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Julie is the anchor in my life, says Alexander Rybak

-I feel like Peer Gynt. Now I have my “Solveig” to come home to, tells Alexander Rybak, who also reveals that he has a trollish dream…

Source: paper issue of “Her og Nå”, published 15.5.18. Text: Tommy Halvorsen. Photo: Tomy Halvorsen, Lasse Eriksson and NTB Scanpix. English translation by Jorunn Ekre, revision by Anni Jowett. 

 Once again Alexander Rybak charmed the TV viewers of Europe. Unlike last time he was part of the Eurovision circus, the charmer, who turned 32 the day after the final, managed to enjoy the experience more.  Continue reading Julie is the anchor in my life, says Alexander Rybak

I appreciate life more now – article in Her og Nå 08.11.2016

Alexander Rybak 10 years after the breakthrough

Text to photo: 10 years ago: Dan Børge Akerø was the host in “Kjempesjansen”. Three years later Alexander won again – “Eurovision Song Contest” in 2009

Alexander Rybak  can celebrate the ten year anniversary of his breakthrough with Dan Børge Akerø’s “Kjempesjansen”. The artist does this with a big smile. Continue reading I appreciate life more now — article in Her og Nå 08.11.2016

Article about Alexander Rybak in paper issue of “Her & Nå” 18.03.14

Loved by the people and popular: Alexander Rybak has indeed experienced the downside to being a celebrity.

Author: Lars Gautned. Photo: Morten Bendiksen, TV2

Found by Tessa Lande. Translation by Jorunn Ekre. Revision by Anni Jowett

“I start rumours about myself”

Rumours and falsehoods have been rampant in the international  press about Alexander Rybak after he won the Eurovision Song Contest. Now he tells the truth. 

After he won the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow in 2009 Alexander Rybak has experienced the downside of fame. Alexander who is half Belarussian isn’t just a big star here in Norway, but he`s also a superstar in Russia, which the viewers of TV2`s show “Senkveld from Sochi” could experience.

Continue reading Article about Alexander Rybak in paper issue of “Her & Nå” 18.03.14

Alexander Rybak – Thanks for everything dad! – June 12th 2012

Alexander Rybak has got a musical upbringing.

Thanks for everything dad!

When Alexander Rybak did music exams at the Barratt Due Institute of Music before the weekend, he hit his dad’s heart strings.

Article published in the paper-issue of norwegian magazine “Her&Nå”, 12.6.2012. Written by Philip Reiler. Photos: Tom Hansen

Found and translated by Tessa La. English revision by Lillian Llewellyn

The hectic program of ESC winner Alexander Rybak (26) has made it a challenge to take the graduation exam concert at the Barratt Due Institute of Music.
But when he finally made it, he got the top grade!

Family and friends had both a thrilling and touching concert experience where the multi talent served anecdotes between music pieces and talked about when he played with his dad Igor (57).

Continue reading Alexander Rybak — Thanks for everything dad! — June 12th 2012

So polite that he nearly drowned – Her & Nå 28.06.11

Good manners were close to cost Alexander Rybak his life. So polite that he nearly drowned.

 Article found, and translated by Veronica Nord. Pictures scanned by Susanne Berlin. Journalist : Hans Petter Treider  Photos : Morten Bendiksen. Published 28.06.2011

During the whole summer “Her & Nå” will challenge celebrities: Who sets up a deckchair the fastest?

First one out is the artist Alexander Rybak.
Time: 25.5 seconds….

Alexander Rybak was very, very polite already as a child. Even one time he was about to drown, he called for help by discreetly gurgling “excuse me ….excuse me”.

– How long can you sit in a deckchair before you get restless,  Alexander Rybak?
– If it’s not sunny, I can manage 5 hours just fine. If the sun is shining, then it won’t be more than one minute.

– For most others it is vice versa …
– I have never been interested in nice weather. The worst way to wake up, is when the sun is “baking” through the bedroom window. No, give me rather rain!

– But is there really anything to do indoors in the summer?
– Really not ? I have recently played through 20 TV games on three different consoles, watched four seasons of “Heroes”, three seasons of “Lost” and read a book about Ole Bull.

– Why Ole Bull?
– I feel related to him. He didn’t manage to enjoy the present either.

– What can you enjoy then?
– I’m enjoying what I have done and what I’m going to do.

-Congratulations on your new CD, “Visa vid vindens angar” ! It’s a collaboration between you and the Swedish troubadour Mats Paulson, who is 48 years older than you. Is it not insurmountable for two musicians?

– No. He is a “jentefut” (= casanova, ladies man, womanizer) just as I am. I’m actually an old man, trapped in a girl’s wet dream.

– What did you say?
– No, let me rather say it this way: I’m an old man, trapped in a seducer’s body.

– I think we change the theme : We are at Oksval pier at Nesodden, your childhood paradise. What were you like as a child?

– Polite and gentle. Even when I once nearly drowned, because of lacking swimming skills, I would not create unnecessary uproar, and called attention so discreet as possible by gurgle “excuse me …. excuse me”. Then I was saved by the head physician at Sunnaas hospital, which incidentally also was taking a swim.

– Have you always been so polite?
– Yes, and disciplined. Add also “aware” and “listening”.

 – What smell do you associate most with summer?
– Scent of rhubarb. Mom makes a lot of different things with rhubarb.

 – What summer has burned itself into your memory?
-The summer my dad and I were street musicians in Sweden. I was about seven years, I think. We played the violin, both of us.

– When you’re as old as your musical friend Mats Paulson, how would you like your life to be then?
– I hope it consists of just the right amount of excitement, just right amount of safety and that I live with a woman who loves both my weaknesses and strengths.

Some quick questions in the deck chair:

– What is the taste of summer?
– To get salt water in the nose.

– How many degrees must there be in the water before you jump in?
– Preferably 20. But I can take a swim in 16 degrees too, if it’s hot in the air.

-What song puts you in the summer mood?
– “Ferie” (Holiday) by Postgirobygget. It is suitably nostalgic.

– Do you tell the whole and entire truth when you’re writing postcards?
– I do not write postcards, but I respond to letters fans have sent. I’m now finished with letter number 8231.

– What kind of holiday do you not go on ?
– I can control myself from charter holiday.