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Articles Promoting Alexander Rybak’s concert in Estonian Press

Source: Embassy

Alexander Rybak will be performing in Tallinn!


Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak will be performing with his new live program in Tallinn in nightclub “Teater”.

Found and translated by Anglesina. Revised by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak was born in Minsk (Belarus) 13.05.1986. When Alexander was four years old, his father, violinist Igor Rybak and mother, pianist Natalia Rybak, emigrated to Nesodden, A suburb of Oslo. Alexander had already become engaged with music by the age of five, learning, after the example of his parents, to play violin and piano. He received formal music education from professor Isaac Schuldman. IN 2012 he graduated from Barrat Due Institute of Music in Oslo and attained a Bachelor of Music Degree in Violin.

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Where to get the Music! All releases of Alexander Rybak!

Album”Fairytales” 2009

 Album “No Boundaries” 2010

Album “Visa vid vindens ängar” 2011

Buy all Alexanders albums and  the DVD , “Fairytale-the movie” here. Worldwide delivery:

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Europe’s Skies – Lyrics – Alexander Rybak

Europe’s Skies – Alexander Rybak

From the album “No Boundaries”, released in 2010

Music: Alexander Rybak
Lyrics: Thomas Waernes, Alexander Rybak

Lyrics in the following languages:

1. English lyrics  (original lyrics)  2. Greek translation 3. Chinese translation 4. Persian translation

Now I’m home, but I cannot stay
I dream of you every day
Got to know every inch of you
Will you make my dream come true? Continue reading Europe’s Skies — Lyrics — Alexander Rybak

“Concerts and love”. Article in Trønder-Avisa August 4th 2011.

Written by Per-Magne Midjo. Photo by Per-Magne Midjo.

Link to original article:


Translation from norwegian by Laila Ulvseth

Concerts and love

Who was shining brightest of the sun and Alexander Rybak at Namsos airport wednesday night, was hard to say.

The welcoming comittee was his girlfriend Maria Strøm Slyngstad. They will have a few days vacation on the farm where Maria’s mother grew up on Otterøy outside Namsos. But Rybak is also looking forward to the two signing concerts at Namsos storsenter and at Amfisenteret in Steinkjer saturday. Continue reading “Concerts and love”. Article in Trønder-Avisa August 4th 2011.

Polish review 5.01.2011

Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva

Found by Yannis Papadopoulos

Original Text

Alexander Rybak is back crossing all borders.

Rafał Grząślewicz

Rating: 4,5 of 5.

Alexander Rybak is a singer with Belarusian roots who lives in Norway. Just over a year ago nobody heard of his existence but today he is famous. The first Rybak’s album hit the bull’s-eye, and what about the second one?

Europe has heard about Alexander in May 2009 when he had won Eurovision Song Contest Moscow 2009 in grand style. No one has yet got such number of achievements at Eurovision. Rybak gained 387 points. Almost all radio stations played the victorious “Fairytale”, and his debut album sold like hot cakes. The huge success of the first album (in Poland, was certified gold) resulted in release of the next album which Polish premiere took place on 27 August 2010. CD entitled “No Boundaries” was earlier released of course in Norway. Like “Fairytales”, “No Boundaries” was issued by EMI Music.

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Amorous Alexander Rybak – Interview in Polish magazine “13” November 2010

Amorous Alexander Rybak

Alexander at the Meet & Greet with his Polish fans! ( photo from his official Facebook page)

The interview was made 6th September 2010, when Alexander visited Poland

Scan: Monika Anna Fronczak  Source: “13” Magazine, published 18.11.2010 Author: Marcelina Drozd
Translation from Polish to English: Asia Chodkowska Revised by AnniJo

It’s already our second meeting with Alexander. The reason for this is the premiere of his second album ‘No Boundaries’ and his visit to Warsaw. He tells us about his first loves, dates and disappointments!

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A review of “No Boundaries” from Slovakia

Alexander Rybak – No Boundaries

Source: music.server.sk 26. 10. 2010

Found and translated by Danka Čolláková.

Probably the sweetest Norwegian on the globe is back. We met him in May 2009 when he won Eurosong and in the history of the competition he enrolled with a record number of points. At that time, however, he had consecutive appearances in theatrical performances in Fiddler on the Roof, Operahouse in Oslo, and the Norwegian received the highest theater award. Such a big prize, at such a young age? No wonder. Alex grew up in a family of musicians – his mother played the violin, and the father is a pianist (sic)* and after the family moved from Belarus to Norway, young Alex Rybak started the music fully.

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Carefree Rybak. Article from Postimees, July 27th, 2010

by Esme Kassar

Found by our Estonian friends, English translation by Anglesina Est, Russian translation by Natalia Tallinnka

Original article

The second album of Eurovision singer begins with violin music – for a moment one get’s a feeling of beeing on some ball in the other century, the song is called “First kiss”. The young musician continues that kind of a journy with the listener throughout the album, doing some “Green Day”-like punk rock in the song “Why not me” and then the pure folk music in the “Barndance”. And then, of course, offering something to compete with his victorious ESC winning song – a captivating and dancing “Oah”. As the talented fiddler himself has in one Youtube interview smilingly said – let the critics cope with categorizing the album on their own. Exactly that means the limitless title “No boundaries”. Different styles and themes will be bound together by the violin and Rybak’s own sparkling energy and expressive performance form it to one whole. An extra big attention on this second album receive also the thousands and thousands of fans, my whom is inspired the song “5000 letters”, which seems to be the answer to those, whom Rybak hasn’t managed to write yet. And love is of course a main theme in many songs.

I’m in love – Lyrics and video

Video of performing this song live at the festival Seto Jaanituli in Estonia 08.07.2017

You’ll find the lyrics in English, Russian and Hungarian in subtitles:

 English lyrics:

Music and lyrics by Umberto Carli

No matter what they say – now I’m in love
I do it my way – cause I’m in love
And I can keep that song out of my mind
Playing that silly tune – all the time
La da da da da
I’m in love

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First Kiss – Lyrics – Alexander Rybak

“First Kiss” – Alexander Rybak

From the album “No Boundaries”, released 2010

Music: Alexander Rybak
Lyrics: Alexander Rybak, Thomas Wærnes

Deep in your heart
There’s a small hidden room
And you know that I hold the key
You’re gonna travel all over the world
Places where I’ll never be Continue reading First Kiss — Lyrics — Alexander Rybak

If I wanted, I could have made an album that got a 6 on the dices- VG June 18th 2010

Link to original article: http://www.vg.no/musikk/grand-prix/artikkel.php?artid=10001858

Translation by Marianne Saietz.

Rybak in the sun. “I think, many people think, it is IN trend not to like Alexander Rybak”,- says Alexander Rybak, when he met VG on a pier at Nesodden.

Foto: Krister Sørbø

Alexander Rybak doesn´t recognize the problem of the difficult second album.

– I think, many thinks, it is “in” not to like Alexander Rybak. I am prepared , it might be slaughter,- Alexander Rybak says to VG.

Monday, the Eurovision-winner releases his second album, which has been called «No Boundaries» and gets a 3 on the dice from VG. The first single, ” Oah” had the dice-throw one, but Rybak states, that he doesn’t care for the critique of the music he makes. Continue reading If I wanted, I could have made an album that got a 6 on the dices- VG June 18th 2010

Rybak without boundaries – Østlandsposten, June 16th, 2010

Published on www.op.no 16.6.2012. Written by ANB – NTB.  Link to original article: http://www.op.no/underholdning/article5160591.ece

Translation by Marianne Saietz

Rybak releases monday the album «No Boundaries», which is, excactly as the title says, a mixture of different genres, though with the personal violin-mark of Rybak. Photo: Vidar Ruud – NTB.

Rybak Without Boundaries

– If I had liked one box, I would have shut myself inside it!  –  Says Alexander Rybak, who instead enters a legion of  boxes on his new album which, consequently,  has been named “No Boundaries”.

– I have so much in my heart, so much I want to say! –
But at the same time, he is fully aware, that the new disc, is what he describes as:  “Too versatile for a good roll of the dice.” – It is not allowed to experiment with genres, – says Alexander, who also believes there has been too much of him in Norway in the recent months – and that is why the new single ” Oah “was slaughtered in reviews.
– In Russia I haven´t been a lot recently, and there,  it was very well received. It is a signal about where I am as an artist.  Now,  the decline is official – because it is no longer ” in”,  to lift me up, –  he says without blinking. Continue reading Rybak without boundaries — Østlandsposten, June 16th, 2010

Rybak fears slaughter – Interview 17.06.2010

The Eurovision winner is prepered for the worst. To get massiv critic on his new album.

Reason:  The following up album jumps without any bounderies from genre to genre.
I’m terrified for the reviews, says AlexanderRybak
Text to photo: Alexander Rybak (24) will soon move from his mother at Nesodden till his new bought apartment at Aker Brygge. (Photo: Anne Elisabeth Næss)

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Portrait from ”Magasinet” in Dagbladet, May 29th, 2010

Quote on the cover: “”I think I will have to change myself to be able to get a girlfriend”

Source: Magasinet, Dagbladet, published 29th of May 2010. Translation by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak

Born: 13 May 1986

Family: I am an only child. That’s perhaps why I’m so eager to find myself a girlfriend.

Right now: Performs at the final of the ESC in the evening, and the new album “No Boundaries” is in stores in about two weeks. Continue reading Portrait from ”Magasinet” in Dagbladet, May 29th, 2010

“No Boundaries” – released on June 21, 2010

(researched by Ellen Nl, Venche Mellemstrand, Ingegerd Claesson, Kata Karppinen, Norma, Anglezina, Yanis)

Buy the album in MP3 format here: http://mp3.platekompaniet.no/site/web3/view.ftl?page=product&productId=4096370

and on iTunes of course!

Buy CD and get it WORLDWIDE from here:

http://www.bengans.se/Artist.aspx?artist=RYBAK+ALEXANDER&section=music (delivery from Sweden)

and here:

http://www.amazon.com/No-Boundaries-Alexander-Rybak/dp/B003MUU0VO/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1275598109&sr=8-15 (delivery from USA)

and here:

http://www.amazon.co.uk/No-Boundaries-Alexander-Rybak/dp/B003MUU0VO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1277106549&sr=8-1 (delivery from UK)

and this link  http://cdon.eu/music/rybak_alexander/no_boundaries-9419954 but ONLY if you live in the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom