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Alexander Rybak in “Hver gang vi møtes – Special” 6.1.2018 on TV2

Alexander Rybak in “Hver gang vi møtes – Special”

What did “Hver gang vi møtes” mean for the artists who took part in the earlier seasons, personally and due to their career? Former participants give us the answers, and we got throwbacks through six seasons in «Hver gang vi møtes – Special» Alexander took part in 2014, and here is his answers and throwbacks in this special edition  🎉 🤩


Alexander participated in season 3, recorded in August 2013 and broadcast in spring 2014, and he had a great success with his covers of the other artist’s songs.

If you want to see more of Alexander in “Hver gang vi møtes 2014”, you’ll find it all here: 

Information about the TV-show is found on the Facebook page of “Hver gang vi møtes”. 


Coop Magazine about Alexander Rybak’s participation in “Hver gang vi møtes” show


 Inspiring to be a part of!

In eight weeks we have been able to enjoy good artists, fun and seriousness  in TV 2’s “Hver gang vi møtes” (“Everytime we meet”). The youngest participant, Alexander Rybak, found the whole experience unique. Continue reading Coop Magazine about Alexander Rybak’s participation in “Hver gang vi møtes” show

Alexander Rybak – Covers in “Hver Gang Vi Møtes”

Covers by Alexander Rybak in “Hver gang vi møtes”

The concept of the show is that 7 artists live together for 10 days and everyone have their special day where they are celebrated with covers of their songs by the 6 other artists. Watch and listen to all the covers with lyrics in the YouTube playlist below. 

Watch all the episodes of the show HERE

Covers by Alexander: 

“Lucky One” by Øivind Elg Elgenes
“Strange Little Bird” by Anneli Drecker
“Smooth Escape” by Simone Eriksrud
“Kan Eg Gjørr Någe Med Det” (Can I do something about it) by Sigvart Dagsland.
“Money” / “Penger er ikke alt” by Samsaya
“Ut” (Out) by Lars Lillo-Stenberg
“All I wanna do” by Simone Eriksrud
“Ka E Du Redd For” (What are you afraid of?) by Sigvart Dagsland
“Neste Sommer” (Next summer) by Lars Lillo-Stenberg

All the songs are available to buy on iTunes and on CD. Click HERE to find out more about it!

Watch and listen to all the covers in this YT-playlist


Alexander Rybak – Duets Day in HGVM with Reviews

The last episode of 3rd season of “Hver gang vi møtes” was traditionally dedicated to duets, when one or several artists featured another artist during the performance of his/her song. Alexander was involved in 3 duets. Here are full episode with subs, the songs took part in and reviews of them made by the largest Norwegian newspapers. Continue reading Alexander Rybak — Duets Day in HGVM with Reviews

Alexander Rybak – Cover version of “Money” by Samsaya – Reviews

Rybak was a clever rapper.
Alexander started the day with «Money» the single from 2009 and has translated the lyrics from English to Norwegian. This was anything but what Samsaya had expected.
– It was a super-surprise. He had translated it to “Penger er ikke alt” (Money ain’t all), and it was so cool. He had really put work into that song. I got an incredibly good feeling, and he was a very clever rapper. Super-good and surprising start,- says Samsaya to TV2.


VG.no by Stein Østbø 05.04.2014
Alexander Rybak – Money – Dice 4

Alexander as rapper? Well, that is not the most successful part of this version, but he brings welcomed sunshine into the the refrain where the original is darker and more edgy- it almost becomes better and more uplifting. A plus for a good Norwegian translation, but put a hoodie on next time you want to play b-boy Alexander…..

Dagbladet.no 05.04.2014 Øyvind Rønning
Alexander Rybak – Money (Samsaya/Lindal) – Dice 4
Samsaya is probably the biggest challenge for the TV-viewers, mostly because so few of her songs are known to the general public. Alexander Rybak started the party as rapper, just the like the Indian-Norwegian artist started, with a synth and without a fiddle – and he shall be honoured for doing something else other than what’s expected. “De fattigste av oss er de som bare har penger” (Because the poorest of us, are those who just have money) sounds like an okay translation of a song originally written in English. Rybak radiates as usual, the refrain is catchy and suddenly he is Samsaya’s “little brother in Norway” as she burst out thrilled.

Samsaya from “Hver gang vi møtes” 2014 on TV2 -Alexander Rybak

Samsaya was one of the artists, together with Alexander Rybak,  in “Hver gang vi møtes” 2014.

“Music is an architect with the power to build bridges. It meets you at the dance floor but it still makes you think and connects your heart.”


NAME: Samsaya
BIRTHDAY: November 3 rd. I’m a Scorpio! A nice one

3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE MYSELF:  Happy, talkative and loud.

Continue reading Samsaya from “Hver gang vi møtes” 2014 on TV2 -Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak – Cover version of “Kan eg gjørr någe med det” by Sigvart Dagsland

Touched by Rybak

Alexander Rybak concludes the tribute with the 2001 song “Kan eg gjørr någe med det?” and his version touches Sigvart.

– When he did the violin intro and started on the high tones, I was very touched. He has a tremendous musicality. I recognize myself a bit in Alexander, even though we come from very different places, but we click with each other on musicality. It was a beautiful moment, says Sigvart Dagsland (Ref. TV2.no)


Translated by Tessa Lande. Revised by Katie Anderson.

Dagbladet: Dice 6  (Dagsland/Roalkvam):

An appropriate contribution to the debate after Sigvart has spoken about his reaction to the church’s opposition to homosexuality. And – it is no coincidence that Rybak is the final performer.

This is going to be the best, and he is serious about it! Rybak cultivates interaction and the combination of fiddle, vocals and the simplistic arrangement, and puts all of himself into the song. We have never heard him sing this way – sorely and with strong empathy. The gypsy inspired fiddle playing is both virtuosic and beautiful, and underlines the seriousness and drama. Sigvart claims that he is not easily moved, and here he balances narrowly. A grandiose finale!

VG: Dice 4   (Stein Østbø)
Alexander sings powerfully, but a little bit staccato. He still gives the song an additional coat of naked melancholy through his fiddle. The arrangement is beautiful, dramatic, dark blue and quite a bit sensitive, without ever tending to emotion.


Sigvart Dagsland from “Hver gang vi møtes” 2014 on TV2 – Alexander Rybak

Sigvart Dagsland was one of the artists  in the Norwegian TV-show “Hver gang vi møtes” 2014 with Alexander Rybak.

“He plays fantastic on his fiddle, and sings very well too, but the ability to blend in with the music is the most interesting.”
– Sigvart Dagsland

NAME: Sigvart Dagsland
BIRTHDAY: 18.10.63


Eh, “A Good Try”.. Haha…. Continue reading Sigvart Dagsland from “Hver gang vi møtes” 2014 on TV2 — Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak – Cover version of “Smooth Escape” by Simone Eriksrud

– “The guy is a firework of a performer, and I loved that version. I had hoped that he would do it “Fairytale”-like, and it was exactly what he did. I was blessed afterwards”- says Simone to TV 2 (transl. by Anni Jowett) 


(Translation by Hilde M.)

 VG.no by Stein Østbø – Dice 3

Alexander tries to transform 90’s funk into folk music, and that is not an easy task. Alexander only manages half-way. His interpretation does not meet the promise of the sweeping violin intro. But, he sings very well and gives the song a touch of classic Rybak optimism.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak – Cover version of “Smooth Escape” by Simone Eriksrud

Simone Eriksund from “Hver gang vi møtes” 2014 on TV2- Alexander Rybak

Simone Eriksrud was one of the artists in the Norwegian TV-show “Hver gang vi møtes” 2014 with Alexander Rybak

In addition to his special talent and his musicality, I like that Alexander is so sincere and passionate. And that he doesn’t try to be better or different. He is also quite good at recognizing others.
-Simone Eriksrud

NAME:  Simone Eriksrud
BIRTHDAY:  21st of August

Playful, friendly, talkative… Continue reading Simone Eriksund from “Hver gang vi møtes” 2014 on TV2- Alexander Rybak

Alexander Rybak in Pondus cartoon strip, Seher.no 14.03.2014


Alexander Rybak has a good dose of self-irony.

Source: Seher.no  Translation by TessaLa. Revision by Anni Jowett

Se&Hør visited Alexander in his apartment this week. See the reportage HERE

Alexander Rybak (27) became world-famous when he took part in Eurovision 2009 with the song “Fairytale”. Since then he has played the song at all concerts and events he had.

The song was eventually called a plague. And Rybak has a good dose of self-irony in this. This is well illustrated by the fact he has on his living room wall a cartoon that makes fun of “Fairytale”.

– You must see this one. It’s very funny, says “Hver gang vi møtes “current participant Rybak to Se & Hør.

Mom Natalia and Dad Igor were also visiting. They didn’t hide that they think the comic is funny.
– I laugh at it every time, said Mom Natalia.

Text bubble in the last picture: “How much do I owe you?”

Article about Alexander Rybak’s Day in HGVM

Article published in Side2.no on  15.03.2014

Author: Vibeke Johnsen

Found by Venche M. Eanglish translation by Laila S.H. English revising by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak is tonight’s host of "Hver Gang Vi Møtes". Photo: TV2

“You could have got me to the altar now”

– I am not easily touched,- Alexander Rybak said in “Hver Gang Vi Møtes”. But the best interpretation of the night touched everyone.

This song was written during a time when I still trusted blindly in people,- Alexander Rybak said in tonight’s “Hver Gang Vi Møtes”. And it was Sigvart Dagsland who touched and surprised the most when he in tonight’s program had rewritten the ballad “13 Horses” in Norwegian.

Continue reading Article about Alexander Rybak’s Day in HGVM

Alexander Rybak in HGVM talks about his perfect pitch, his participation in Idol and Fairytale

Alexander talks about his perfect pitch

Upload, English translation and subs by Tessa Lande. English revision by Katie Anderson. Russian translation by Zhanna Sergueeva. Vietnamese translation by Bội-Dung Trần.

The article published in TV2.no on 15.03.2014
Author Tore Waskaas.
English translation by Tessa Lande. English revision by  Anni Jowett.

Rybak about Idol-time: – I think it was a rebellious act

Alexander Rybak talks about why he signed up for “Idol.

Alexander Rybak (27) took part in “Idol” in 2005 and in “Hver gang vi møtes” he explains why he joined the TV2 talent contest, where among others Anneli Drecker was a judge. Continue reading Alexander Rybak in HGVM talks about his perfect pitch, his participation in Idol and Fairytale

Alexander Rybak’s Day: Cover versions of his songs by HGVM artists

Touched Rybak to tears:  Alexander Rybak struggled to hold back the tears when Sigvart Dagsland performed a tremendous version of “13 Horses” in “Hver gang vi møtes. The women around the table on their side did nothing to hide her tears. Ref: Stein Østbø, VG

English translation by Venche M. and Hildebjorg H. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Samsaya – “Europe Skies” 

Samsaya starts

Samsaya opened the musical day with “Europe’s Skies” from Alexander’s album “No Boundaries” from 2010.
Alexander thinks Samsaya has done interesting things with his song.
– I have always believed that what makes my songs, is the usage of classic chords, but Samsaya took it away and it worked. And she makes an insane performance as well. She simplified the chords. I think it’s only her who could make the song believable that way,- says Alexander to TV 2.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak’s Day: Cover versions of his songs by HGVM artists

If I die tomorrow – I would die happy – Se&Hør 14.03.14

Always cosy whenever we meet

For the first time Alexander Rybak shows off his apartement at Aker Brygge.

Welcome! Alexander Rybak (27) is of current interest with the TV2 success “Hver Gang Vi Møtes”.

– I got along best with Sigvart Dagsland. He thinks of music at the same level as me. I am already looking forward to the next time I’ll see him, he tells.

The busy guy with the fiddle is traveling most of the time. He is away from home 250 days a year. When he happens to be at his apartment at Aker Brygge in Oslo he enjoys relaxing in front of his new 55 inch 4K-TV.

Article in the paper issue of Se & Hør, published 13.4.2014. Text:
 Per Sigve Kleppe. Photos: Henning Jensen
Found, scanned and translated by Jorunn E. English revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander opens the doors to his bachelor burrow

Bachelor burrow: The 55 inch TV is the centerpiece of the living room. – I enjoy life when I get to sit on the couch and play video games, said Alexander Rybak.

I have learnt to enjoy life when I`m at home. This is my “safe house”. I play TV-games, watch movies and build LEGO. LEGO is what I busy myself with when I write lyrics, he tells.

Lives here: In 2010 Alexander bought a 90 square metre apartment at the attractive area Aker Brygge in Oslo. He paid a little over five million Norwegian krone for it.

– I remember I got scolded by my Norwegian teacher in primary school. We got a book, and we students were going to read one chapter a week. I read the book in a few hours. The teacher did not believe me and got grumpy, smiles Alexander.

Could have been burnt out 

Playing the violin at Alexander’s level is a demanding exercise. Dad Igor tells they are happy he doesn’t only give violin concerts.

Proud parents: Mom Natalia and Dad Igor think it’s cosy meeting their son when he’s at home in Oslo.

– If that was the case, my son would’ve been burnt out already. It`s difficult to understand how demanding it is to give a violin concert, tells Igor who says his son was already a capable violinist at the age of six.

Many people claim that Alexander has the gene of a genius in his body. Like many other geniuses he has chosen his own path. Sometimes things have become too much for him, like when he hit his hand against the wall in rage. And when he smashed his violin during a rehearsal.

Alexander Natalia Igor Rybak Apartment Aker Brygge

Sushi dinner:  The Rybak family are having a very nice time chatting around the dinner table. Alexander served sushi.

World fame: Here Alexander Rybak is pictured during his performance of Fairytale at the final in Moscow in 2009. This was the moment that changed his life. 

Nice memories: The trophy of all trophies is standing on the mantle: The proof that he won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009 with the legendary Fairytale

Sleepless nights

Home studio: Alexander creates much of his music here.Currently he is busy with his own musical “Troll”.

– I can go 12 days in a row with four to five hours of sleep. Then I’m out of balance. If it`s in addition to a big pressure similar things like when I hit my hand against the wall and had to wear a cast occurred. But now I have learnt to live with it. Now I’m able to stay calm in such situations.

The MGP-legend is used to high and low tunes. The music reflects his life.
– Sometimes I don’t feel anything. It’s all empty. During those periods I’m the most susceptible, and often those are the times when I create new music, he tells.

Could`ve been “The Bachelor” 

Music has given Alexander opportunities and great offers. Some things he has accepted, others he regrets turning down.

Builds LEGO: Every time I’m home I start building a new LEGO project. To me this is work, since I write song lyrics while I make myself busy with these constructions.

– I turned down being a guest at the Oprah Winfrey show a few years ago. Also I turned down participating in the Ukrainian celebrity Version of “The Bachelor”. They offered me 8 million Krone, but I had a girlfriend at the time. If I had received the offer today, the answer would’ve surely been different, he says smiling.

At the age of 27, however, he has achieved more than most people. That’s why it’s suitable to finish this article with these words from Alexander:

– This isn’t something a mother or father enjoys hearing, but I can say that if I died today I would’ve died a lucky man.

Buy music from “Hver Gang Vi Møtes”!

Alexander Rybak in “Hver gang vi møtes 2014” (Every Time We Meet) – a reality TV-show for artists.

7 artists meet and live together for 10 days at a farm. The concept is a cozy get-together, where the artists shall perform their own covers of the other artists’ songs. Each artist has a day that is designated to them. The artist chooses the activities during the day, and later the other artists perform this artist’s songs at the dinner table in the evening.
Alexander Rybak took part of the 3rd season of this popular Norwegian TV-show. The show is broadcast on TV2 and all the cover song are released in Mp3 format on iTunes, Spotify and TIDAL, and 3 selected songs from each episode are also released on a physical CD.

Alexander’s  covers and songs:
on iTunes only available in Norway)

Lucky One” – iTunes  Spotify TIDAL
Strange Little Bird” – iTunes Spotify  TIDAL
Smooth Escape” – iTunes  Spotify TIDAL
Kan eg gjørr någe med det?” – iTunes  Spotify TIDAL
Penger er ikke alt” (Money) – Itunes Spotify TIDAL
UT” – iTunes Spotify TIDAL

Alexander Rybak’s Day  6 songiTunes   Spotify TIDAL

Duets day:
“All I Wanna Do” – “Ka e du redd for?” – “Neste sommer” – iTunes  Spotify TIDAL

The final “Hver gang vi møtes” CD – contains  3 songs from each episode 

and can be played on Spotify or TIDAL   

or the physical CD can be ordered from: 

Sweden – CDon.se
enmark – CDon.dk

Finland – CDon.fn
Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, France, Portugal, UK, Ireland, The Netherlands – CDon.eu
Norway  – Platekompaniet.no

NB! The CD is no longer available for ordering neither on CDon or Platekompaniet


Track list:
01 Everyone Needs A Friend – Sigvart Dagsland
02 Lucky One – Alexander Rybak
03 Lang desember natt (Long December Night) – Anneli Drecker
04 Rykte (Rumour) – Lars Lillo-Stenberg
05 Sparks – Elg
06 You Don´t Have To Change – Simone Eriksrud
07 13 Hester (13 Horses) – Sigvart Dagsland
08 5000 Letters – Anneli Drecker
09 Eventyr (Fairytale) – Lars Lillo-Stenberg
10 Real Name – Anneli Drecker
11 Tattooed On My Mind – Samsaya
12 Last Days And Nights Of Rock And Roll – Elg
13 De umulige – Simone Eriksrud
14 Se så lykkelige – Samsaya
15 Kan eg gjør någe med det? – Alexander Rybak
16 Penger (Money) – Alexander Rybak
17 Eple (Apple) – Lars Lillo-Stenberg
18 Forandring (Change) – Sigvart Dagsland
19 Tøff i pysjamas – Samsaya
20 Klokken er mye nå – Simone Eriksrud
21 Hjernen er alene – Elg
22 Ka e du redd for? – Sigvart Dagsland & Anneli Drecker, Alexander on violin
23 Nagen hud – Simone Eriksrud & Lars Lillo-Stenberg
24 Neste sommer – Lars Lillo, Alexander Rybak, Samsaya, Elg, Anneli Drecker, Simone Eriksrud & Sigvart Dagsland

Alexander Rybak – Article and videos from the launch of HGVM

Published 01.03.14 on VG.no

Authors: Camilla Norli and Marcus Husby. Photo: Trond Solberg

Found and translated by Hilde M. English revision by Anni Jowett.

HGVM artists talk behind each other’s back – Rybak was the most flirtatious!

* Sigvart Dagsland was advised by Anita Skorgan to bring an extra-large wardrobe
* Rybak made Anneli Drecker blush
* The artists were song-muzzled

Alexander Rybak took the prize when it came to flirting, Sigvart Dagsland was the funniest and the most vain, Lars Lillo-Stenberg impressed in the kitchen, while Simone Eriksrud was the crying queen in this year’s “Every time we meet.”
Continue reading Alexander Rybak — Article and videos from the launch of HGVM

Alexander Rybak – Cover of “Lucky One” by Øivind “Elg” Elgenes

Elg: “He made a strong, beautiful and melodic interpretation”

“I think Alexander Rybak will surprise us in a positive way. He has an understanding for music that goes beyond the intuition that characterises the other more traditional pop artists.” Ref: Stein Østby, VG, before the broadcasting.

Continue reading Alexander Rybak — Cover of “Lucky One” by Øivind “Elg” Elgenes

Øivind “Elg” Elgenes from “Hver gang vi møtes” on TV2 2014-Alexander Rybak

Øivind “Elg” Elgenes was one of the artists in the Norwegian TV-show “Hver gang vi møtes” 2014 with Alexander Rybak.


He made a strong, beautiful and melodic interpretation.-Elg

BIRTHDAY: 13.02.1958

Friendly, helpful and being me, myself and I. Continue reading Øivind “Elg” Elgenes from “Hver gang vi møtes” on TV2 2014-Alexander Rybak

Recording of “Hver gang vi møtes”

Pictures from the photo-shoot, which took place at the farm in Våler (Moss, Norway) on 31.08.2013, where Alexander Rybak, Øyvind Elgenes, Anneli Drecker, Lars Lillo Stenberg, Simone Eriksrud, Samsaya and Sigvart Dagsland  had been living for 2 weeks while filming the 3rd season of the popular Norwegian TV-show “Hver gang vi møtes” (Every time we meet).

Photographer: Robert S. Eik for VG




Interview in VG about “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” – 1.9.13

Source: VG -Paper Issue
Published 1.9.13
Author: Thomas Talset
Photo: Robert S. Eik

Translated by Tessa Lande. Revised by Anni Jowett.

The New TV Heroes

Våler: The artists in the upcoming “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” programme feel confident that this is right for them to do, even though many of them did not follow the first seasons.

Continue reading Interview in VG about “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” — 1.9.13

What’s up in “Hver gang vi møtes” – first report on TV2!


Teary eyed gang. Here’s this year`s participants in “Hver gang vi møtes”.

 I start cryin just by talking about it

Article published at tv2.no on 31.08.2013
Author: Astrid Dyson. Photographer: Tore Waskaas.
Found and translated by Jorunn E. English revision by Anni Jowett.

The artists from “Hver gang vi møtes” can`t hold back their tears  this time either.The recording of the third season of “Hver gang vi møtes” is underway at Vestre Kjærnes farm outside Moss. On Saturday the press got to meet the artists Alexander Rybak (27), Simone Eriksrud (43), Sigvart Dagsland (49), Anneli Drecker (44), Lars Lillo-Stenberg (51), Samsaya (33) and Øyvind Elgenes (55). 

Continue reading What’s up in “Hver gang vi møtes” — first report on TV2!

More about Alexander in “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” 21.06.13

Source: VG.no
Authors: Catherine Gonsholt Ighanian and Atle Jørstad

Found and translated by Tessa Lande. Revised by Anni Jowett.

This is how they will cope with the tear bonanza in “Hver Gang Vi Møtes”.

Tearful: Lene Marlin and Marion Ravn cried a lot this spring. The new participants are Simone Eriksrud, Alexander Rybak, Samsaya, Øivind Elgenes, Sigvart Dagsland, Lars Lillo Stenberg and Anneli Drecker. Photo: TV2 and VG

 The seven new participants are not particularly afraid to show emotions, but steel themselves anyway. Pins and waterproof mascara will be packed in the suitcase.

Continue reading More about Alexander in “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” 21.06.13

Alexander Rybak has only cried twice in two years

ALexander Rybak HGVM header

Alexander Rybak (27) does not believe there will be tearful moments during “Hver Gang Vi Møtes” (“Every Time We Meet”).

Article from tv2.no, published on June 21st, 2013
Author: Stine Eriksen Found and
translated by Tessa Lande. Revised by Katie Anderson. Continue reading Alexander Rybak has only cried twice in two years