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Alexander Rybak – Working as Russian translator – “Senkveld in Sochi” 13.02.2014

Alexander works as a translator for Solveig Kloppen in TV2’s OL-Show from Sochi .

During the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Alexander was given the job of Russian translator by Solveig Kloppen who wanted to find out which Norwegian was most known in Russia. It did not work out quite as planned.
From “Senkveld i Sotsji” with Thomas and Harald. 

Recording by Hilde M.

Video: Alexander Rybak in Norwegian show “Senkveld in Sochi”

Alexander was invited to a  popular Norwegian show “Senkveld”, which is broadcasted live every evening from Sochi, where the Olympic Games are held rignt now.  He will be a guest on several shows during this week.  Here is the video from the first program on 11.02.2014.:

Recording by Venche M.  Translation and subs by Tessa L. and Zhanna S. English revision by Anni J.

Breaking news! Alexander Rybak is coming to Sochi!

Alexander is invited to a very popular Norwegian talk-show “Senkveld” with Thomas & Harald”, which is broadcasted live, every evening from the Olympic Games in Sochi on Norwegian channel TV2. He will be a guest on several shows during this week. There will be lots of humour and live violin playing from him. He invites all his Russian fans, who are in Sochi this week, to join the audience of the live show. Here is his original message to his fans:

Dorogie Rysskie dryzja!  Preglashau v Sochi!

This week I will be joining the coolest talkshow ever, “Senkveld” with Thomas & Harald, live from Sochi!
So if you are planning to visit Sochi this week, you can be in the audience. Just send an email to sotsji@monstermail.no
Have a nice evening, boys and girls.

Pishite email: sotsji@monstermail.no