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Alexander performed in the TV-show Quizdan on NRK 13.11.2016

Alexander Rybak was the guest artist in the final of the Norwegian Quiz-show “Quizdan”.

In addition to an interview, Alexander performed his song “I Came to Love You”, and the classical piece “Liebesleid” by Fritz Kreisler, accompanied by the pianist Stefan Ibsen Zlatanos. In the video below you can watch his performances and interview with English subs 🙂  The show was recorded the 21st of September.

Video recorded, edited and uploaded by May Elisabeth Nipen. 

Alexander and Julie – interview in “God kveld Norge” 10.09.16

An interview with Alexander Rybak in Rhodes where he made the music video for his love song to Julie “I came to Love You”. There is also a glimpse of his performance of the song at the premiere of his show “Entertainer”, and a short interview with Julie  at the premier party 6th of July.
Thanks to Jorunn Ekre for notifying us about it, and May Elisabeth Nipen for the recording 🙂


Alexander Rybak – Julie is the dream girl

Finally the Eurovision star can sing about happy love.

Alexander Rybak Julie Gaarud Holm Se Her juni 2016
1. Alexander Rybak celebrating 10 years as an artist. 2. Dated on Internet- Met on the Internet: Alexander and Julie found each other on the dating App Tinder, and has been together for about 6 months. 3: Romantic getaway: Dream girl on dream trip: Recently Alexander took Julie on a romantic getaway to Miami in the south USA.

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Alexander in “Reiseradioen”, radio show on NRK P1 2.7.2016

Alexander was a guest in teh Norwegian summer radio show “Reiseradioen” (travelling radio)  where he talked about his new song “I  Came to Love You”, his 10 years anniversary show “Entertainer” and how he met Julia and what they when he is not working.

Recorded and translated by TessaLa, revision by Anni Jowett.

I Came to Love You – Music video and lyrics

Alexander Rybak with a new song and music video

A happy love song dedicated to his girlfriend Julie. The music video of “I Came to Love You” is made in Rhodes late May 2016. Pictures from the shooting you’ll find HERE. And the observant might have noticed that his signature, the violin, is not present this time. You’ll find translation of the lyrics in several languages below the video. Continue reading I Came to Love You — Music video and lyrics