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Alexander Rybak & Mats Paulson in show “Lotta på Liseberg”, 20.6.2011

Alexander and Mats made official premiere of their new album in Swedish open-air TV-show “Lotta på Liseberg”. They performed 2 songs from new album: “Resan till dig” and “Visa vid vindens ängar. Also Alexander accompanied with his violin to Mats’ popular song “Barfotavisan”. And they both played in quartet of musicians during the “Granada” song, performed by famous Swedish opera singer Loa Falkman. And in the end of the show Alexander performed “Fairytale”.

Recording: Venche Mellemstrand

Alexander Rybak and Mats Paulson at Swedish radio program “Sommarmorgon”, 20.06.2011.

Found by Ronja Laupitaja. English translation by Tessa La and Laila Solum Hansen.  German translation by Sabine Fundel. Recording and subs by Sonya Luzina. Russian translation by Sonya Luzina and Zhanna Sergueeva