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Alexander Rybak’s interview to Russian magazine “If only…”

Alexander Rybak: “I will never take part to Eurovision again”

An article found in the student’s magazine “If only…”

Interview by: Nadezhda Golovina

Translated by Sophia Khodorovskaya.

Everyone remembered him: even those, who didn’t watch, didn’t interest, didn’t know. And those, who didn’t like the idea of the ESC in Moscow, and all other “did not”s. Smile, which makes you weak; shining eyes, sounds of a violin, funny plot, dizzy amount of countries which voted for the song “Fairytale” – and norwegian singer and violonist with Belorussian roots became famous in one single moment. Rybak has recorded a Russian album, and records video on it in Ukraine. Cosmopolitan Alexander Rybak has told to the magasin “If only…” about his life after Eurovision, why he didn’t want to take part in Eurovision again and for whom he is going to write music in the future. Our meeting with Alexander was held in Moscow, he came there for only one day to perfom at the concert, which was dedicated to memory of great composer Mikael Tariverdiev.

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