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Alexander Rybak performed at 20-years jubilee of Ketil Moe Race for Life. 26.8.12

Link to the source: http://www.agderposten.no/nyheter/se-bildene-fra-det-siste-ketil-moe-lopet-1.7508568

Author: Karl Johan Emanuelsen

Article published 26.08.2012

Found by Marianne Saietz, translated by Tessa Lande.

 The last ten years the Civitan clubs at Sørlandet has been responsible for the event, and they’ve done a great job, but the average age of the members increases, so now it is sadly over.

– This is an event Lillesand municipality is proud of. It is sad that this is the last time. I hope someone comes up with a good idea to keep it going, Mayor Arne Thomassen said in his speech.

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Alexander Rybak, Vivaldi Orchestra and T. Stanghelle at the University of Oslo, 12.10.2011

Alexander playing with the Vivaldi Orchestra of his father, Igor, and Thomas Stanghelle, for the 200 years Jubilee of the University of Oslo (Universitetet i Oslo), the following pieces:

  • Bergrosa, by Sven Nyhus
  • L’inverno (the Winter), from Antonio Vivaldi’s “Four seasons”
  • Two songs from “Some Sunny Night” with Thomas Stanghelle, the composer of this work, based on the life of Ketil Moe. At the presence of his friend in life, Mark Wang.

Recording by Alev Can and Venche Mellemstrand. Montage by Yannis Pap. English translation by Tessa La. Subtitles by Julia B.

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“The Continuation of an Important Vision”. Ketil Moe-runrace sept.11th 2011

Article written by Carl Christian Engstad,  published in the paper-issue of Lillesandposten 14.09.11

Found by Olina Novikova. Translation by Tessa La.
Revised by Bita

The continuation of an Important Vision

Artist Alexander Rybak believes it’s important to honor Ketil Moe’s memory and vision. That’s why he performed on Sunday in “Dyreparken” at the Ketil Moe running race. The Grand Prix winner gave a concert and performed for nearly an hour before the race started. At the finish line, he presented the medals, signed autographs and posed for pictures, to the joy of all the abled and disabled race participants.

Rybak and his family had previously spent their summer holidays at Lillesand before, and so they knew Ketil Moe on a personal level. Rybak believes it’s important to be present to continue Moe’s visions:

“There are many diseases and conditions that exist in the world. I caught a glimpse of cystic fibrosis through Ketil Moe. I knew him when he lived, and I was tremendously inspired by his charisma. Even at his lowest points, he was a joy-spreader. Therefore, it is appropriate to arrange an event like this in his spirit, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to be here.”

Around 850 people purchased tickets to attend the 19th race in honor of Ketil Moe run race. As usual, there were those who were able to complete the race in as little as a few minutes, while others had to take it easier on themselves.

The first competitor to cross the finish line, Even Meinseth from Fevik, had participated in this race six times already, and shortly was shortly followed by his sister Ingvild.

“Our grandparents always bring us to this event. I think it’s fun. It is good that there are races like this, where everyone who participates is considered equal regardless of their conditions”, Even says.

Several of the disabled were swift to pass the finish line, and were very pleased about their own performances. Carl Jon Hansen, from Lillesand, who has always helped arrange the run race over the years, believes that this pleasure is a big component of the race:

“It’s what makes this race so special, the fact that you see disabled people display the same joy when it comes to competing”, Hansen says. Marc Christian and Carl Martin Bentsen, also from Lillesand, agree, stating that the idea behind the race is a great one.

Performance at the Ketil Moe Race. Sept.11th, 2011

Short article in the paper-issue of Agderposten 13.9.11.

Found by Olina Novikova. Translated by Tessa La. Revised by Bita

The dream had finally come true. After 50 performances in “The Sound of Music”, several performances in “Mathilde from Ramsøya” and an album release, the young Kristian S. Pedersen from Arendal had received the chance to perform with Rybak.

Sunday was the special day. On the day of Ketil Moe’s race in Dyreparken, together with composer Thomas Stanghelle, they arranged and performed the “Angel of Life” from the opera musical “Some Sunny Night” dedicated to Ketil Moe. The presentation was wonderful and touching.


Background-article :

Young boy from Arendal will sing with Rybak

Article from  www.arendals-tidende.no, published 07.09.11. Written by Linda Christensen. Photo: Linda Christensen.

Link to original article:http://www.arendals-tidende.no/index.cfm?event=doLink&famID=201649&frontFamID=38722

Translated by Tessa La

UPCOMING STAR: Kristian Skoglund Pedersen is looking forward to singing with Alexander Rybak at the memorial run race for Ketil Moe on Sunday

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Alexander’s concerts in China were cancelled due to politics

Alexander was going to perform in China on 1, 2 and 5 November for the musical “Some Sunny Night” by Thomas Stanghelle, where he portrays Ketil Moe, a respected figure among Norwegian athletes, who gave a personal fight against cystic fibrosis. His parents would participate as well.

Unfortunately, the concerts were suddenly cancelled by the Chinese Department of Culture yesterday, in the context of the general anger of the Chinese government against Norway, after the decision of the Norwegian Nobel Committee to award this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiabo, a dissident and political prisoner in China. No other Norwegian artists are known to face similar problems in China so far.

Alexander talked to NRK and TV2 about this issue. Links found by Marianne Saietz (who also pays the subscription to let us watch TV2!) and Vigdis Ar. Uploading by Yannis Papadopoulos. Many thanks for the translation to Tessa La!

More articles about the cancellation here:

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