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Alexander Rybak in Gjerdrum memorial concert 31.1.2021

Alexander Rybak performed at the memorial concert for the people in Gjerdrum municipality in Norway.

On the night of December 30, people in Gjerdrum lost their loved ones and their homes. I have made a song about this countryside which I love so much, and I will sing it tonight amongst other songs.
We don’t pretend that playing some music will make everything fine again, but it moves me to see what the people in the community are doing for each other in these dark times.💪🏼💕🙏🏼”
– Alexander Rybak’s post on social media 31.1.2021

The video playlist below contains Alexander’s performances of “Song from a Secret Garden” with Rolf Løvland and “Thank You” with Maiken Kroken. His new song “Mitt andre hjem” (My Second Home) will be added to the playlist as soon he has uploaded it to his YT-channel. The full TV-show can be viewed on NRK.no

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Alexander Rybak’s exam concert at Barratt Due. 07.06.2012

Alexander Rybak’s violin exam for bachelor degree in Barratt Due Music Institute.

Photo from nrk.no

Alexander Rybak’s exam was held in a small concert hall at Barratt Dues Music Institute and only a few people was lucky to get a ticket to this great moment. Luckily it was streamed live by the Norwegian news paper VG, and we can therefore provide you the whole concert. 🙂

After the concert he was interviewed on national TV. You can watch that interview HERE

On piano: Gunnar Flagstad

Recording by Venche M. English translation by Laila S.H. Subs by Julia B. Russian translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. Polish translation by Klaudia Jasińska. Croatian translation by Karolina Pavlov. Slovak translation by Danka Čolláková. Turkish translation by Tülay Aydın.

List of played pieces:

Johann Sebastian Bach: “Chaconne” (from Partita no 2 in D minor for solo violin)
Franz Schubert: “Rondo Brilliant”
Claude Debussy: “Clair de Lune
Francois Schubert: “The Bee
Johannes Brahms: “Hungarian Dance No 5
Bjarne Brustad: «Natur og Hulder» (from “Eventyrsuite” for solo violin)
Alexander Rybak: «Dagdrøm»
Trad: “Hungarian Suite” (Hungarian Rhapsody)
Antonio Bazzini: “La Ronde de Lutins” (“Dance of the Goblins”) + ABBA’s “Money Money” & Jerry Lee Lewis: “Great Balls of Fire” 01:05:02
Dick Finch / Jack Little / Tommie Malie: “Jealous”

upcoming Outdoor concert in Oslo, Rådhusplassen, May 17th, 2010

(researched by Tessa La)

Oslo is planning a two week festival named “The sound of Oslo” in connection with the “Eurovision Song Contest 2010”. Alexander is among the artists who set the first party at Rådhusplassen on 17th May.

More info about that event you can find HERE – the info is no longer available.