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Alexander Rybak spent 3 days in Moscow. Reportage by Russian magazine StarHit. Nov.12th 2012

Alexander Rybak spent 3 days in Moscow. Reportage by the Russian magazine StarHit.

November 9th 2012, the magazine StarHit posted a short “teaser” on their website as advert for a longer article about Alexander, to be published in their paper issue November 12th.

Source: www.starhit.ru 09.11.2012. Photos: Sergey Milansky. 

Found and translated by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Katie Anderson

The star of ESC, Alexander Rybak, came to Moscow for a few days to present in the capital his new Russian-language single and the video for the song, “Dostala”/(“You’ve driven me up the wall).” According to Rybak the song is dedicated to one annoying female fan, who pursues her idol too actively . “StarHit” decided to find out what Alexander Rybak did in Moscow, besides the participation in presentations and press conferences. Read the big report about the several days the musician spent in the Russian capital in the next issue of our magazine that goes on sale on November the 12th. For now we present to our readers a few shots of Alexander Rybak, taken during his stay in the First Throne.


Nov. 12th 2012, the longer article was published in the paper-issue of StarHit.

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Alexander Rybak in the popular Russian talk-show “Pust’ govoryat”. 08.11.12

Alexander have been invited as a guest to the famous Russian talk show of Andrei Malakhov “Pust Govoryat” (Let them speak) at ORT TV-channel, where they have discussed so called “Russian Breivik”.

Recording and translation by Sonya Luzina. Subs by Julia B.

Naked Rybak with angel-wings cries in the shower. June 20th 2012

Naked Rybak with angel-wings cries in the shower


Text to photo: NEW VIDEO:  Alexander Rybak has recorded a music video for the Russian version of “Oah”, “Strela Amura”  for the Russian audience. That requires feathers, water and crying in the shower. 

You have never seen the violinist like this before!

Dagbladet):  At the beginning of June, Alexander Rybak (26) received the grade  “A”  for his violin exam at Barratt Due Music Institute. Now he is in the spotlight again, and yesterday the Russian music video of his song “Oah” was released on YouTube. In the video Rybak wakes up in a double-bed alone, before he goes to the bathroom where pills and condoms are lying on the sink.

Source:  dagbladet.no published 20.6.2012. Written by Merete Skogrand.  Photos: Screenshots from the vidoe in agreement with the manager. Translation by Marianne Saietz. English revision by Anni Jowett.


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Alexander Rybak at the “Sound Track Awards 2011” (ZD Awards). Moscow, 27.01.2012

Alexander performed at the annual awarding ceremony of the oldest Russian hit-parade named “Sound Track”. He made a special show-number with the mix of 2 his songs “Europe skies” and “Fairytale” accompagned by a great choreography of  famous ballet “Todes”. Also he was awarded with the special prize of “ZD Awards 2011”  for “A music without boundaries”, which was handed to him by a Norwegian Minister-Counsellor in Russia, Mr. Bård Ivar Svendsen.

Recording by Lesya Kozhevnikova

Translation and subs by Zhanna Sergueeva

Interview with Alexander Rybak at the “ZD Awards 2011”. MK, 27.01.2012

Picture by Ekaterina Kosheleva

Link to the original article: http://www.mk.ru/culture/article/2012/01/27/665263-aleksandr-ryibak-premiya-zvukovoy-dorozhki-dlya-menya-ekzoticheskiy-muzyikalnyiy-attraktsion.html

Article from Internet issue of Russian paper “Moskovskiy Komsomolets” (MK). Author: Artur Gasparyan

Found by Zhanna Sergueeva. Translated by Julia B. Revising by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak: “Sound Track Awards” for me is an exotic musical attraction”


The results of the annual award “Sound Track”

Ceremony “ZD Awards 2011”, one of the musical highlights of the season, was held on January 27 at the concert hall of the hotel “Cosmos” in a festive, solemn and joyful atmosphere, as it has been a custom for many years.  The Award, established by the “MK” and the oldest Russian musical edition “Sound track”, has found not only new and current heroes, but was also handed to a whole galaxy of “living legends”, who left the noticeable heritage in ZD charts during the 35 years of it’s existence: the band “Veselye Rebyata” (Jolly Fellows) and their director, Professor Pavel Slobodkin; the band “Diskoteka Avaria”, Masha Rasputina, Jadwiga Poplavskaya and Vyacheslav Tikhanovich, the band “Zemlyane”, Boris Moiseev, Lolita.

The ceremony of “ZD Awards 2011″ was also visited by a welcome guest, Alexander Rybak, a famous Belarusian-Norwegian, hero of Moscow’s «Eurovision-2009”. Especially for such a solemn occasion he was involved in the special musical number in collaboration with the legendary ballet “Todes” by Alla Dukhova, which was awarded with the special prize of “ZD Awards”, to mark the 25th anniversary of this brilliant creative team. It was supposed that Rybak would encourage future participants of “Eurovision-2012”, but in his native Belarus they have postponed the final of qualifying round for 10 days , and we (Russia’s qualification) have not even started it yet. So unfortunately, we didn’t manage to combine it. So both the heros of “Eurovision” – Bilan and Rybak – have “sweated” on”ZD Awards” only for themselves. And Sasha has shared his latest news with us the day before the ceremony.

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Official press-release of Alexander Rybak’s management due to his visit to Moscow on 20.12.2011

Alexander Rybak was kept at the Russian border for two hours.

English translation by Julia Bezbakh. Picture by Anita Lysak

Alexander Rybak visited Moscow right before the Christmas holidays started. The Eurovision winner came to the capital of Russia for only one day to perform at the student’s party of Moscow university.

But the concert could have ended with cancellation due to the fact that the artist was detained on visa control at Sheremetievo Airport. It turned out that Alexander had Russian visa in his passport, but it contained a misprint admitted by the employees of the Russian Embassy in Oslo. Unfortunately the visa with error was not valid, so Alexander couldn’t be let in to the territory of the Russian Federation He was even threatened to be deported back to Copenhagen, where he had just arrived from.

The singer spent about two hours in the VIP terminal of the airport and the concert, which was long waited by the Moscow students, could have been cancelled. However, the employees of the consular department responded quickly to the situation with the visa of the Eurovision 2009 winner. They issued him a new visa, and Alexander was able to cross the Russian border.

Because of the time spent on the issuing of a new visa and hours of traffic jams in Moscow, they had to delay Rybak’s performance. The students chanted the name of their favorite artist for an hour, waiting to see him enter the stage. The singer didn’t stopped by the hotel, he immediately rushed to the concert area right from the airport. He changed his clothes and in 5 minutes Rybak was ready for the concert. Because of that Alexander had to play without the necessary sound check and rehearsals.

The audience burst into applause when Alexander Rybak appeared on stage. Alexander Alexander performed for about an hour with the ballet “Foresight” in front of the student audience, presented his new Russian-language songs, as well as their favorite hits. After the concert, the students were satisfied getting autographs and pictures with their idol – Alexander Rybak.

The artist’s management and Alexander Rybak himself express their gratitude to the director of the Consular Department Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia – Karlov Andrei and deputy director of the Consular Department of the MFA of Russia Klimov Alexey for the quick solution of the problem, correcting typographical errors in the documents of Alexander Rybak and issuing the new visa to enter the Russian Federation.

Picture by Anita Lysak.

Some old videos of Alexander Rybak, now with Subtitles


1. “Prelude from Moscow”, NRK documentary 16.05.2009
2. Performance at a press-conference in Norway. 28.05.2009
3. Interview at a Croatian TV program, Summer 2009
4. NRK on Alexander’s concert in Mausund. 05.07.2009
5. With Thomas Stanghelle and their families – Kristiansand 29.07.2009
6. Interview at NRK regarding the Nobel Peace Concert, 11.12.2009

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A brief interview of A. Rybak from the book “Paparazzi-2” by Alexander Zhdanov

Found and translated by Sonya Luzina, edited by Julia Bezbakh and Bita Janz

A year ago Alexander Zhdanov [Russian photographer] published the book “Paparazzi”, where he reveals some secrets about show business. And now comes it’s continuation «Paparazzi-2: stranger success ». The following is a small passage from the book, with the revelations of the singer Sasha Rybak (interview was taken in Moscow  before the final of Eurovision 2009).

“Paparazzi-2”: With a celebrity at MacDonald’s

– Hi! – I said, remembering that the artist was down to earth. – Can you give me a short interview?
– I can, – he answered. – But I’m hungry. Let’s go to McDonald’s. We can talk there, ok?
I was stunned. He wants to talk in McDonald’s? But then again, when else would I have another chance like this?… Continue reading A brief interview of A. Rybak from the book “Paparazzi-2” by Alexander Zhdanov

Alexander Rybak “Ya sprosil u yasenya”, Moscow, December 9th, 2010

Alexander performed the song “Ya sprosil u yasenya” (I asked The Ash Tree) at the memorial concert for the famous Soviet-Russian composer, Michael Tariverdiev.

Place: Great Kremlin Palace, Moscow (Russia)

Date:  December 9th, 2010

Thanks Snezhanna Poluboyarinova for the recording!

Muz TV Award – Interviews and pictures from Alexander’s victory June 11th, 2010

A big congrats to Alexander Rybak for the award “Newcomer of the Year “at Muz TV Award show 2010

Alexander Rybak at the MUZ TV Award in Moscow 2010, where he was nominated for three awards : The Newcomer of the Year, Male artist of the Year and Movie Soundtrack of the Year with the song “Black Lightning”

Interview after the show with Russian TV

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Congratulations, Alex!

Alexander won one MUZ-TV award in Moscow tonight! Best Breakthrough 2009! Congratulations from all your Facebookies!

Video of Alexander receiving the prize, recorded and uploaded by Rybachka1.
Article from NRK (Norwegian TV), researched by Sara Anja Ruske and translated astonishingly fast by Marianne Saietz.
Alexander Rybak won the award for “breakthrough of the year” at the distribution of the high-prestigeous russian music-awards in Moscow tonight.
by Morten Ruud – 11.6.2010
He got the award for last years European Song Contest-winner «Fairytale».

No one has more nominations -NRK June 11th, 2010

No one has more nominations

Alexander Rybak is in a league of his own, when it comes to nominations for Russians Music Awards.

Text to photo: Alexander Rybak has taken Russia by storm after winning the ESC in Moscow last year. Foto: Kim Erlandsen/NRK.no

Russian-speaking,  Norwegian Alexander Rybak, of Belorussian origin, is now definitely  among the elite in the Russian entertainment business. Continue reading No one has more nominations -NRK June 11th, 2010

Alexander Rybak nominated for the Russian “Muz – TV” Awards 2010

Alexander Rybak is nominated in the  main Russian “Muz- TV” Music Award in the following categories:

*Best Male Artist

*Best Soundtrack 
“Superhero” for the movie “Black Lightning”

*Best Breakthrough

The awarding ceremony will take place on June 11th,2010 in the Olympic Hall (Moscow). On the link provided you can find all info about the event, including how to buy tickets!

Now it’s YOU who can help Alex to win all three awards!!!! How?

You should  VOTE FOR ALEX! :))

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Collection of articles about Alex, April 7th – 10th, 2010

Norwegian press about Alex’s nomination in the most coveted Russian Music Awards “Muz TV 2010”

(researched by Ingegerd Claesson)

1) VG.no, April 7th, 2010 – VG has written about Alexander being nominated for Russian Music Award. It looks like they got the information from Facebook. Continue reading Collection of articles about Alex, April 7th — 10th, 2010

Alexander Rybak at Norwegian Embassy in Moscow, 17.05.2009

The day after the great victory in Eurovision 2009, Alexander, his parents and the rest of the NRK crew went to the Norwegian embassy in Moscow to celebrate the Norwegian national day before they were going back to Norway in the evening.

English translation by Tessa La, Russian translation & bilingual subs by Sveta Plyasun

Facebookies meeting the fiddler in Moscow. March 7th 2010. By Irina Kuvaldina.

Europe spies: Moscow operation

That day in Moscow was surprisingly sunny. And we know why:)) The fiddler arrives! FaceBookies (me, Yanis, Anton, Snezhanna, Margarita, Viktoria, Lena Snetkova and Lena Star) met each other at the airport. We didn’t know exactly the flight, but hoped to welcome our dear guests in the afternoon. While we were searching for some information airport staff has already understood who we’re waiting for=))) It was very kind of them to open the secret where Alex was. Firstly we didn’t believe them, but fortunately they were honest and really wanted to help us. We were so touched and thankful that we bought chocolate for that girls afterwards! Continue reading Facebookies meeting the fiddler in Moscow. March 7th 2010. By Irina Kuvaldina.

Alexander and Igor Rybak performing at Compatriot Award in Moscow 11.02.2010

Alexander was awarded with the Russian award “Compatriot 2009”

The awarding took place the 11th of February at the Final Gala Concert at Grand Hall of House of Trade Unions, Moscow.

Alexander performed at the Gala Concert, and together with his father Igor he played “Hungarian Suite”. Here is a video of the performance, and pictures from the show you’ll find below.

Pictures from the show:

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