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Alexander Rybak performing at a memorial in Namsos – 4.8.2011

Alexander performed a memorial concert for the victims of the Oslo & Utøya terrorist attacks on 22.7.2011, along with various other volunteering artists. The concert was performed in a church in Namsos on 4.8.2011.

All parts with Alexander have been recorded and gathered by Sonya Luzina. Technical improvement of the video by Yannis Papadopoulos.

Article about Alexander Rybak in paper issue of Namdalsavisa, 4.8.2011

Found and translated by Tessa La

Before Alexander Rybak have a signing concert at Namsos Storsenter on Friday, he is relaxing with his family on Otterøya.

Otterøya: Since Alexander Rybak won Eurovision two years ago, he has managed to release three albums, become the national lucky charm troll, and find the way back to his musical roots.

Do not want to be a pop star.

Fairy Tale was just a break from the classical music I was doing, Rybak says, when he sits in the sun and eat homemade soup. A not unknown meal for the boy from Belarus, who become a star over night when he sang and played himself into the hearts of the Grand Prix audience with the song, which he describes as a perfect combination between the melancholy Russian and Norwegian optimistic. Now, however, he returned to his career as an artist, and not a pop star.
It’s cozier to be artist than a pop star. Then you can go out to the people, and you feel you have something to offer, the down to earth and humble composer says. The Norwegian was by an English journalist recently compared with the Vivaldi, and he said Rybak could turn a violin into something not even Vivaldi could do.

Released an album in Swedish.
Did he say that? That’s nice. It is probably easier for a foreign journalist to see me as the musician I actually am, then the pop star I am portrayed regularly through the quotes taken out of context, from VG and Dagbladet.
Recently Rybak released his third album, “Visa vid vindens änger,” a collection of Swedish folksongs rooted to the genre Rybak actually operates in.
The original me is the classical and jazz. I am of course very privileged that I through GP and pop break Fairytale has been given opportunities, but I prefer to be a popular artist. You have to be a bit mysterious and unapproachable as a pop star, and I don’t want to be that.

Signing the record.
This summer Rybak has got the opportunity to be the popular artist he wants to be, with concerts at the malls around the country, with a subsequent record signing, which often takes three hours. He is a popular artist, the 280,000 followers on Facebook witnesses that. The lucky charms troll with the melancholic Belarusian soul and the charming mood spreader has really found his way in to the Norwegian people, and he doesn’t stop entertaining us at the first. I will complete the studies at Barratt Due in Oslo in the autumn, but on weekends I’m going out and play concerts again, the young energetic artist says.