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Article about Alexander Rybak’s participation in Belarussian TV-show “Singing cities”. 18.10.13

Article published on the internet-site of “Belarus Today” http://tv.sb.by/post/154435/ 18.10.2013.

Author:  Anton Kostyukevitch. Photographer: Alexander Stadub.

Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva.  Revision by Anni Jowett.

Rybak sees a talent from afar

Sensational in every sense, the TV project of the STV channel “Singing cities” is getting ready to interest and firmly glue many viewers to the screen in its second season. Straight away the show brought the statue in the entertainment category of  contest ” Tele-top-2013″ to its creators. And what a noise the participants have made! I mean, they sang a lot of songs, and the quantity of the the songs were even more during the qualifying stages. And this year we can do nothing without casting too. Before the show will go to the second round , you need to find the most talented contestants. Last week, the selection finally took place in Minsk , and correspondents of ” SB” did not miss a chance to look into the Youth Estrade Theatre. Continue reading Article about Alexander Rybak’s participation in Belarussian TV-show “Singing cities”. 18.10.13

Alexander Rybak participates in Belarusian TV-show “Singing cities”

Article published at kpby.2bserv.ru/ 14.10.2013.

Author:  Ekaterina Romanova. Photographer: Pavel Martinchik

Translation of the article by Sonya Luzina.  Revision by Anni Jowett

 Alexander Rybak: “I am delighted to have been invited to judge Belarusians in a positive way”

It’s cramped and noisy behind the scenes of the Youth Variety Theatre: the crew of the channel “STV” finishes setting up the lighting  and adjusts the  decorations – in just a few minutes the casting of the second season of the project “Singing cities. The second season.” will start in the hall. While dozens of contestants are nervous in the hall, the main star of the day – a famous European artist – and along with it, our countryman, Alexander Rybak, prepares himself behind the scenes. The young man came to the Belarusian capital only with his manager and literally for only one day – to take part in the project. There is no place to turn around in a very small dressing room, but the guy doesn’t get upset, he quickly brushes up, checks his violin and goes to more spacious hall.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak participates in Belarusian TV-show “Singing cities”

Alexander Rybak plays in London on April 28th, 2013!

Article published at www.eurovisionireland.net on 21.04.2013

Author: Garrett Mulhall

Eurovision 2009 Winner Alexander Rybak of Norway, will be a judge and special performer at the 7th International Russian Contest in London on April 28th.

The event will be taking place at the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall – RCM. This charitable project gives international participants the opportunity to perform at one of the best musical venues in Europe, develop their skills and confidence, improve their prospects through exposure, make new contacts, and meet world-famous Russian singers and musicians. All winners will receive Medals and Certificates.Those awarded First places will also receive a special Prize from Eurolog-UK.

For full details on the event and how to secure tickets follow the below links


Promo-video by EuroLogUK