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Alexander Rybak Fans: Favourite moments from 2018

Dear readers, as this year comes to an end today, it’s the perfect time to remember what it has brought to us. We asked Alexander Rybak fans what were their favourite moments from 2018 and we publish the answers as a tribute to the passing year. Happy New Year…

We were so happy for his victory in MGP

My most memorable Rybak moment in 2018 is definitely when he was announced the winner of Melodi Grand Prix. Spektrum just exploded : ) Kari, Norway

My most nice moments: 1. Melodi Grand Prix in  Spektrum. Niels, Netherlands

I would say when he won Melodi Grand Prix, that was just amazing. Jorunn, Norway

My favorite moment is MGP. I’m “a new fan” and it’s the first time I’ve seen a program like that, that I follow it, and I support it that way. and I loved it! I cried and enjoyed a lot, I’m really proud to be his fan and accompany him from a distance! Noelia, Argentina Continue reading Alexander Rybak Fans: Favourite moments from 2018