency incident affect on the residents of this northern country, which was considered as almost a model of calm and tolerant attitude towards the representatives of different nations and faiths? 

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Alexander Rybak, Bettan & Didrik Solli-Tangen in “Sommertid” show. 02.07.2012

Alexander, Didrik and Elisabeth told about upcoming summershow in Tonsberg and played a piece of Didrik’s Eurovision 2010 entry song together. Also they performed at the Oslo central street Karl Johans Gate  with a song “Runaway”, which is a part of their summershow.

“Sommertid” – interview

Recording by Tessa Lande. English translation by Hildebjorg H. Russian translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. Subs by Julia B.


“Sommertid” – “Runaway”

Recording by Tessa Lande

Alexander Rybak: “Working out gives me self confidence”

Article from Swedish newspaper “Friskispressen”, published in the 4th issue, 2009  Author: Gösta Elmquist.

Translation by Mary-Ann Hansson, English revision by Anni Jowett

AGE: 23 years.

PROFESSION: Musician / artist.

FAMILY: Single.

LIVES: Nesodden, outside Oslo.

LIKES 1: Jazz, classical, pop. And  film.

LIKES 2: “I like when girls touch my upper body when we talk.”

CURRENT: The CD “Fairytales”

IDOL: Gene Kelly (because he was such a versatile artist).

FAVOURITE MUSCLE: Arms and chest.

He lifts his violin, grabs his bow and – bang!  The show is running. Gym instructor Alexander whirls, jumps, kneels down. Every muscle is about to explode. Calves, thighs, stomach, back – everything is trimmed at Friskis & Svettis in Oslo. 

Alexander Rybak, 23, the fiddler who got the whole world at his feet, has found a trick that no other violinist could dream of.

– Working out at Friskis & Svettis.

“It is the spice that makes my show exciting. I have more energy and self-confidence”, he says.

 Three years ago, Alexander got his license as a gym instructor. In the beginning it was easy to book instruction time with him on the F&S in Vika, Oslo. Today, it is not. Alexander has taken time off from instructing at Friskis & Svettis to become a world artist.

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Article from Dagbladet about Alexander Rybak’s performance at the Norwegian MGP- final. 11.02.2012.

Rybak paid tribute to Stella at Grand Prix final

Author: Stian Haraldsen. Photographer:  Håkon Eikesdal

Link to original article:


Translation by Tessa Lande

‎(Dagbladet): Alexander Rybak provided a great break performance before tonight’s Grand Prix show winner was declared.

After the Plumbo, Nora Foss Al-Jabri, Tooji and Petter Øien and Bobby Bare had passed thorugh to the golden final, the stage was set for the Eurovision Medley in Oslo Spektrum.

Rybak sang songs by both the artists, Johnny Logan and Olsen Brothers, before he made the entire audience to stand up.

– This one’s for you, Stella! Rybak said, before he started last year’s winning song “Haba Haba”.

Stella Mwangi was suppose to be on stage tonight, but withdrew after his father, Jeff Mwangi Kwirikia was killed in a car accident on Tuesday last week. He was hit by a motorist who ran away from the place, but a person turned himself in later and are now charged in the case.

Yesterday he was buried in Ullensaker church, and he will later be buried in his native country of Kenya.

– Now I’ve really hit the ground, and I do not know if I manage to get up again. But I hear dad’s voice say “stand up”, “stand up,” Stella said in the church.

Alexander Rybak performing at a memorial in Namsos – 4.8.2011

Alexander performed a memorial concert for the victims of the Oslo & Utøya terrorist attacks on 22.7.2011, along with various other volunteering artists. The concert was performed in a church in Namsos on 4.8.2011.

All parts with Alexander have been recorded and gathered by Sonya Luzina. Technical improvement of the video by Yannis Papadopoulos.

Alexander Rybak at the flower ceremony for the victims of the 22.7 attacks, Oslo 25.7.2011

On the evening of Monday, 25.7.2011, Alexander played “Bergrosa” by Sven Nyhus at the flower ceremony, which took place at the City Hall Square of Oslo, in the memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya, 3 days before. The crown prince and the prime minister delivered speeches at this event. The assembled crowd of people mourning for the victims had reportedly reached 200.000.

On television

Source found Marianne Saietz. Recording: Yannis P.

Amateur recording

From the Youtube channel assie84. Found by Vigdis Ar.

Review about Alexander Rybak’s concert with Vivaldi Orchestra, 20.05.2011.

Link to original article: http://www.groruddalen.no/klassisk-paa-rommen.4923198-77747.html

Translation by Laila Solum Hansen

Classical at Rommen

Written by Øystein Kielland

Alexander Rybak and the Vivaldi Orchestra invited Groruddalen to concert at Rommen Scene Friday evening.

This was the a performance by youths. – The Vivaldi orchestra is conducted by Igor Rybak. His son Alexander has served his time in the orchestra. Now they were together again – at Rommen Scene.

Alexander expressed his happiness for so many to have found their way to the concert, to support the young people so they could develop. To laughter from the audience. Because this was impressing from start to finish.

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Song for the Russebuss Atlantis, by Alexander Rybak – April 2011

Alexander Rybak made the song “Atlantis” for one of the “Russebuss” in May 2011


Music: Alexander Rybak. Lyrics: Alexander Rybak

Original song-lyrics by Alexander in Norwegian as heard from the video by Tessa La. English translation by  Tessa La:


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Alexander Rybak made thousands of wild Russe-girls cheer! April 2011

No available translations found

Alexander Rybak himself is behind the “Russe-song” to the girls on the Bærum bus “Atlantis”.

Alexander Rybak has made a new «Fairytale» to a group of girls from Bærum.

Articles published in Dagbladet 27.4.11 Author: Trine Høklie Jonassen og Budstikka 26.4.11 Author: Lars Bryne.
Translation by Laila Solum Hansen. Revised by Bita Janz

Text to picture: Alexander Rybak has given the girls on the Bærum bus a new “Fairytale” to hum on. Photo: Torbjørn Berg /Dagbladet

Yesterday he made thousands of ecstatic “Russe-girls” cheering for his latest song. Alexander Rybak has, as many other artists have done before him, made a “Russe-song”.

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Maria, model in fashion-show. April 4th.2011

Published on the tv2-webpage of God Kveld Norge, 15.04.2011

Written by Ine Therese Back Iversen. Translated by Marianne Saietz. Revised by Bita 

Link to original article in Norwegian:


On Thursday April 14th, Rybak’s girlfriend, Maria, was invited as a model to the catwalk of Nora Farah’s fashion show.

The scene was set for glitter and glamour when the clothing designer Nora Farah, together with the skincare-line Carita, sent out invitations for a fashion-show at Grand Hotel in Oslo. On the red carpet arrived no less than Alexander Rybak, arm in arm with Elisabeth Andreassen. They came for a special occasion.    Continue reading Maria, model in fashion-show. April 4th.2011

3 videos about the BOOK by Rybak´s Facebookies. At the one-year anniversary Oct.10th 2010

This is a picture of the Book, that was written, published and delivered as a present for Alexander Rybak, one year ago in Oslo on 10-10. 2009. The cover-illustration is made by the talented Jitka Holonova. Continue reading 3 videos about the BOOK by Rybak´s Facebookies. At the one-year anniversary Oct.10th 2010

Alexander performing “Fairytale” at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert 11.12.2009

Alexander Rybak performing at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in 2009.

Alexander performed at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert 2009 in Oslo Spektrum, Norway, in honor of the President of the United States Barack Obama, who got the Nobel Peace Prize 2009. The concert was hosted by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

“Fairytale” was rearranged especially for this performance.

Alexander accidentally dropped his violin on the floor, and it got out of tune. This video shows the performance corrected by NRK, by using the sound from the dress rehearsal. This was also used when the show later was broadcast in several countries.

Pictures from the concert

Alexander Rybak plays for flood-victims in Pakistan

Alexander Rybak takes part in the charity concert for flood victims in Pakistan

The concert takes place at Radisson Blue Scandinavia Hotel in Oslo, Norway, the 10. August 2010 at 18.00 – 20.00 CET.

The following artists takes part in the concert:

Alexander Rybak
Didrik Solli-Tangen
Torstein Sødal
Merete Meyer
Sebastian James
Alexx Alexxander
Kristine Hjulstad
Sara Chen and Annie Khalid

Star-studded support concert for the flood victims in Pakistan

Source: VG.no 6. August 2010
Translation by Marianne Saietz.

Extract from the article (read the full article in the link above).

OSLO (VG Nett): Alexander Rybak, Didrik Solli-Tangen and the pop- group A1 are among the artists, who at short notice volunteers  to show support for those affected by the flood disaster.

– Now it is important to help those, who need it most, and I am very happy that these enthusiastic artists have agreed to participate, says Aamir J. Sheikh to VG Nett.
He is a conservative politician, leader of the Norwegian-Pakistani 14.augustkommitteen and initiator of the benefit-concert for flood -victims in Pakistan. Now they have got, among others, Alexander Rybak and Didrik Solli-Tangen on the team.

– I get affected of what has happened. And when I can contribute in such a simple way as this, I don’t need to know everything about what has happened. The most important, is to contribute, says Rybak to VG Nett.

His buddy, Solli-Tangen, agrees:
– This is such a little cost for us, but it can mean a lot to what, can be done. So it is a great way to support the flood- victims, says this year’s Norwegian Eurovision-participant.

Give your candy money

– It is still not certain, what the two artists will contribute with at the concert, but Rybak says he wants to do something classic. Solli-Tangen emphasizes that there is no intentions of making a sad concert, even if the message is, to help people who are in need.
– This should be a concert, that will make people happy, he says.
Now they both hope that the Norwegian people will pay attention to the the flood disaster and contribute.

– You do not need to give much. Come to the concert and give what you would have spent on candy on Saturday, says Solli-Tangen.

– The important thing is to care and to help, says Rybak.


Link to original article: http://14augustkomiteen.no/?p=975
In several of the flood-hit areas in northwestern Pakistan, there is now a desperate need for food. Nearly two million people will need food- aid over the coming weeks. According to the UN,  3.2 million people are affected by the flood. Several villages have disappeared in the water, and between 80.000 and 130.000 homes are destroyed or damaged.
UN estimates,  that nearly one million people have lost their homes in the flood.
14. August Committee invites to a benefit- concert for flood victims in Pakistan
Date: august 10th,  2010
Time: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Place: Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel Holbergsgt. 30, 0166 Oslo
The following artists appear to support the concert:
Alexander Rybak,
Didrik Solli Tangen,
Torstein Sødal,
Merete Meyer,
Sebastian James,
Alexx Alexxander,
Kristine Hjulstad,
Sara Chen and Annie Khalid
There is free access, but we  urge those attending the concert, and the entire Norwegian population to provide support to the Red Cross to help flood victims in Pakistan.  HE Faiz Mohammed Koslo, the Pakistani ambassador in Norway will be present at the concert. 14. August Committee wishes to thank all volunteers, artists who participate and co-workers Astrid Urbye, David Bakke, Lebara, Coca-Cola Drikker AS, Reitan gruppen and Radisson blu Scandinavia Hotel for excellent cooperation.
Other articles from norwegian press about the benefit-concert for Pakistan:

My heart is broken but free – Interview in Russian “7 Days”, June 16th, 2010

Article published on www.7days.ru 16.6.2010.

By Maria Adamchuk, 7 Days. Link to original article here

Translated by Olina Novikova and Marianne Saietz

Alexander Rybak:  “My heart is broken but free “

Since last year, when the unknown violinist and singer,  won the Eurovision, his life has changed dramatically. He is constantly on the road, but manages to do repairs in his recently bought apartment, and he still has time for romantic relationships! About his life today,  Sasha told reporters of  “7Days” while walking along the sacred places of his favorite Oslo.

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Rybak without boundaries – Østlandsposten, June 16th, 2010

Published on www.op.no 16.6.2012. Written by ANB – NTB.  Link to original article: http://www.op.no/underholdning/article5160591.ece

Translation by Marianne Saietz

Rybak releases monday the album «No Boundaries», which is, excactly as the title says, a mixture of different genres, though with the personal violin-mark of Rybak. Photo: Vidar Ruud – NTB.

Rybak Without Boundaries

– If I had liked one box, I would have shut myself inside it!  –  Says Alexander Rybak, who instead enters a legion of  boxes on his new album which, consequently,  has been named “No Boundaries”.

– I have so much in my heart, so much I want to say! –
But at the same time, he is fully aware, that the new disc, is what he describes as:  “Too versatile for a good roll of the dice.” – It is not allowed to experiment with genres, – says Alexander, who also believes there has been too much of him in Norway in the recent months – and that is why the new single ” Oah “was slaughtered in reviews.
– In Russia I haven´t been a lot recently, and there,  it was very well received. It is a signal about where I am as an artist.  Now,  the decline is official – because it is no longer ” in”,  to lift me up, –  he says without blinking. Continue reading Rybak without boundaries — Østlandsposten, June 16th, 2010

Rybak fears slaughter – Interview 17.06.2010

The Eurovision winner is prepered for the worst. To get massiv critic on his new album.

Reason:  The following up album jumps without any bounderies from genre to genre.
I’m terrified for the reviews, says AlexanderRybak
Text to photo: Alexander Rybak (24) will soon move from his mother at Nesodden till his new bought apartment at Aker Brygge. (Photo: Anne Elisabeth Næss)

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upcoming Outdoor concert in Oslo, Rådhusplassen, May 17th, 2010

(researched by Tessa La)

Oslo is planning a two week festival named “The sound of Oslo” in connection with the “Eurovision Song Contest 2010”. Alexander is among the artists who set the first party at Rådhusplassen on 17th May.

More info about that event you can find HERE – the info is no longer available. 


Alexander Rybak in the street-magazine “= Oslo”, January 2010, by Kari Bu.

The street-magazine = Oslo ( erlik Oslo), is sold by – and benefits,  homeless and disadvantaged people in Oslo.

 The January issue had MUSIC as a theme and culture-editor, journalist and web-editor Kari Bu made an interview with Alexander Rybak.

On April 6th, the interview was available on the Internet, with English translation, and Kari Bu  posted the link on Rybak’s Facebook-page. A huge thanks to her and to = Oslo for this interview.

Link to the street-magazine = Oslo in translation: http://translate.google.dk/translate?js=y&prev=_t&hl=da&ie=UTF-8&layout=1&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Ferlikoslo.wordpress.com%2F&sl=no&tl=en

Alexander Rybak – “Girls need to be protected from me!”

Kari Bu April 6, 2010 =Oslo (Norway)  – With this year’s Eurovision Song Contest just around the corner, =Oslo catches up with last year’s winner Alexander Rybak. After playing his violin to victory last May with the catchy ‘Fairytales’, the star has shot to European fame. Today, Alexander is a million miles from his childhood in Belarus.

He has gone from being a victim of bullying and performing on the streets to making the semi-finals of Idol and dominating Europe’s annual song contest. But Alexander doesn’t want to let it all go to his head, saying “Even though the public have got a clear picture of me, I’m still searching … It’s about understanding that this is one of the greatest moments of your life, and to keep all the good memories.”  Here, he speaks to =Oslo about his love for music, Michael Jackson and the opposite sex.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak in the street-magazine “= Oslo”, January 2010, by Kari Bu.

Alexander in TOPP, a Norwegian monthly magazine. March 25th, 2010

Big thanks to Elin Mangseth for translation from Norwegian to English.
Article Revision by Anni Jowett

Link to blog of AIR and translation of the interview:


Translation of the interview in TOPP

March 25, 2010

Dragonkiller & Heartbreaker

Are you a versatile person with a feeling for cute movies, Asian food and the metal band Keep of Kalessin? Then Alexander Rybak would love to take you on a date.

“I haven’t been exercising for a year or something,” says a stiff Rybak when we meet him. Yesterday’s workout demanded a lot of the former strength trainer, and he can barely lift his arms during the photoshoot with Topp. A hectic year with countless concerts both home and abroad has led to that Rybak uses all his energy on stage and gets little left for the workouts he did earlier today.

But what keeps you in shape then?
“I stress a lot. To yell at my managers from time to time takes a lot of my energy too, hehe.”

To become a teenage idol was something Alexander Rybak hadn’t imagined. Kids chasing for autographs and screaming teenagers weren’t something he had worked intensely to achieve.
“People must not think that I have worked with becoming a teenage idol for 2-3 years. I want to end this at the top.”

And you feel that you have reached that now?
“I was more at the top last year, actually. Now it’s more like a downhill.” But Alexander is soon about to climb up again. Rybak is dubbing the main character, Hiccup, in the animation movie How To Train Your Dragon. He is a young viking boy who stands out from the rest of the gang. All his life he has been taught to kill dragons, but one day when he gets the chance to kill a dragon, he becomes a friend with it instead. Rybak sees several equalities between himself and his character.

“I don’t care about what people think about what I do, just like Hiccup. I just do it. Before Grand Prix all my friends told me not to enter it in fear that it would ruin my career. Anyway I went against the flow and did things on my own,” says Rybak, who suddenly gets distracted by the room we are sitting in.
“I really don’t like this room. It’s so hot in here and it smells a bit weird. I almost feel like an autist now.”

Hehe, okay. Shall we change rooms maybe?
“Oh no! It’s fine,” says Alexander and laughs a little to himself.

Okay… But how do you think it was to dub How To Train Your Dragon?
“You know what, my dream is to work with movies. Not as an actor, but to hire people. I haven’t had a vacation in a year, but working with this movie five hours a day was like a vacation for me. I really feel that this is something I really want to do.”

But the dream of the artist career hasn’t been put on ice yet, even though he is dreaming of a movie career. Alexander is now doing different music projects and has exchanged the group Frikar with three girls from the celebrity-factory Barratt Due.

Who are these girls?
“I have been flirting with all three. Hehe, no. They are the three cutest girls at the school that I have a history with. Therefore I have chosen to write a love song to each of them. The first is Kathrine who I have been constantly trying to get on a date since I was 17 to 20 years old.”
Hehe, what was the tactic to ask her out?
“Oh dear, I used the typical “boy way” to do it. I sent her three different sms’s. One day I told her how gorgeous she was, in the next I reacted with anger because she didn’t answer, and in the last I apologised for my behaviour.”
What about the other girl?
“Maria was actually my first kiss.”

Wow, how did that happen?
“There was some alcohol in the picture, to put it that way, hehe. But I sing to her in a way that I know that I am going to cry when she marries the man of her dreams. But she should know one thing; even though there are a bunch of cool, hot and funny men out there, I was the one who stole your first kiss.”
And your last flirt?
“Well, Moa is Moa. She is that type of girl that makes me want to quit being a pop star and move to the country instead. There is a pop song about not knowing… Are you in love or are you not…”
Are you in love at the moment?
Alexander smiles, laughs a little, before he answers. “Yeah, yes, no, or, we try to keep it in a professional level.”
So you are flirting?
“Let’s just see in a year from now!”

This summer Rybak was dating many fans, and he thinks that a trip to the movies is the perfect date.
But what type of movies would you bring your date to?
“A horror if I want to get close to the girl.”
If you’re not at the cinema with a girl, what would you like to do?
“Eehh.. can I say that in Topp?”
“If you like a person then it’s only natural that you want to be alone with that person on a Saturday night…”
What type of girls do you like?
“They must be versatile. I often feel that I match a girl in every situation, but suddenly it shows that they don’t agree to some things. I think there is a curse over me. I am too versatile.”
Like how?
“If we see Moulin Rouge together we are both agree that it’s a very good movie. Or when we eat Asian food, we agree that it’s delicious. But when I see the metal band Keep of Kalessin, and the girl says: “Huh, do you like that kind of music?” that’s so stupid. Hello! It has to be possible to like different things! That’s why it’s better when a girl matches wide than really good on one thing.”

– AIR – elin

Report on the birth of the BOOK and the concert in Oslo, Oct., 10th ’09

“The Operation 10/10
how Rybak’s Facebookies went to Olso”
a report by
Irena Bay

Part 1

Well guys, I think it’s time for me to report back to the grid… to be honest I don’t feel that I will be able to put into words what I have experienced this weekend with these indescribably wonderful people … I know my account will fail to convey what really happened … still – I am a FB spy on duty, night and day, and I would never let you down! 😀

My story begins way earlier than the most stories you have read here until now[1]. My story began in July this year when out of the blue I found myself organizing and directing a facebook project – how the hell did that happen again?? (And why I am working on the new one in my head like crazy again since yesterday??)

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