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Alexander Rybak’s interview for TV Limburg 13.08.2012.

Article published on oikotimes.com 14.8.2012. Original article is no longer available. Romanian version you’ll find here

Text and photos  by Olivier Vanhoutte. Recordings by Hildebjørg Ha

Last weekend the 2009 Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak and the amazing Paula Seling, the number 3 at the 2010 ESC, visited Belgium on the occasion of the Closing Ceremony of the 2012 Antwerp Pride.

During this concert also other main stars appeared such as 2Unlimited and Kate Ryan. However during the concert from the reactions of the public it became very clear that the biggest star of the event was Alexander Rybak whilst Paula Seling was the biggest surprise to the audience because of her great vocal abilities which were very impressive!

Limburg Antwerpen 2012 paula-seling-olivier-vanhoutte

After the concert both Paula Seling and Alexander Rybak gave a number of interviews to the national and international press present. On Monday both artists were a special guest at the very popular afternoon show ‘Studio TVL’ on Belgian channel TV-Limburg where they performed their duet ‘I’ll show you’ next to Alexander’s winning song from Eurovision. However it was revealed during the tv-show that both artists keep the door open for Eurovision 2013. Whilst Alexander said he is interested to return to the 2013 Eurovision as a composer (so not as a performer), Paula left the door open to return as an artist. She stated that many fans had asked for her return to Eurovision. Alexander stated in his pleasant way that you should never doubt or discuss the opinion of a Eurovision fan!

alexander-rybak-olivier-vanhoutte Limburg Antwerpen 2012

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Article+video: “Alexander Rybak & Paula Seling perform live”. Oikotimes Aug.12th 2012

Article published on www.oikotimes.com 13.8.2012

Text, photos and videos by Olivier Vanhoutte

Link to original article here

 Alexander Rybak and Paula Seling perform live

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The 2012 Antwerpen Pride concluded in Belgium and of course oikotimes was there thanks to our partner Olivier Vanhoutte. But it wasn’t only him: Paula Seling and Alexander Rybak performed.

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Article+video: Slavianski Bazaar. July 13th 2012

Article published by Fotis ( Greece ) on www.oikotimes.com 13.7.2012. Link to original Oikotimes-article here. The text is taken from a longer article published on www.festival.vitebsk.by 13.7.2012. Link to original article, written by Vera Medvetskaya here.

Video from Alexanders rehearsals and meeting with fans, recorded by Victoria13Lapeho

Found by Sonya Luzina

Slavianski Bazaar 2012

The festival is symbolic. Symbolically that children’s musical contest winners from different years opened the 1st part of the Festive ceremony: Martin Jordan (Bulgaria), Sasha Nehaj (Belarus), Kasia-Bell (Poland), Maria (Romania) and Arina Doronina (Russia). They are the future of the festival. “We’ll be stars”, – sang Arina, and this is a sincere thank to “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk”.

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