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The biggest inspiration for young violinists

The weekend 12.–14. of February Alexander Rybak worked with almost 90 young string players.

The young violinists biggest inspiration

 – Andrine Longa Kopperstad  about Alexander Rybak 

Source:  Parts of an article in Mørenytt published 18.02.2016. Text: Ingvild Runde. Photo: Oddvar Alfsvåg and Kristian Skeide. Translated by Tessa La, revision by Anni Jowett.

Alexander Rybak og strykere i fosnavåg 2016 – We have had a very inspiring weekend. It has been a fun and educating experience, with a fantastic final concert. Nobody has inspired so many young string players to continue playing the violin as Alexander Rybak. He has really given the violin a comeback, says Inna Svendsen, who is the violin teacher at the culture schools in Volda and Ørsta. Continue reading The biggest inspiration for young violinists

The wizard with the fiddle – Orchestra seminar and concert in Fosnavåg, Norway 12-14.02.2016

Alexander Rybak – The wizard with the fiddle

The weekend 12-14th of February Alexander had an orchestra seminar with more than 90 young musicians, mainly violinists, from the municipalities of Herøy, Ulsteinvik, Hareid, Sande, Ørsta, Volda, Stryn, Ålesund, Tresfjord og Valldal in addition to culture students from the Herøy Culture School. The orchestra seminar and concert at Fosnavåg Concert House was organised by the local orchestra Havella.

It was a great experience for the young students and thanks to Robert Skeide and Kristian Ødegaard Skeide we can provide you pictures and videos from the seminar and the concert.  The intro on the videos has English subtitles 🙂

Click on the pictures to see the albums 🙂 

Alexander Rybak seminar Fosnavågen 2016 ALexander Rybak orchestra concert Fosnavåg 2016

Videos by Kristian Ødegaard Skeide. They all have English subtitles on the intro.