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Fan reports from the Meet and Greet, Athens, Greece 19.08.2017

Fan Reports from Alexander Rybak’s Meet and Greet in Athens, Greece 19.08.2017

This summer Alexander took a few days vacation in Greece, during his visit he made time to meet up with some of his Greek fans. 

“I am sick and coughing all the time. So if you’re crazy enough to meet me tomorrow, bring some vitamin C with you, so you don’t get sick as well.” – Alexander Rybak

rybakofficial Instagram “Ooookay who’s that lucky guy in the middle? #SickButHappy #Athens #Greece #Hellas”

Athina and Marthina attended the Meet and Greet, and were among the first to excitedly post their photos on Instagram. They are very happy to share their experiences of meeting up with Alexander, keep reading to hear their stories.

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Fan reports from the Meet and Greet, Warsaw, Poland 16.08.2017

Alexander Rybak invited his fans to a Meet & Greet in Warsaw, Poland. 

Some happy fans who got the chance to meet him want to share with us their great moments from this meeting with Alexander. Enjoy reading these nice reports 🙂 

“I’m ready for hugs. Wednesday, after a hard days studio work, I’ll be hanging around hotel Indigo, Warsaw (Smolna 40) ca.19.00 NO MORE MORE PRESENTS PLEASE, I just want to see some new and old Polish mafia members.”-Alexander Rybak

After a busy day of working with music producers SOF productions, Alexander had some free time to meet his Polish fans.  Despite feeling a little sick he was determined not to let his fans down and took along lots of vitamins and medicines to boost his fans immunity after meeting him.  However I don’t think we can ever be immune to his charm. As you can read below for yourselves in this collection of warm reports from fans who were present… (and an extra report from one who was not).
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Meet and Greet in Istanbul, Turkey 13.08.2017

Fan reports from Alexander Rybak’s Meet & Greet in Istanbul, Turkey. 

“I’ve decided to meet y’all and say hello and give you a hug” – Alexander Rybak

On 10th August 2017, Alexander delighted his European fans by the sudden announcement he would be arranging three meet and greets in the next week since he was having business meetings and studio sessions in Europe.

The first one was in Turkey on 13th August where he made the bold promise:

“I will be hugging each and every one who comes tomorrow to the beautiful roof of Mr.Cas Hotel on Istiklal Street, Istanbul at 8pm”. – Alexander Rybak

The event was well attended and judging by the reactions and photos posted on Instagram I think he actually managed to keep that promise.

Now we’d like to share with you some of those stories and photos from a few of the fans who were present…

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Fan reports from meeting Alexander in Warsaw, Poland, 14.04.2016

Fans meeting Alexander Rybak in Warsaw, Poland.

Anna Katus and Ania Bednarek have been so kind and shared with us their happy meeting with Alexander. Enjoy their reports and the nice video made by Ania Bednarek. Continue reading Fan reports from meeting Alexander in Warsaw, Poland, 14.04.2016

New Russian song “Kotik” and music video soon!

Last year when Alexander was in Moscow, he promised that next time he would come, he would have a new Russian song ready 🙂  And he kept his promise.

New song Moscow
From today’s shooting. Photo: Andrey Guzel

Thursday Alexander finished the recording of the last “One to One” show, and he is still in Moscow recording the music video for his new Russian song called “Kotik” (“Kitten”). Here you can see a few pictures from the shooting, and there is a link to many more 🙂 Continue reading New Russian song “Kotik” and music video soon!

Alexander’s fans tell their stories about meeting him at the show “One to One” :)

Thanks to Alexander’s participation in the show “One to One”, many of his Russian fans have the opportunity to not only see this amazing show live, but also to meet Alexander! Some of the girls wrote very nice and touching stories about meeting him! Thank you all! 🙂 

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Alexander in Istanbul. 17.09.2013

Alexander finally visited beautiful Istanbul to play a full concert there!  On September 17th he and the dancers from Lithuanian dance group “Time to show” performed  at the night club “Jolly Joker”. Earlier that day Alexander met his fans at the open “Meet and Greet”.

Here are pictures from these events gathered in the photo-gallery.

Pictures by  Fatih Özdemir and from the page of dance group “Time to show” 

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Meet and Greet – Alexander and his fans in Moldova. 14.10.2012

They waited for him for more than 3 years and finally,  Alexander visited Moldova for the very first time, invited by the city of Chisinau.  The occasion was the anniversary of the city of Chisinau (Kishinev). He gave a press-conference and was interviewed by several newspapers, performed at a mutual concert with Paula Seling, was a guest in several TV-shows and performed at an open-air-concert late at night. In Chisinau he gave the first live-performance of his new song “Leave me alone”.

He arrived in Chisinau 12/10 and stayed until 15/10. Sunday 14/10,  between two TV-shows, he made time for a Meet & Greet with his fans in Moldova in the cozy cafe “Tucano Coffee” in Chisinau.

The video is recorded by TV-Pro and provided with subtitles in English by Laura Ser and Sonya Luzina, Russian by Sonya Luzina, Polish by Joanna Anacka and German by Ulli Cologne.

The photos are all borrowed from the FB-page of Tucano Coffee.

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Report + Video: Meet & Greet with Alexander Rybak and fans in Kiev.Sept.29th 2012. Facebookies reporting

Report by Valerya Platonova

‎29 sep 2012 Meet&Greet in Kiev, Ukraine

What a day!
Well, I’ve been thinking all the time, how lucky we are!  Alex so often comes to Ukraine and we have an opportunity to meet him again!
I knew from FB that Alex came to Kiev on shooting. So when I went to work on saturday morning I brought my old camera. Thanks to Yana and Julia, the meeting was held in a small, cozy cafe near the hotel “Riviera” where Alex usually stays.
It’s tradition to come to meeting with gifts. When we were discussing gifts, I offered to give him a picture from all of us. I worked to 8, and then I decided to take a taxi, pick up the picture from home and then fly to the cafe.

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Meet & Greet of Alexander Rybak and his fans in Kiev, Ukraine. Sept.29th 2012

Alexander was in Kiev from 28.9.12 to 1.10.12 to record a music-video. He invited his fans to a meet & greet in restaurant Monsieur Olivier. The meeting was announced at 4 pm and took place at 8 pm the same day.

Videos recorded by Julia Bezbakh

 Cozy meeting

Chinese lanterns

Report & Video: Meet & Greet with Alexander Rybak and fans in Kiev. Sept.29th 2012. Facebookies reporting

Report by Julia Bezbakh

Short report from yesterday’s meeting in Kiev:) I was celebrating my Bday with relatives when I got sms from Yana. I think it was something around 16.00, she told she reserved time for M&G at 20.00. I had to gather fans. That was a disaster, because I was far away, and my phone was dying and I knew how many complaints we’ll get from Ukrainians who don’t live in Kiev. That was tough even for Kiev citizens, but fortunately I have a great team of Ukrainian Facebookies who helped me to arrange everything. Also many thanks to Marianne Mata Hari Saietz for fast reacting and making an event post at the main wall immediately after I asked her.

We gathered around 20-25 people there. Girls from Ukrainian Team Facebookies went to that street and found the place, but that was not so easy to make them put tables together, many restaurants refused to do it, so this is why we couldn’t tell people the exact place in advance. I was happy to see many familiar faces and also some very new. All new ones came thanks to the wall posting:)

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Pictures: Alexander Rybak & Paula Seling at Antwerpen Pride 2012

On August 12th 2012, Alexander and Paula performed at the closing party of the “Antwerpen Pride 2012” in Belgium.

They also attended a Meet & Greet with their fans afterwards. Here’s a photo gallery featuring the best pictures from that day.

A big thank you to Olivier Vanhoutte and Olli Se for the pics!

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Norway Report by Emily Boycott ( United Kingdom ). July 6th – 8th 2012

Report by a Brittish Facebookie about her journey to Norway for the Tønsberg Summershow, July 7th 2012

Text and photos: Emily Boycott 

Thursday 5th July

Mum and dad drove me to Birmingham late at night, I was so excited, I actually exploded (At least, that’s what dad blamed the nosebleed on!) Lillian picked me up from there, and I said goodbye to my parents before we embarked on an all night long trip to John Lennon airport where to my amusement there was actually a yellow Submarine… We had a cup of tea and a doze before meeting Anni and Dave at about 5am. Currently lacking sleep and over excited – funny combination!


I can see Norway!!!

 Friday 6th July

We got to Torp at about half Nine, I decided that Norway looks like someone put a country in a blender with all the islands and what not, but so pretty and awesome!  After a short train vs. taxi dispute, we chose the latter.

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Alexander Rybak meets his fans in Jurmala, Latvia, 19.06.2012.

Article published on puaro.lv  June 20 (2012) 10:53

Written by Agneta Niedra. Photos by Kristaps Bergs.  Link to original article here

Translation by Yanis Baksha. English revision by Tessa Lande and Anni Jowett

 However, even though his victory in the international Eurovision Song was over three years ago, Alexander Rybak by his every step still forces girls to squeal and cry.

On Monday evening the singer,with his obvious charisma, came to Yurmala, and next day went on the stage with his dad Igor Rybak and family and childhood friends Michael and Boris Kazinik. The unique tandem of father and son brings a unique musical experience to the Dzintari audience.

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Naked Rybak with angel-wings cries in the shower. June 20th 2012

Naked Rybak with angel-wings cries in the shower


Text to photo: NEW VIDEO:  Alexander Rybak has recorded a music video for the Russian version of “Oah”, “Strela Amura”  for the Russian audience. That requires feathers, water and crying in the shower. 

You have never seen the violinist like this before!

Dagbladet):  At the beginning of June, Alexander Rybak (26) received the grade  “A”  for his violin exam at Barratt Due Music Institute. Now he is in the spotlight again, and yesterday the Russian music video of his song “Oah” was released on YouTube. In the video Rybak wakes up in a double-bed alone, before he goes to the bathroom where pills and condoms are lying on the sink.

Source:  dagbladet.no published 20.6.2012. Written by Merete Skogrand.  Photos: Screenshots from the vidoe in agreement with the manager. Translation by Marianne Saietz. English revision by Anni Jowett.


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2 articles:Norwegian press about Alexander in Baku. May 22nd-23rd 2012

 Article published on www.aftenposten.no 22.05.2012

Text and photo by Arve Henriksen.

Link to original article here

Translation by Marianne Saietz

Photo: “It will be like a little vacation to return to this circus, especially now when I have travelled so much in Europe”, says Alexander Rybak 

Rybak took a break from exams in Baku

BAKU (Aftenposten.no): Alexander Rybak is in the middle of the final heat of exams at Barrat Due, but never the less, he took himself time for a not so little comeback in the Eurovision-circus.

Thursday, Alexander Rybak performs in the interval act at the second semifinal during Eurovision Song Contest, where also Tooji will be in action for Norway. For the Eurovisionwinner from 2009, the trip to Baku is a nice break from the exams-preparations.
– ” It will be like a small vacation to return to this circus, especially now, when I have travelled so much around Europe. At the same time, I have practiced a lot, both on preparations for the summer-show with Bettan and Didrik Solli-Tangen and then I also have this violin-exam. Because of that, I practice several hours every day towards that, so I can finally get a paper, saying I am a violinist,” he says.

Video: Alexander Rybak tells why he left stage on the Norwegian embassy in Baku the 17th of May

Found by Tessa La., Uploaded by Alev Can. English translation by Tessa La. Russian translation and subs by Sonya L. Slovak translation by Danka Čolláková. German translation by Simone Schmidt/Ulli Cologne. Romanian translation by Laura Ser. Croatian translation by Karolina Pavlov.

Alexander Rybak is learning to play backgammon

Article published on   www.vmdaily.ru  22.05.2012. Link to original article here

Written by  Ramazan Ramazanov. Photos by Artur Samirov

Translation by Sonya Luzina. English revision by Anni Jowett

The hero of Moscow’s Eurovision has devoted the whole of Tuesday, May 22, to his Azerbajani fans. Fans from many parts of the country arrived in Baku to see their idol. 

The entire staff of the hotel, where this  informal meeting was held, were amazed by simplicity and sincerity of the Belarusian-Norwegian artist. Rybak was very attentive to every fan , took photos with them and graciously signed autographs. And he even sang his triumphal song with the fans and played piano .

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Meet & Greet of Alexander Rybak and his fans in Minsk. 15.02.2012

Alexander met his Belarusian fans at the hotel “Victoria” (Minsk) on February 15, 2012.

Video recording by Tanya Kuzmina. English translation by Zhanna Sergueeva, Olina Novikova and Julia B. Subs by Olina Novikova and Julia B.

Alexander Rybak meets fans in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 15.10.11

Meet & Greet with Alexander Rybak in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Group picture by K. M. Z.

It does not happen often that Alexander visits Asia. But on Friday 14.10. 2011 he arrived in Malaysia after a long journey from Norway, to give a concert at the annual Norwegian seafood-dinner of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

Many of Alexanders fans in Malaysia got the chance to meet him the day after in the lobby of the hotel Mandarin Oriental where he stayed.

Here you can read some of the comments from the fans who met him and see some of their photos!

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Alexander Rybak invites his German fans to Meet & Greet!

Finally Alexander arrives to Dusseldorf (Germany)! From May 8th to May 15th he will be a ESC reporter for NRK TV channel. Alos he would like to meet his fans and he invites them to a Meet &Greet!:)

Here is a message from Alexander’s management on his Official Facebook page:

Dear German friends! Alexander invites you to a meet & greet on Radisson Blu, Dusseldorf, Karl Arnold Platz 5 – Wednesday May 11th, 12:00 to 13:00.

Inside or outside in the garden? It depends on the weather. See ya! 🙂 Best, Kjell Arild – Team Rybak

Liebe deutsche Freunde! Alexander lädt Euch in, zu einem Meet & Greet auf Hotel Radisson Blu, Düsseldorf, Karl Arnold Platz 5 – Mittwoch 11. Mai, von 12.00 bis 13.00 Uhr.

Drinnen oder draußen im Garten? Es hängt vom Wetter ab. See ya! 🙂 Beste, Kjell Arild – Team Rybak

More info you can find in the event calendar on the Official Facebook Page of ALexander Rybak. Here is a direct link to the event: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=194711110517&v=app_2373072738#!/event.php?eid=112478692170132

Meet & Greet in Moscow, December 9th, 2010

(thanks to Irina Kuvaldina and Snezhanna Poluboyarinova for the videos)


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7


Alexander Rybak and Elisabeth Andreassen -Summer Show and Meet and Greet in Tønsberg July 2010

Videos from Alexander Rybak and Elisabeth Andreassen’s summer show Spellemenn at Hotel Klubben in Tønsberg Norway in July 2010.

 From the concert:

“Klinga mina klockor” ( by Laila S)

Introduction+ “Det er vi ändå” ( by Kjersti )


Meet & Greet in Tønsberg in VG, 31.7.2010

(Translation to English and photos by Tessa La)

Stole a kiss from the hero!

Alexander Rybak hugged his Facebook fans for two hours yesterday. However, only Victoria A. stole a kiss from the hero. Victoria A. was one of about 100 women and a man from 20 countries, who via the Facebook site of Rybak fans had gathered in the city to watch the hero play last night.

Victoria had travelled the longest of them all, from Canada. And when Rybak entirely surprising invited all participants of “Rybak Facebook-tour” to a Meet & Greet at the Klubben Hotel before the concert, Victoria knew what she wanted. A kiss from the hero. With a fan to keep her head clear, she leaned forward and gave Alexander a kiss on the tip of his nose when it was her turn in the two hour-long hugging queue. Continue reading Meet & Greet in Tønsberg in VG, 31.7.2010

” Funny little Prague ” – A report of the meeting in Prague (Feb. 2010) by the FaceBookie Marion K.

When I met Alexander in Berlin in December (2009) I really couldn’t imagine that I would meet him again so soon. We spoke to him about having a concert in Prague but I never thought that this would really happen but then the concert was announced a couple of weeks ago and for me it was sure that I had to be there NO MATTER WHAT! Continue reading ” Funny little Prague ” — A report of the meeting in Prague (Feb. 2010) by the FaceBookie Marion K.

FaceBookies meeting Ulf-Arne and Anders (and some other guy) in Prague, Febr. 25th, 2010


And here are the guys in action 😀

(a very good video of “Norske Talante” by snobbouki)


(“Springleik” by Julia B.)