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Interview in the newspaper “Evening Moscow”. 22.05.2012

Alexander Rybak: “‘Buranovskiye grandmas’ are the same as me”

Photo: Alexander Rybak won the hearts of viewers of “Eurovision” in 2009.

Article published on   www.vmdaily.ru  22.05.2012. Journalist  Ramazan Ramazanov. Photo: the agency “ITAR-TASS».

Link to original article here. Found by Ulli Cologne. Translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. English revision by Anni Jowett.

A special correspondent of the “Evening Moscow” at “Eurovision-2012” has interviewed the winner of “Eurovision-2009”.

– Alexander, they say that “Eurovision” is a disease that can’t be cured. Have you also caught it?

– Most likely, that is not about the competition but about the stir around it’s participants. When an artist experiences certain emotions (generally positive emotions), he will want to return to them again and again. So he goes there where he felt good once. And  “Eurovision”  is a festival of colours, emotions, vivid impressions, an acquaintance with a new country and meeting with old friends. Continue reading Interview in the newspaper “Evening Moscow”. 22.05.2012

Alexander Rybak: “As a child I was a clown” – Interview to Russian newspaper “Pervostolnik” #7, 2011


Found by: Irina Kuvaldina. Translated by: Irina KuvaldinaZhanna Sergueeva. Revision by: Bita J.

Also available in: Russian (русский)Greek (ελληνικά).

We came to know him just 2 years ago, after his victory in the ESC 2009. Ever since then, Alexander Rybak has not been lost amongst the countless European pop artists and has become one of the most popular artists in Europe. Of course, he is especially loved in the CIS countries. This is understandable since Alexander is of Belorussian origin, though he represented Norway in the famous song contest. Moreover, the musician doesn’t become tired of repeating  throughout interviews that  considers himself Russian in soul.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2011, which ended several months ago, could not have take place without Alexander’s participation either. This time around, Alexander tried out a new role as a host and reporter for  Norwegian TV. The day before his trip to Dusseldorf, he found the time to answer to our questions discussing the attention he receives from girls, his first self-earned income and the contents of his luggage.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak: “As a child I was a clown” — Interview to Russian newspaper “Pervostolnik” #7, 2011