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We live like a family – Damn, what a life!

Alexander Rybak’s close female friends speak out.

Alexander Rybak doesn’t lack cute girls either in his audience or backstage. The ones closest to him talk about the special life with the Eurovision winner.

Text to the picture: Close relationships: Alexander Rybak has Kathrine Hvinden Hals and Maria Slyngstad as his closest support team. Continue reading We live like a family — Damn, what a life!

Article: Alexander Rybak opened Samvad center in Nepal. Hjelp til Selvhjelp, Nr.2. 29.05.2012

Article from “Hjelp til Selvhjelp” (Help to help yourself) – the monthly magazine of the charity foundation Strømmestiftelsen.

Date of publishing: 29 May 2012. Link to the source here.

Found by Sonya Luzina. Translated by Tessa Lande. English revision by Katie Anderson.

Alexander Rybak opened Samvad center in Nepal

The same day that the Strømme foundation was given the fundraising from “Operation Day’s work” for 2012, the artist and ESC-winner Alexander Rybak opened a new Samvad center in Nepal. Samvad, which means “dialogue” in Nepali, is a new education project among casteless “Dalits”. There are three million casteless people in Nepal.

– A strongly marginalized group of people without rights in the society, at the bottom of the social ladder.
“When all others, throughout your whole life, in words and actions tell you that you are not worth anything – then you believe it yourself too, ” – a man, who is a Dalit himself says.

Rybak traveled to the Asian mountain country in connection with being one of the five that will be the vocal part of the concert “Stille Natt Hellige Natt” this year.
A significant part of the proceeds from this concert for several years has gone to the “Strømme foundation”.

Se&Hør Article, Alexander Rybak: I became infatuated by her – 26.10.2012

Article from paper edition of Se&Hør, 26.10.2012.

Found by Tessa La, English Translation by Mary Ann H.

Beautiful Yana Obodets was among the 400 who wanted the role. The beautiful girl was Alexander’s obvious first choice.
Charmer Alexander is one of Norway’s most coveted bachelors. Ukrainian press speculate about him falling for sweet Yana.

I became infatuated by her

The Grand Prix-winner reveals the truth about his relationship with his beautiful opponent.

Alexander Rybak (26) is having a great success with his newest song “Leave Me Alone”, which is inspired by an Israeli lady, who has been stalking him for several years.

But the story also has its bright side. When Alexander was about to record a music video to the song in Ukraine, he arranged a huge audition for the role as his opponent in the video.

-Even if I don’t imagine the most beautiful picture of the woman who is stalking me, I still wanted to show her in the fairest possible way in the video. Among the 400 models I fell for Yana Obodets (21) from Donetsk, says Alexander.


At the filming location there seemed to have grown hot feelings between them and the Ukrainian press speculates if he and Yana have become a couple.

-I don’t plan to get a girlfriend who lives that far away. Still I was infatuated by her. When the filming got close to be lasting 24 hours in a row, it was the flirting that kept us going!

To Norway

-We are just friends, but I look forward to having her as a guest in Norway, Alexander admits.
The artist has been a single since July, after the break-up with his girlfriend Maria Slyngstad (26).

Article: Misses Maria every day. May 25th 2012

Article published in paper-issue of Se & Hør 25.05.2012

Text: Per Sigve Kleppe. Photo: Private, Se og Hør.

Found and translated by Vigdis Nor.  Scanning by Tessa Lande

Photo: Love without boundaries: Maria and Alexander have been together for one and a half years. Maria is currently working in Tanzania as a doctor, while Alexander is busy with exams and Eurovision,  working in Baku. 

Misses Maria every day

Alexander Rybak is in Azerbaijan and feels the Grand Prix circus. But his thoughts go to his girlfriend – who is a doctor in Africa.

Alexander Rybaks (26) doctor- girlfriend Maria Slyngstad (26) recently moved to Tanzania to work in the hospital for Haydom Friends Foundation. There are many who need help.

– “The day before Maria was leaving I had to run and buy medical equipment for her, because she was told that they had nothing in the hospital. That made me surprised and very worried for Maria”, Alexander says to Se og Hør.

Continue reading Article: Misses Maria every day. May 25th 2012

The Farm-Fairytale. A Facebookies report. July 29th 2011

Report written by Marianne Mata Hari Saietz and The Facebookies. Photos: The Facebookies.

A video-clip from “Skogheim flytter inn” where Alexander talks about the Facebookies and the Farm-meeting. Broadcasted on Tv2  Norway- 28.02.12

 The Farm-Fairytale

This is a report about a fairytale, that happened long ago in July 2011. No reports have been published about the Farm-meeting until now but in the TV-program “Skogheim moves in” (28.2.2012), Alexander told about his meeting with 80 Facebookies from 30 countries at a private farm after the Giske-concert. Since this piece of information could make people curious or confused, we decided to write a short report and tell some more facts about it.

Continue reading The Farm-Fairytale. A Facebookies report. July 29th 2011

Alexander Rybak & Didrik Solli-Tangen at the MGP afterparty in Larvik, 28.01.2012

Article in the  paper issue of newspaper “Østlandsposten”, published on 30.01.2012.

Journalist: Rikke Askersrud. Photo: Mats Grimsæth

Found and translated by  Mari Andersen

Among the nearly three thousand spectators, one could also find some previous Eurovision winners. Didrik Solli-Tangen and Alexander Rybak had made the trip to be a part of the cheering audience. A position they were really satisfied with. “Right now, I could not imagine standing on stage. There is tremendous pressure and a lot of nerves. I’m just fine here as a clapping audience,” Rybak smiles, and get support from Solli-Tangen: “Tonight I’m enjoying the other’s achievements. And by saying that, I have to say that the representatives from Larvik has done an incredibly good job tonight”.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak & Didrik Solli-Tangen at the MGP afterparty in Larvik, 28.01.2012

Alexander Rybak’s new love. Article in KP.BY, Jan 12, 2012

Young people know each other since their student’s days.
Photo: from the archives

Link to the original: http://kp.by/daily/25816.3/2794483/. Author: Sergei Andrianov

Article published by Belorussian division of “Komsomolskaya pravda” (popular Russian issue) on Jan.12.2012.

Found by Sonya Luzina. English translation by Zhanna Sergueeva . English revision by Anni Jowett.


Sasha Rybak chose a violinist again for a girlfriend.

The singer has dedicated two songs to his new chosen one, a 25 year-old Norwegian with the Russian name Maria. For some years the heart of the victor of “Eurovision 2009” was free. We remind you as he says today that the last time he fell in love as an adult was when he fell in love with a violinist girl back in his youth. By the way, just after separation from this girl, the singer wrote his legendary “fairy tale”,with that he won the ESC.

During his Christmas visit to Minsk Sasha confessed to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that love again lives in his heart.

– I celebrated the New Year in Egypt with my beloved girl, – the singer told us. (More about it read here)

But Rybak did not want to acquaint us with his new love. He even did not mention her name.

– Well, you don’t need to know everything in detail.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak’s new love. Article in KP.BY, Jan 12, 2012

Articles about Alexander Rybak in Ukrainian and Estonian press. Jan 12 – 13. 2012


This picture Ukrainian madia used for the article, was taken by Russian facebookie Kate Lunar at the M&G in Moscow, Dec.20, 2012

Link to the original article at Ukrainian radio Lux FM webpage: http://lux.fm/articles/news/20120112/7702

Found by Sonya Luzina, translated by Zhanna Sergueeva.

Alexander Rybak celebrated New Year’s eve at a beach disco.

The winner of the contest “Eurovision” Alexander Rybak decided to  take himself on holiday and refused all offers to perform on New Year Eve.

– On New Year’s Eve I had a huge wish to go somewhere. Without thinking for too long and packing suitcases I took my passport and dashed to the airport with my beloved girl . We bought the tickets for the next flight – to the Southern coast of Egypt. Thus I welcomed 2012’s year in a hot country and I think this year will be hot as well for me, only 5 days but how nice. We saw in the New Year at the beach disco. We refused all excursions, we were just swimmimg and sunbathing, – said Rybak.

Continue reading Articles about Alexander Rybak in Ukrainian and Estonian press. Jan 12 — 13. 2012

“On cabin vacation with his girlfriend”. Namdalsavisa august 5th 2011

Written by Inger Lise Hammerstrøm. Photo: Inger Lise Hammerstrøm.

Link to original article:


Translation to english by Laila Ulvseth

Vacation on Otterøya. For Alexander Rybak, half a day of vacation is more than enough. This week, he had one-and-a-half day at Otterøya with the girlfriend, Maria Strøm Slyngstad and her family.

On cabin-vacation with his girlfriend.

OTTERØYA: Thursday night, a tired, but obliging Alexander Rybak landed on Namsos airport. A press corps and his girlfriend Maria Strøm Slyngstad were there to greet the popular fiddler.

– As a matter of fact, I don’t want so much focus on love, and that Maria is my girlfriend. I don’t want to expose her to all the hatemail and messages some of my fans are sending.

Nevertheless,  they invite Namdalsavisa to come along to the cabin on Otterøya, where the fiddler and his girlfriend will spend a few days before new concerts and signings awaits. Continue reading “On cabin vacation with his girlfriend”. Namdalsavisa august 5th 2011

Rybak:- Here, I will write my new “Hit”!- VG-nett august 1st. 2011

Written by Hårvard Kristoffersen Hansen. Photos by Krister Sørbø/VG

Link to original article from 1.8.2011:


Translated to english by Laila Ulvseth

Inspired: Alexander Rybak (25) is influenced by the norwegian nature and the girlfriend, Maria Strøm Slyngstad, when he writes new songs.Photo: Krister Sørbø/VG

(VG)ÅLESUND. Alexander Rybak gets  inspired by beautiful Røneset outside Ålesund: – Here I would like to write another song!
– It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth. Most of my songs are inspired by Norwegian nature, that’s why I could have written another song here, – the celebrity-violinist tells VG.

Rybak wrote his ESC hit “Fairytale” at Giske, the island where the festival took place close by. – It’s great to relax here in this environment after a lot of urban life the last few years. I wouldn’t mind living here, but I guess I’d be restless after a while, – he adds smilingly. Continue reading Rybak:- Here, I will write my new “Hit”!- VG-nett august 1st. 2011

“Concerts and love”. Article in Trønder-Avisa August 4th 2011.

Written by Per-Magne Midjo. Photo by Per-Magne Midjo.

Link to original article:


Translation from norwegian by Laila Ulvseth

Concerts and love

Who was shining brightest of the sun and Alexander Rybak at Namsos airport wednesday night, was hard to say.

The welcoming comittee was his girlfriend Maria Strøm Slyngstad. They will have a few days vacation on the farm where Maria’s mother grew up on Otterøy outside Namsos. But Rybak is also looking forward to the two signing concerts at Namsos storsenter and at Amfisenteret in Steinkjer saturday. Continue reading “Concerts and love”. Article in Trønder-Avisa August 4th 2011.

Interview of Alexander Rybak to Norwegian Dagbladet/Magasinet, July 9th 2011

Published in the paper-issue of “Magasinet”- an appendix to Norwegian “Dagbladet”, 9.7.2011

Written by Eivind Sæther. Photos: Jørn H. Moen.

Found by Susanne Berlin.  Article and pictures scanned by Tessa La.

English translation by Marianne Saietz
Revision by Bita J.


“The Wake Up”

Alexander Rybak (25) is no longer dependant on sleeping pills. Now, he dreams of being able to trust people once again.

Text to photo: Alexander Rybak doesn´t trust anyone, and shares that he functions best when he isn’t attached to anyone. “I don’t want to become dependant,” the album releasing 25-year-old says to Magasinet.


At the moment: He has released an album in Swedish: ” Visa vid vindens ängar”
Family:  An only child. In relationship with Maria Slyngstad.
What he drives:   – I usually borrow cars from my friends, so I drive a lot of different cars.
Favorite gadgets: – I play a lot of video games. Perhaps I should answer a question about that?
Last cultural experience: – I watched “Mad Men” on DVD. It’s fantastic. I dream about being Don Draper.
-I don´t trust people. –
Alexander Rybak has dark circles under his eyes as he watches guests in the restaurant at Aker Brugge, Oslo. He arrived home at 2  in the morning last night, after signing autographs for almost 3 hours after a show, and then driving on the E18 alone in the dark. Continue reading Interview of Alexander Rybak to Norwegian Dagbladet/Magasinet, July 9th 2011

Interview to newspaper “VG” 19 June 2011

Translated by Ida Marie Brøske Kleven.

Photo from the printed issue taken by Tessa La.


“I love to live in the past, with a little hope for the future”

Alexander Rybak (25) has made big money on songs about his ex-girlfriends. Now he has written two Swedish folk music songs to his new girlfriend.


The songs “Maria” and “Din första kyss” are about his doctor girlfriend Maria Strøm Slyngstad (25), and participate on the famous violinist’s new CD “Visa vid Vindens Ängar” which is made in collaboration with the famous Swedish folk singer Mats Paulson (73).


– You have to ask Maria what she thinks about the songs. But I like to write songs about love. I think that it gives the songs more suspense when the audience knows who the songs are about, Rybaks says, and refer to “Fairytale” and “Oah” which are dedicated to his ex- girlfriends Ingrid Berg Mehus (23) and Moa Meinich (19).

Continue reading Interview to newspaper “VG” 19 June 2011

Maria, model in fashion-show. April 4th.2011

Published on the tv2-webpage of God Kveld Norge, 15.04.2011

Written by Ine Therese Back Iversen. Translated by Marianne Saietz. Revised by Bita 

Link to original article in Norwegian:


On Thursday April 14th, Rybak’s girlfriend, Maria, was invited as a model to the catwalk of Nora Farah’s fashion show.

The scene was set for glitter and glamour when the clothing designer Nora Farah, together with the skincare-line Carita, sent out invitations for a fashion-show at Grand Hotel in Oslo. On the red carpet arrived no less than Alexander Rybak, arm in arm with Elisabeth Andreassen. They came for a special occasion.    Continue reading Maria, model in fashion-show. April 4th.2011

Article in “Se&Hør” about Alexander Rybak’s vacation in USA

An article from Friday’s issue of “Se&Hør” (08.04.2011) is found and translated by Sara Anja Ruske.

Saved the love with luxury-vacation

Text: Per Sigve Kleppe. Photos: Thomas Engstrøm

The yellow headline:

“Rybak escaped from the country after the shocking pictures”

Headline on the left upper corner:

Alexander Rybak and his doctor girlfriend Maria Strøm Slyngstad enjoy each other’s company. They are madly in love and they are determined they will stay together through thick and thin, says a friend of the couple. Continue reading Article in “Se&Hør” about Alexander Rybak’s vacation in USA

Article from Aftonbladet about Alexander and Maria

Translation by Ingegerd Claesson

Rybak’s secret flirt


Journalists: Jessica Isaksson and Elina Wessman

Photo: Magnus Sandberg

Kissed and cuddles behind the scene of ”Let’s dance”: Her name is Maria.

After vomiting attacks and depression- hear is Alexander Rybak with a new love.
Norwegian Maria got a lot of kisses and hugs behind the cameras during the ”Let’s dance” broadcast last night.
– Her name is Maria, the best name in the world, he says.
In Nöjesbladet[section of Aftonbladet] yesterday Alexander Rybak,24, told the truth about the vomiting collapse during last week’s ”Let’s dance”. The stress and demands to always perform had almost broken him and caused depression, stomach disease and insomnia.
But all that are like blown away during the break at ”Let’s dance” yesterday, when the Norwegian kissed and cuddled with a Norwegian blond. A noticeable delighted Alexander Rybak hugs Norwegian Maria, who shyly wants to avoid attention.
– Do you want to? Or should we wait a while? Asks Alexander and eventually comes with the reporter from ”Nöjesbladet” on his own.
– You have to be two for this. But if the world allows it there will be more than reason enough to tell about it in due time, says Alexander Rybak.

Sat in the front
In yesterday’s ”Nöjesbladet” he answered cryptically whether he had a girlfriend:”I will know in two days.”
But Friday night the love seemed to be in the air, Maria sat in the front in the section for close kin, next to the boyfriend of the participant Jessica Andersson. During the break they sneaked backstage to socialize, and they sure had a hard time keeping their hands off each other.

”Hopes she is pleased”
Alexander Rybak doesn’t want to confirm their relation status, or give any details tonight.
– If one doesn’t want to talk then the other one can’t start talking. The pictures have to speak for them selfs, he says, but he can’t prevent himself from answering what the girl’s name is.
– Maria- the best name in the world!
On the other hand Alexander Rybak confirms willingly that he is feeling much better than last week.
He is radiating with energy and greatly impresses the jury with his joyful Charleston dance.
– I’m very pepped. If I had tried to be very happy before when I was realy depressed then I wouldn’t be able to be so happy for real as I am today, he says.

Do you think you impressed Maria?
– We will see about that, I hope she is pleased, says Alexander Rybak with a shy smile.