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Alexander at Let’s Dance 25.2.2011 – Jive and Marathon

Alexander and Malin , Jive and Marathon. Also interviews of several facebookies and his father. Notice that he had a stomach flue.

Recording, subs and Greek translation by Yannis P. English translation by Sara Anja. Russian translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. Polish translation by Monika Fronczak. Czech by Jitka Holanova.

Here you can see the moment when Alexander passes to the next round.

English by Sara Anja, Russian by Sonya Luzina.

Interview of Alexander and Malin to Alltomstockholm.se

Many thanks to Vera Bernäng, who found and translated it.

“It feels like hell”

By Emelie Molinder


Alexander Rybak has many strings on his violin. In “Let’s Dance” has the norwegian showed that he can both dance in high heels and charm the swedish TV viewers.

Are the costumes important?

-Yes, it wouldn’t have been so fun to dance walz with Malin if she wore a salsa skirt. Everything should be right.

You’ve danced in high heels, how is that?

– It feels like hell. It’s hard to wear high heels and at the same time try to look masculine. It’s like trying to wrinkle your eyebrows and look happy at the same time.

– I think that a man is the most masculine when he has a feminine side,- said Alexanders dance partner Malin.

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Interview to FRIDA (Swedish teenage magazine, issue 2/2011)

Translated from Swedish by Laila Ulvseth

Website of the magazine frida.se

FRIDA has danced with Alexander Rybak

His fingers are used to dance over the violin strings with wonderful results, but how fast our Norwegian singer favourite can move his feet, is about to be documented during today’s dance lesson with Alexander Rybak. Going to the room where the singer exercises his abilities with his partner Malin Johansson, we pass some charming obstacles like a freshly showered Andreas Weise and Björn Ranelid eating lunch. He greets us with at least five “hej”. But today we are Team Alexander and hurry from his contestants.

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Videos from Alexander in “Let’s Dance” Sweden 7.1.11

Alexander’s introduction by the host, performance of a waltz under the music of Prince’s “Purple Rain” with Malin Johansson, rating by the jury, short interview after the performance.

Translation to English by Ingegerd Claesson. Translation to Russian by Olina Novikova. Translation to Turkish by Alev Canbulat. Access provided by Tessa La. Upload, Greek translation and sub-syncing by Yannis P.

Another short backstage interview: “Can Alexander speak Swedish?
Translation to English by Veronica Nord. Translation to Russian by Olina Novikova. Upload and sub-syncing by Yannis P.