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Meet and Greet in Istanbul, Turkey 13.08.2017

Fan reports from Alexander Rybak’s Meet & Greet in Istanbul, Turkey. 

“I’ve decided to meet y’all and say hello and give you a hug” – Alexander Rybak

On 10th August 2017, Alexander delighted his European fans by the sudden announcement he would be arranging three meet and greets in the next week since he was having business meetings and studio sessions in Europe.

The first one was in Turkey on 13th August where he made the bold promise:

“I will be hugging each and every one who comes tomorrow to the beautiful roof of Mr.Cas Hotel on Istiklal Street, Istanbul at 8pm”. – Alexander Rybak

The event was well attended and judging by the reactions and photos posted on Instagram I think he actually managed to keep that promise.

Now we’d like to share with you some of those stories and photos from a few of the fans who were present…

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Alexander with Meet & Greets in Istanbul, Warsaw and Athens :)

Alexander Rybak invites his fans to Meet&Greets  in 3 cities in Europe the next days, Istanbul, Warsaw and Athens. 

The details that are published so far:

13. August – Istanbul at 20.00 local time at Mr. Cas Hotel Address and google maps you’ll find HERE

16. August – Warsaw. The Meet&Greet will be held in the early evening. More info HERE

19. August – Athens. The Meet&Greet will be held in the early evening.  More info HERE


Alexander in Istanbul. 17.09.2013

Alexander finally visited beautiful Istanbul to play a full concert there!  On September 17th he and the dancers from Lithuanian dance group “Time to show” performed  at the night club “Jolly Joker”. Earlier that day Alexander met his fans at the open “Meet and Greet”.

Here are pictures from these events gathered in the photo-gallery.

Pictures by  Fatih Özdemir and from the page of dance group “Time to show” 



Video: Alexander Rybak on Turkish TV – CNNTürk Channel 12.03.13

Alexander Rybak on Turkish TV – CNNTürk Channel 12.03.13

Alexander finally appeared on Turkish TV! Live in the program “Burada Laf Çok” on CNNTürk TV-channel! He was interviewed by the host and he also performed his hit of all times “Fairytale” 🙂

Recording by Tessa Lande



Article about participation in Belarusian ESC video 13.03.2013

Source: heat.ru

Found by Maria Dmitrieva. Translated by Julia Bezbakh. Revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak supports Belarus at Eurovision

Rybak arrived at the meeting with Alyona with a bouquet of white roses.

The winner of “Eurovision” of 2009 – 26-year-old Norwegian singer Alexander Rybak said that this year he will actively support the country he was born in – Belarus. Especially for this occasion the singer-violinist, who became famous in Europe with his super-hit Fairytale, co-starred in the music video of singer Alyona Lanskaya, who this year will perform at “Eurovision” representing Belarus.

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Breaking news! Alexander Rybak to star in Belarusian ESC video!

Author: Fotis Konstantopoulos
Source: oikotimes


   Huge announcement came from the Belarusian camp tonight: The ace is revealed!

Alexander Rybak will star in the official Belarusian Eurovision 2013 music video, which is currently being recorded in Istanbul. Very soon Alyona Lanskaya will present  the clip of “Solayoh” to Europe, which will feature the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 winner, Alexander Rybak!

Here you can watch to Alyona’s first live performance with the song “Solayoh” at the Romanian ESC Final on March 9: