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Alexander Rybak at the “Victoriadagen” concert 14.07.2018

Alexander Rybak performed at the “Victoriadagen” concert.

“Victoriadagen” (The Victoria Day)  is a tribute to Crown Princess Victoria’s birthday. The celebrations usually take place on the island of Öland, where the Swedish Royal family spends their summer holiday. This year Alexander was one of the artists who performed at the concert for the Crown Princess. 

Here is a playlist of Alexander’s performances, “Fattig Bonddräng” together with Kalle Moreaus, “Jealous” and “Song From a Secret Garden”. 

Alexander also gave a short interview to the “Victoriadagen” Magazine.

How does it feel to perform in Sweden again and this time even for the Swedish Royal Family?

-What I like the most in life is to travel and play together with other people. And finally get to play at Øland (Sweden) for the Crown Princess together with great Swedish artists, is in fact a dream that came true. 

-Some Swedes may remember me from the TV-show “Let’s Dance”, but most of my career has not been about dance but about violin play. I am still practising 3-4 hours per day to develop my talent.

What other career plans do you have in addition to perform at the “Victoriadagen”?

-In Norway it is soon the premier of my own musical, which is based on my children’s book “Trolle”. I like to work with children and have had the pleasure to take part in several music seminars in Sweden, where I have tried to inspire children and show them new ways of playing and experience music genres.

Tell us about your new song.

-My latest song I have called “Mamma” (Mom), because it is written for my Mom, but I’m not sure if that is the right song for the Crown Princess’s birthday. I will perform something special for both the Crown Princess and the audience in Borgholm. 


9. December – Letter I and J – I Dovregubbens Hall and Jealous

julekort calender2014 I Dovregubbens Hall and Jealous julekort calender2014

I Dovregubbens Hall” is an old Norwegian song by Edvard Grieg. Alexander Rybak treated us to an energetic performance of this at the Swedish show “Allsång på Skansen” in 2012.

“I Dovregubbens Hall”/”В Пещере Горного Короля” – давно известная норвежская композиция Эдварда Грига. Александр подарил нам энергичное исполнение этой композиции на шведском фестивале “Allsång på Skansen” в 2012.

“I Dovregubbens Hall” es una vieja canción noruega de Edvard Grieg. Alexander Rybak nos regaló una energética presentación de esta canción en el programa sueco “Allsång på Skansen” en 2012.

“I Dovregubbens Hall” ist ein altes Stück von dem Norweger Edvard Grieg. Alexander verwöhnt uns mit einer Energie geladenen Interpretation dieses Stücks in der schwedischen Show “Allsang på Grensen” im Jahr 2012.

I Dovregubbens Hall Alexander Rybak

Alexander broke a string on his violin at the concert in Spain 2013, which gave us this special unique version of “Jealous” on three strings.

Александр порвал струну на скрипке во время концерта в Испании в 2013, в результате чего мы получили особенную, уникальную версию песни “Jealous”/”Завидую” на трёх струнах.

Alexander rompió una cuerda de su violín en España en el 2013, que lo hizo tocar una versión única de “Jealous” con solo tres cuerdas.

Alexander ist auf einem Konzert in Spanien 2013 eine Saite seiner Geige zerrissen. Das ergab eine einzigartige Version von “Jealous” auf drei Saiten.

Alexander Rybak Jealous Spain 2013

Header photo by Dorly Jackson Wollf. Text and translations by Susanne B, Lulu Barecola, Anastasia Silakova and TessaLa.

Some  info that explains what we are collecting during these Advent days 🙂

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Alexander Rybak in Nashville, Tennessee. October 1, 2014 – Report by Katie A

Hello, USA!

Yes, we had Alex here on American soil, and it was everything we expected it to be (and then some).


  Another fan and I had gotten in touch with each other before the concert to make arrangements. Continue reading Alexander Rybak in Nashville, Tennessee. October 1, 2014 — Report by Katie A