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Article: Rybak encouraged young fellow musicians

Written by Elin Larsson. Photo by Robert Granström/Propictures.

Published in the “Folkbladet.nu” 17.02.2013.

 Found by Ulli C. Translated by Ingegerd Claesson. Revision by Anni Jowett.

By the side of the Melodifestivalen semifinal in Skellefteå a concert was held on Sunday in connection with the 50 year anniversary of the Skellefteå music school. For some time 160 students from Skellefteå, Umeå and Lycksele have been learning the repertoire at their home towns to meet on Saturday to rehearse together. Also in place on Saturday and the Sunday concert was the one who had been in the focus for the selection of songs, nobody less than Alexander Rybak. Continue reading Article: Rybak encouraged young fellow musicians

“Rybak-fever takes her to Norway” A Swedish Radio Interview about Alexander Rybak – 18.9.2011

Three musicians from Lycksele have been invited to play alongside Alexander Rybak, the Norwegian winner of the Eurovision Song Contest from 2 years ago, at a course in Mo i Rana. The invitation was initially received by Siw Burman, a music teacher and national folk musician from Lycksele. In October, Siw will be travelling together with two young violinists, and it won’t be the first time they’ve collaborated with musicians from different parts of the world. The question that stands is: is it Siw or Alexander who will have the most to learn from this experience?

P4-Morning also states that they wonder what the whole “Rybak-effect” is about.

For the source, click here. Found and English translation by Mary Ann Hansson. Recording and subtitles by Yannis Pap. Translation of the accompanying article by Marianne Saietz. Russian by Sonya Luzina.
Revision by Bita