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Alexander Rybak’s interview in Riga in the program “Pati z FM-TV”

 Alexander performed  at “Eurovision Preparty” in Riga and gave the interview to the Ukrainian program “Pati z FM-TV” on April 10. You can watch that interview with English subtitles below:

Translation and subs by Sonya L. Revision by Bita J. 

If you want to watch the full program  “Pati z FM-TV” with interviews of another artists from the party, click here


Alexander performs at “Eurovision PreParty Riga 2015”

April 10, Alexander performed  at “Eurovision Preparty Riga” in Palladium concert hall in Riga. “Eurovision Preparty Riga” is an annual Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) promotional event held in Riga, Latvian capital, usually 6 weeks before the ESC final. The main idea of the event is to promote songs that will take part in ESC of that year. In addition to Alexander, other special guests attended  the party –  the winner of  ESC 2011 Eldar Gasimov, winner  of  ESC 2002 Marie N,  and 3rd place holder of ESC 2013 Zlata Ognevich.

Recording of Alexander’s appearance.
The video is also available on Vimeo 

“Europe’s skies”, “In the Hall of the Mountain King”,
“Into A Fantasy”, “Roll with the Wind”, ESC-Medley 

The concert in Riga 18.10.2013.

Alexander  performed a concert at the anniversary party of  “Friends Club” in Riga on 18.10.2013

Video by YouTube-user dancheskus

Pictures by Ketija Grūbe and Boris Kuvshinnikov

Video: Alexander & Igor Rybak. Interview on “Zvezdolet”-show. Latvian TV. June 20th 2012

Recording by Ulli Cologne. English translation and subs by Zhanna Sergueeva.

English revision by Anni Jowett and Tessa Lande. Romanian translation by Laura Ser.

Article: “What to do in the holidays?”. Latvia June 22nd 2012

Article published on www.puaro.lv  22.6.2012.

Written by Agneta Niedra.  Photos by Kristaps Bergs. Link to original article here

Found by Ronja Laupitaja. Translated by Justine. English revision by Yanis Baksha and Anni Jowett

 What to do in the holidays? Alexander Rybak recommends to readers of Puaro.lv and Ligo guide

In an interview at Puaro.lv Belarusian born,  Norwegian musician Alexander Rybak, who three years ago won the Eurovision song contest with the song “Fairytale”, tells the story of his holiday habits, as well as advices on how to spend the weekends.

Recently the singer visited Latvia to attend the Mihail Kazinik concert “Fathers and sons”. Somebody has been asking – “Didn’t the weather seem too cold for the singer?”, but he just says “Not at all! In Norway it is much  worse than here. Two weeks ago it even snowed there!” he reassured.  “I feel very welcomed in Latvia. Unlike residents of other countries, you have the habit of showing your grace first, instead of waiting for someone to bless you.”

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“Enchanting Alexander Rybak” – Latvian newspaper “Vesti segodnya”

Alexander Rybak Latvia June 2012
Alexander Rybak is a brilliant musician and a great guy.

After the concert in the concert hall “Dzintari.”

Enchanting Alexander Rybak

He caught everyone on the hook without a fishing rod!

Article on  www.ves.lv 27.06.2012. By Natalia Lebedeva. Found by Anglesina Est. Translation by Sonya Luzina. English revision by Tessa Lande and Lillian Llewellyn 

– When I come to Moscow, I can’t talk about movies with my peers – the hero of “Eurovision”, violinist, composer and singer, who grew up in Norway, 26-year-old Alexander Rybak, suddenly confided in me after the fabulous concert “Fathers and Sons” in the concert hall “Dzintari”. Continue reading “Enchanting Alexander Rybak” — Latvian newspaper “Vesti segodnya”

Alexander Rybak meets his fans in Jurmala, Latvia, 19.06.2012.

Article published on puaro.lv  June 20 (2012) 10:53

Written by Agneta Niedra. Photos by Kristaps Bergs.  Link to original article here

Translation by Yanis Baksha. English revision by Tessa Lande and Anni Jowett

 However, even though his victory in the international Eurovision Song was over three years ago, Alexander Rybak by his every step still forces girls to squeal and cry.

On Monday evening the singer,with his obvious charisma, came to Yurmala, and next day went on the stage with his dad Igor Rybak and family and childhood friends Michael and Boris Kazinik. The unique tandem of father and son brings a unique musical experience to the Dzintari audience.

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TV-news from Latvia about the concert “Fathers and sons” June 19th 2012

On June 19th, Alexander Rybak and his father Igor gave the concert “Father and sons” with father and son, Michail and Boris Kazinik at Dzintaru Concert Hall, Jurmala, Latvia. The Latvian TV-News made a report before the concert.

Found by Natalia Tallinka. English translation and subtitles by Sonya Luzina. Slovak subtitles by Danka Čolláková