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Jury member at New Wave Junior Artek2015 11-13th of August 2015

Alexander Rybak was a jury member in the talented children competition “New Wave Junior Artek2015” in Crimea the 11-13th if August 2015. In addition to be a jury member, he also performed Europe’s Skies in a duet with Nika Smolyanova.


Photos by Kidsmusic.info:


Article & Video: Alexander Rybak to participate in “Battle of Choirs”, Lithuania

Surprise: A. Rybak sings with the charming I. Jankauskaite

The source www.delfi.lt 13.03.2013, photo by © DELFI montažas

Translation by Erika Jasiūnienė, English revision by Anni Jowett

This Sunday, March 17th, at 19.30 direct from TV3 – is the fourth largest-scale musical project “Battle of Choirs” show. In the project six choirs remain – one of them will meet their fate this Sunday. Most of this Sunday’s interest will be on – “Battle of Choirs” guest – the 2009’s Eurovision winner, Alexander Rybak arrives especially from Norway for the TV3 project.
The singer promises not only to perform for the “Battle of Choirs” viewers, he will sing with the show’s presenter Inga Jankauskaite, but also to take a position of a jury member. Continue reading Article & Video: Alexander Rybak to participate in “Battle of Choirs”, Lithuania

“Rybak spicing up MGP in Denmark”. VG. Jan. 17th 2012

Article published on www.vg.no 17.01.2012. Link to original article: http://www.vg.no/musikk/grand-prix/artikkel.php?artid=10075779

Written by Catherine Gonsholt Ighanian and Marcus Husby. Photo: Mattis Sandblad

Found by Ingegerd Claesson. Translated by Marianne Saietz

MGP: Alexander Rybak, here in Germany during the ESC last year – still takes part in the game. Photo: Mattis Sandblad

Rybak spicing up MGP in Denmark. Has made his own ESC-medley for the danes.

Rybak keeps sailing in good tailwind from MGP –  Almost 3 years after he stole the show in Moscow.  Now, the danes are tempting the TV-viewers with the norwegian, who they describe as ” The alltime biggest international MGP-winner”. Danish www.dr.dk  announces, that Rybak will be guest-artist in the MGP-final in Gigantium in Ålborg this Saturday. In addition, the 25-year-old will have influence on which song, that wins. New this year is, that the danish MGP- team includes juries from the countries who won the last 4 years: Russia, Norway, Germany and Aserbajdsjan.

Continue reading “Rybak spicing up MGP in Denmark”. VG. Jan. 17th 2012

“Here are the foreigners…”. Ekstrabladet Jan.15th 2012

Photo: Stella Pictures

Article published on www.ekstrabladet.dk 15.01.12

Written by Pernille Christensen.

Link to original article:http://ekstrabladet.dk/flash/kultur/article1691191.ece

Translated by Marianne Saietz


Here are the foreigners, who will find the danish Grand Prix-winner

Last years winner-duo, Ell & Nikki, are in the international jury, who will help finding the danish Grand Prix-winner

When danish MGP on Saturday will take place in Aalborg, there will, for the first time in danish Grand Prix-history,  be an international jury, participating in finding the winner.

Now, Denmarks Radio ( DR ) has put names and faces on the foreign musical professionals, who are going to take part in finding the song that will represent Denmark at Eurovision Song Contest in Azerbaijan in may.

Continue reading “Here are the foreigners…”. Ekstrabladet Jan.15th 2012