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Jazz concert – Alexander Rybak – Valdres Sommersymfoni, Fagernes, Norway June 26th, 2010

Jazz concert – Alexander Rybak and Felix Peikli

Sparkling interplay, charm and joy of playing were served to the audience when Alexander Rybak and Felix Peikli together entered the stage in Valdreshallen, Saturday, for income for the project they are both ambassadors for, Playing for a Future.

This was the second year in a row that Alexander Rybak had a concert at Fagernes, during Valdres Summer Symphony Festival, to raise money for the help project Playing for a Future, which helps children from poor parts of the world to participate in the Summer Symphony. This time, he was not alone on stage since the project’s new ambassador, the clarinetist Felix Peikli, joined him on stage.

Not the first time

The two young musicians know each other well from before, and it was not the first time the two were on stage together in Valdres. Also during Valdres Summer Symphony in 2008, they held a concert together in Valdreshallen. There is no doubt that the two thrive in each other’s company, which is clearly expressed musically. With them on stage they had Gunnar Flagstad on piano, Sjur Bjærke on double bass and Øystein Aarnes Vik on drums, and with that it was all ready for an unforgettable concert where the joy of playing was central.

In 2008: It was not the first time these two musicians had a concert together. Already in 2008 Alexander and Felix impressed with an improvisation concert, and they impressed their audience just as much this time and gave them a wonderful mix of pop, jazz with improvisation and classical music.

Something that was not definitely not lacking this evening was charm, joy of play and talent. And the audience was served both fabulous solo numbers and sparkling interplay where you got to see Peikli’s jazz-inspired expression and Rybak’s classic style in wonderful symbiosis. And during the hour-long concert, they performed a repertoire containing everything from “Visa Vid Vindens Ängar” to “Summertime”, before it all ended in a terrific, improvised extra number that they gave the title “Valdres blues”.


The songs order in the playlist is not necessarily the order they were play in the concert.

  • Valdres Blues
  • Visa Vid Vindens Änger
  • Summertime
  • My sweet Embraceable You
  • Jealous
  • All of Me
  • Song From a Secret Garden

Thanks to Laila U and Hildebjørg H, who were present and recorded, we can also enjoy these precious moments 🙂