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Alexander in “Call in the music” on NRK Classic 28.03.2015

Alexander was challenged by the film music composer Magnus Beite to choose the next classical piece played on the radio show “Call in the music” on NRK Classic, in their musical relay.

Check out which classical piece he chose, and to whom he forwarded the relay baton. 🙂

Alexander Rybak NRK Klassisk

Found by Ulli C, translated by TessaLa/May E. Nipe, revision by Anni Jowett

If you want to listen to more classical music chosen by Alexander, check out these classical radio shows .

Alexander Rybak – Min Favorittmusikk – NRK Klassisk 11.12.14

The last “My Favourite Music” on NRK Classic with Alexander as host this year. The topic was “interaction and joy”, and he had invited his former principal at Barratt Due Music Institute, Stephan Barratt Due. Quite interesting to listen to the talk between the former student and his former principal.  Alexander must have been quite a student for sure. Enjoy almost two hours with good music and interesting talk. The video has English subs 🙂

Source: NRK Klassisk

Recorded by May Elisabet Nipen, translation and subs by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett

Alexander Rybak – Min Favorittmusikk on NRK Klassisk 13.11.2014

Thursday 13.11.2014 Alexander again was the host in the Norwegian classical radio programme “My Favourite Music” on NRK Classic.

The topic of the day was  LOVE, and maybe we should follow his advice about just listening to the lovely music and do nothing.

Playlist below the video.

Source: NRK Klassisk

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Alexander Rybak – host in the radio programme “Min Favorittmusikk” on NRK classic 16.10.2014

klassisk 2Alexander Rybak is one of the regular hosts on the radio programme “Min Favorittmusikk” (My Favourite Music) on NRK Classic. Thursday the 16th of October he had invited one of his teachers from Barratt Due, Henning Kraggerud, who is a well known violinist. You can read more about Henning Kreggerud on Wikipedia here.

For those of you who don’t understand Norwegian, we have made a video with English translation so you all can enjoy Alexander as a host telling us many interesting things about classical music and himself. Enjoy 🙂 Continue reading Alexander Rybak — host in the radio programme “Min Favorittmusikk” on NRK classic 16.10.2014

Alexander Rybak – Bachelor worth NOK 8 million

The musician Alexander Rybak (28) has his debut as a host on the radio NRK Klassisk tomorrow morning at 9 am. He will be on TV in “The Hit” on NRK in October.

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Source: dagsavisen.no Author: Geir Rakvaag. Photo: Anne Liv Ekroll/NRK

Translation: Jorunn Ekre, Revision Anni Jowett

NRK-klassisk Alexander Rybak

What will it be like to be a host in  “Min Favorittmusikk” (My favourite Music) on NRK Klassisk? 
-This is the perfect programme for me where I can try out the role as a host. It’s classical music, my audience get to know me through new stories and I have enough time to prepare each programme.

 Is it the classical music that is closest to your heart? 
-It’s the music I grew up with. I notice when pop composers are educated in classical music, and when they just try out stuff without any background. Big difference.

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Alexander Rybak – Interview on nrk.no and host in “Min Favorittmusikk 26.03.14

Article published at NRK.no on 26.03.2014

Journalist: Ola Nymo Trulsen

Found by Ragnhild Veire. Translated by Venche M. English revising by Anni Jowett.

– I will never forget my classical roots,- Alexander Rybak said when he took over the airwaves for an hour to be radio DJ on NRK Classic.

In the programme “My Favourite Music” on Tuesday it was the artist Alexander Rybak’s turn to pick out his favourite pieces.

– Versatility is the key for me. No genre is more versatile than classical music,- Rybak said right at the start of the broadcast and fired up “Champagne gallop.”


Deeply concentrated: There is something familiar with this stand in! Alexander Rybak prepares a broadcast in NRK classic newsroom.
Photo: Sven Ole Engelsvold / NRK Classic


Rybak even played one of the few recorded tracks where he is the solo violinist.

– I am very self-critical. That is why I rarely recorded tracks as violinist. But I tried it though five years ago, as a bonus track on my pop record,- Rybak says and spin starts his own interpretation of Rakhamninovs “Vocalise”.

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