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Article: Misses Maria every day. May 25th 2012

Article published in paper-issue of Se & Hør 25.05.2012

Text: Per Sigve Kleppe. Photo: Private, Se og Hør.

Found and translated by Vigdis Nor.  Scanning by Tessa Lande

Photo: Love without boundaries: Maria and Alexander have been together for one and a half years. Maria is currently working in Tanzania as a doctor, while Alexander is busy with exams and Eurovision,  working in Baku. 

Misses Maria every day

Alexander Rybak is in Azerbaijan and feels the Grand Prix circus. But his thoughts go to his girlfriend – who is a doctor in Africa.

Alexander Rybaks (26) doctor- girlfriend Maria Slyngstad (26) recently moved to Tanzania to work in the hospital for Haydom Friends Foundation. There are many who need help.

– “The day before Maria was leaving I had to run and buy medical equipment for her, because she was told that they had nothing in the hospital. That made me surprised and very worried for Maria”, Alexander says to Se og Hør.

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Alexander Rybak at Norwegian radio program “Portrettet”, 26.06.2011.

English translation by Hilde M.,  Hildebjørg Ha,  Tessa La and Sara Anja. Russian translation by Sonya Luzina, Sophia Khodorovskaya and Zhanna Sergueeva. Recording and subtitles by Sonya Luzina.


Lyrics and music by Mats Paulson


1. Swedish lyrics

2. Authorized English translation

3. Greek translation (ελληνικά)

4. German translation ( Deutsch)

5. Spanish translation (Español)

6. Croatian translation (Hrvatski)

7. Turkish translation (Türkçe)

8. Polish translation (Polski)

9. Romanian translation (Română)

1. Swedish lyrics

Jag älskar Dig så högt Maria,
ja, bara för Ditt vackra, ljuva namn.
Ja, många sköna flickor har det namnet,
jag därför drunknat har i mången famn.

Ibland så är Du blond Maria.
Rätt ofta är Du mörk, ibland brunett,
Ja, man får riktigt ligga i och fria
och sköta korten på det bästa sätt.

Ja, svärmor efter svärmor har jag skaffat,
där har det inte varit någon brist.
Polisen har mig många gånger haffat
och skyllt mig för att vara bigamist.

Jag älskar Dig så högt Maria,
ja, bara för Ditt vackra, ljuva namn.
Ja, många sköna flickor har det namnet,
jag därför drunknat har i mången famn.


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Alexander Rybak at “Spellemann awards 2010” – 05.03.2011

Alexander has been interviewed by the press on the red carpet of Oslo Spectrum, where he gave the Spellemann-2010 award. Also Alexander introduced his gorgeous girlfriend Maria to the world;) Cheers!:))

Video recording and editing by Julia Bezbakh. English translation by Tessa La. Russian translation by Sofia Khodorovskaya and Sonia Lusina. Greek translation by Yannis P. Czech translation by Jitka Holanova. Turkish translation by Alev CT. Subs by Zhanna Sergueeva.

Maria Strøm Slyngstad


Maria Strøm Slyngstad –
Violinist and backing vocalist for Alexander Rybak


NAME : Maria Slyngstad

BIRTHDAY: 25.09.1985


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Alexander Rybak and Elisabeth Andreassen -Summer Show and Meet and Greet in Tønsberg July 2010

Videos from Alexander Rybak and Elisabeth Andreassen’s summer show Spellemenn at Hotel Klubben in Tønsberg Norway in July 2010.

 From the concert:

“Klinga mina klockor” ( by Laila S)

Introduction+ “Det er vi ändå” ( by Kjersti )