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Alexander Rybak talks about Melodifestivalen to Norran.se

Written by Yvonne Rönngren. Photo by  Ulf Johansson

Source: Norran.se.  Published 17.02.2013.

Translation by Ingegerd Claesson

Alexander Ryback vid söndagens konsert med musikskoleelever. (Foto: Ulf Johansson).

Rybak says this about Melodifestivalen

Held two concerts in Anderstorp hall.

260 students took part in the concerts, they came from the music school in Skellefteå, Umeå and Lycksele.

Those who watched Melodifestivalen know that Alexander  was also there, as a guest.Earlier there had been rumours that he would take part in some kind of interval act. He sounds a bit surpised when Norran asks about this.

-The Swedes are so good at making new music. They don’t need to recycle.

On the other hand he says he would like to make the interval act at Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.

– I would like to do a performance with students, just like we have done now in Skellefteå, he says.

Alexander Rybak says his manager is very excited about this, and is thinking about contacting SVT.

So with other words: If a former Eurovision winner will do interval act it has to be better  than in a Swedish semi final.