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Alexander in the Argentinian magazine “Prensario” – August 2015

Alexander Rybak’s first appearance in a publication in Latin America


Alexander appeared in an advertising space in the August 2015 Latin American edition of the Argentinian magazine “Prensario”, an international publication that specializes in music and video.

It’s the first time Alexander is mentioned in printed media in that country, and is a way of publicizing his visit to Argentina next year. In the publication, Alexander shares space with other artists from the area, like the “Orquesta del Centenario” where one of the members, Karl  Espegard,  is also of Norwegian origin.

The official website of the magazine can be found here.
Thanks to Daniel B. of Círculo Virtuoso for sharing the picture with us.

Alexander Rybak answers a questionnaire in Azerbaijani magazine “Nargis”


Alexander Rybak answers a questionnaire in Azerbaijani magazine “Nargis”

Name: Alexander Igorevich Rybak
Date of Birth: 13.05.1986
Place of Birth: Minsk
Occupation: Singer, violinist

A questionnaire  was published on  nargismagazine.az 19.05.2014.  Author: Nigar Magerramova Translation by Sonya Luzina. Revision by Katie Anderson

1. What is it like to work with children?

It is a pure pleasure.

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Article: Alexander Rybak opened Samvad center in Nepal. Hjelp til Selvhjelp, Nr.2. 29.05.2012

Article from “Hjelp til Selvhjelp” (Help to help yourself) – the monthly magazine of the charity foundation Strømmestiftelsen.

Date of publishing: 29 May 2012. Link to the source here.

Found by Sonya Luzina. Translated by Tessa Lande. English revision by Katie Anderson.

Alexander Rybak opened Samvad center in Nepal

The same day that the Strømme foundation was given the fundraising from “Operation Day’s work” for 2012, the artist and ESC-winner Alexander Rybak opened a new Samvad center in Nepal. Samvad, which means “dialogue” in Nepali, is a new education project among casteless “Dalits”. There are three million casteless people in Nepal.

– A strongly marginalized group of people without rights in the society, at the bottom of the social ladder.
“When all others, throughout your whole life, in words and actions tell you that you are not worth anything – then you believe it yourself too, ” – a man, who is a Dalit himself says.

Rybak traveled to the Asian mountain country in connection with being one of the five that will be the vocal part of the concert “Stille Natt Hellige Natt” this year.
A significant part of the proceeds from this concert for several years has gone to the “Strømme foundation”.

Article: Alexander Rybak in Estonian magazine “Kroonika”, 09.01.13

Article by: Liilit Kirss

Source: Kroonika

Found and translated by Anglesina Est. English revision by Anni Jowett.

 Alexander Rybak struggling with a stalker.

Heaven forbid our beloved artists from things like that! Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak (26), who won Eurovision 4 years ago, has been struggling for some while with a stalker, who is following him to different parts of world and terrorizing him with phone calls. The young man put this experience into his new song “Leave Me Alone“.

“That kind of harassment one can only usually see in movies“, Rybak tells the magazine “Kroonika“. It’s a true story about a woman, who has travelled half the world by following me and stalking me at the hotel doors and other places, where I stay. Altogether I have received 600 e-mails from her and some how she managed to spy out my secret phone number.“

The woman from Israel still calls Rybak these days, but the young man hopes, that now after he has poured his emotions into the song, the insane woman understands where to draw a line.

Besides, on January 19th Alexander can be seen performing in the nightclub “Teater“, to where the magazine “Kroonika“ will draw lots on his Facebook page – tickets for 4 people and exclusive meeting with Rybak!

Article about Alexander Rybak from “Romerikes Blad”, 24.06.2011

Nostalgic summer breeze from the countryside

This is an article from “Romerikes Blad” (24.06.2011) – only in paper issue. Written by Kjersti Busterud and Ola Einbu.

Found by Kristen Marie Heia
Scanned and translated by Laila Solum Hansen

Alexander Rybak enters the summer with songs about the wind which is ruffling the curtains, Maria and the first kiss. All put together in Gjerdrum.


“Det går en vind over vindens ängar”. And there Alexander Rybak is sitting, suntanned in the Norwegian summer’s breeze, ready to sweep over the country with Swedish songs, written by 73 years old Mats Paulson.

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Alexander in Ukrainian magazine “Telegid”

(found and translated by Sonya Luzina, English revision by Anni Jowett)

Alexander Rybak was caught on the road

It seems he never changes:  an open smile on his face and a violin in his hands.
Nevertheless there are some serious changes in his life – recently he broke up with his girlfriend and was immediately hooked up by another girl.

Sasha, you’re a frequent guest in Ukraine these latter days .  Are things going well? By the way, Has your debut album sold better in the CIS or in Europe?

– In the CIS. If there were no “pirates”, the circulation would be estimated in millions. In Norway, for example, no one would never download something for free from the Internet, and here it is the rule of life. Nevertheless, here in Kiev I’m planning to release my second album in Russian and to give a concert in the October Palace. This show will be unique: October 19, me and Vitaliy Kozlovskiy will perform two solo programmes with live sound and ballet.

– What do you think, where does your career develop most quickly – among the English-speaking countries or the Russian-speaking ones?

– I want to be an artist, who is equally loved in all continents, but I realise that I’m mostly demanded in the Scandinavian countries and in the CIS. There is a lot of competition in Germany and France , they won’t let me perform on the big stage and, consequently, I will be forgotten there in couple of years. To tell the truth, I’ve visited half of the world thanks to Russian-speaking fans. They are everywhere – in America, Australia and Europe.

Why don’t you sing in German or in French?

– It’s too artificial. I had an unsuccessful experience – I recorded ” Fairytale” in French, but it went unnoticed.

Do you often  feel disappointed?

– This year I was disappointed only once – because of my girlfriend. It seemed to me that I had really fallen in love. However, I  hesitated a long time about her – I didn’t want to get too close with her. But then I  fell in love totally, I stopped paying attention to the other girls. And at that moment I became uninteresting to her. She just wanted to hunt…My premonitions haven’t deceived me. Though I’m still sad because of lost love, now I like another girl, I think she could be my girlfriend. Maria is very beautiful and she  is able to be a friend. And she lives near to me. Continue reading Alexander in Ukrainian magazine “Telegid”