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Christmas Crossover with Stephen Ackles, December 2004


A Christmas Crossover tour with Alexander Rybak and his family and Stanghelle family.

Variety: Stephen Ackles and Alexander Rybak offered powerful classic tones and lighter gospel tunes

Text and photo: Kristin Berge, published in the paper issue of Varden 19.12.2004.
Found and translated by Tessa Lande. Revision by Anni Jowett

It turned out to be a good idea by Stephen Ackles to call the concert on Saturday “Christmas Crossover”.
With a handful of classical musician friends and the concert “Christmas Crossover” Stephen Ackles made the Christmas mood in Langesund yesterday.

And the fact that Ackles met the tenor singer Thomas Stanghelle in a cabin a few years ago, can hardly have been accidental. In any case, it was a success, because it did not end with only singing together at the after-party.

The meeting led to a fertile collaboration – both summer and winter, and this Saturday 200 people had gathered to experience some of the results of that meeting.

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