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Interview with Alexander Rybak at GMN’s 25th anniversary party 24.10.2019

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It’s not often Alexander Rybak is to be seen walking the red carpet, but for the popluare Norwegian morning TV-show “God morgen Norge” he made an exception. And the reason why, he tells in the interview. 🙂

“God morgen Norge” celebrated their 25th anniversary and since their logo is yellow, the celebrities walked a “Yellow carpet” this time.

The video has English subtitles by TessaLa , revision by Anni Jowett.

Some screenshots from the video interview.

Alexander and the other artists from SNHN were guests in God Morgen Norge, TV2, 20.11.18

 Alexander Rybak and the other artists in  “Stille Natt Hellige Natt” guest in God Morning Norway on TV2.

Only a few days left till the “Stille Natt Hellige Natt” Christmas tour starts. For the first time they will visit Northern Norway and the first concert is in Tromsø, Thursday  22nd November. Today the artists in SNHN visited the Norwegian breakfast TV-show on TV2,  “God morgen Norge” and made some  good Christmas mood. 

If you haven’t bought tickets yet, it is about time, because several of the concerts are already sold out.  Ticket can be booked at Ticketmaster.no

Here is today’s interview where the SNHN bunch also entertained with “Jingle Bells” and “Feliz Navidad”. The video has English subtitles. Merry Christmas! 



Alexander Rybak and Pernille Hogstad in the Norwegian morning show “God Morgen Norge” 5.11.2015

Alexander and Pernille Hogstad were guests in the Norwegian morning show “God morgen Norge” (Good Morning Norway), where they talked about “Trollebook” and performed 2 songs from the book –  “Du Bare Du” (You Only You) and “Venner” (Friends). Continue reading Alexander Rybak and Pernille Hogstad in the Norwegian morning show “God Morgen Norge” 5.11.2015

Alexander, Elisabeth and Didrik in God Morgen Norge. 21.1.13

Alexander Rybak, Elisabeth (Bettan) Andreassen and Didrik Solli-tangen were guests in the Norwegian morning show “God Morgen Norge” on TV2. Alexander and Elisabeth were baking Berliner buns, and afterwards they all three told about their winter show concert tour B.A.D. They also performed a piece of “Lady is a tramp” live. (at 10.45 in the video)

Recording by May Elisabeth. English translation by Jorunn Ekre, Sara Anja and Tessa Lande.
Subs by Julia B. and Tessa Lande. Revised by Katie Andersson, Anni Jowett and Lillial Llewellyn.