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Alexander Rybak performed at the 3rd International Milas Festival in Turkey. 14.09.13

Article from http://www.haberler.com/

Published on 15.09.13

Found and translated by Özge Emsal. English revision by Katie Anderson.

The Third International Milas Festival  has come to an end.

2009 Eurovision Song Contest winner, Alexander Rybak, caused a stampede at the closing concert of the Third International Milas Festival held in the Milas district of Muğla.

The Third International Milas Festival came to an end on Saturday, with the concerts of Mabel Matiz and Norwegian Alexander Rybak, who is the winner of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. Mabel Matiz got on the stage on the last day of the Festival. Almost 5.000 people were gathered around the concert hall, and had a good time with the songs of Mabel Matiz. After Mabel Matiz, Stone Men from Milas (Milaslı Kaya Adamlar) who are famous for the TV program “Yetenek Sizsiniz” had their performances.

2009 Eurovision Song Contest winner, Alexander Rybak, who took the stage last, caused a stampede. Alexander had a hard time coming down from the stage, because of the intense interest of fans. He was acclaimed for his performance and stage shows. At the end of the night the Mayor of Milas, Muhammet Tokat, gave plaques and presents to the performers.

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