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Alexander, Julie and Philip Cecil i the radio show “Kveldsåpent” 30.5.2017

Alexander Rybak and Philip presented their new song “Looking My Way”  in the Norwegian radio show “Kveldsåpent” (Evening Open) on NRK P1. And Julie, Alexander’s girlfriend, was with them too. 

A nice interview where Alexander and Philip Cecil talks about their collaboration with the song  “Looking My Way” and future plans 🙂 

Source: NRK P1, broadcast 30.5.2017

Alexander Rybak, Anne Vada & Dennis Storhøi on NRK P1 Radio. 06.12.11

Alexander, Anna and Denis in the program “God Ettermiddag Trøndelag” on radio NRK P1. They told about their Christmas tour and performed “Mitt hjerte alltid vanker”. And in the end it’s “Let it snow” by Alexander.
Upload and subs by Julia B. Translation by Tessa Lande.